Cavs Sign Channing Frye To One-Year Deal

JULY 19: The Cavaliers have officially signed Frye, the team announced today in a press release.

JULY 14: The Cavaliers have agreed to bring back veteran forward Channing Frye, reports Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports. According to Charania, Frye will sign a one-year, minimum-salary deal with Cleveland.

Frye will earn approximately $2.39MM this season and count for roughly $1.51MM on the Cavs’ cap sheet.

The 35-year-old played in 144 games for Cleveland over parts of the last three seasons. He was traded from Orlando to LeBron James‘ squad at the 2016 deadline before being dealt to the Lakers during a massive overhaul at the 2018 trade deadline. Now, he’ll head back to Cleveland from Los Angeles as LeBron goes in the other direction.

Frye, a 13-year veteran averaged 5.0 points and 2.5 rebounds per contest in limited minutes (13.1 MPG) last season. He’s widely known as a solid locker room presence and that will likely be valued by a team that could end up embarking on a total rebuild should it trade Kevin Love.

Luke Adams contributed to this post.

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22 thoughts on “Cavs Sign Channing Frye To One-Year Deal

  1. ohioplayers

    Cool. Now what about getting salaries off the books?

    Hill for $35M and JR for $30M total through next year, maybe even TT’s $36M.

    Would anyone take them/ do any teams have the room after the Nets and others already absorbed bad contracts?

    • badinvictor

      Cleveland would have to give assets so the teams take the contracts and they likely won’t want to do that as they are rebuilding

    • Z-A

      Hill and JR will be cut for I think.. 3.4M in guaranteed money next year… this is a tank season.

      • hiflew

        I don’t think it will be a tank season. Looking at the current set up in the East, the Cavs are probably set up to be somewhere between 5th and 10th best. There are easily 5 teams worse than them and probably more. I expect somewhere between 35-40 wins and possibly a playoff spot. Just depends on whether Kevin Love can regain his pre-Lebron form.

        • jeb39999

          Love will not be able to turn back the clock and remember his pre-lebron numbers were on a terrible team, Keeping him will only ensure they are middle of the pack at best and miss the lottery. the inevitable rebuild will just take longer if they don’t embrace the need for it now.

    • Hill will be cut for $1MM next season and J.R. for $3.8MM. Cavs want to keep Hill to work with Sexton. Sacramento and Atlanta are 2 teams with cap space (Cavs have $8.6MM exception). Atlanta wants somebody to take Schroder off their hands and Sacramento may make offers to Hood or Marcus Smart. The free agent pool is almost dry of good players.

      • ohioplayers

        Hopefully they keep their protected 1st and don’t end up outside the top 10 picks and lose it to Atlanta

        • pihc

          would be nice to retain that top 10 pick, especially if it were the #1 overall. However, i’m starting to shy away from this thinking that a team has to tank purposefully. I’m not sold on trying to win as much as you can now either. However, sacrificing some fun basketball this season in hopes the Cavs get someone as good as KLove is sort of redundant and could end up getting someone like Anthony Bennett.

    • Those contracts actually might have some value before September due to the stretch provisions. Last resort for a team avoiding the luxury tax, but there are still a few out there. They should be able to shed the 3.8 mm owed to JR at a minimum.

    • knickscavsfan

      Your numbers are off. Hill has a 1/$20 for 18-19 and his 19-20 is only guaranteed for $1 mil. Smith is owed 1/$14 and only $3.4 mil is owed for 19-20. Essentially, they are both expiring contracts.

  2. ohioplayers

    Any chance of a Hood sign and trade or do you think the Cavs extend him/ he takes the QO?

    • ohiodevil

      They want him back and are waiting to see if someone offers him a multi year deal. If he doesn’t, he’ll sign the QO and play the year with Cavs

  3. Michael Chaney

    The nostalgic side of me loves this…Channing was a great guy to have around the first time he was with the Cavs.

  4. pihc

    Good veteran locker room guy. He helps the youngsters on and off the court. Wouldn’t doubt in a few years he’ll be coaching within the system.

  5. cesc

    Good move from Cleveland, cheap way to fill the roster with vet mins that can contribute anything.

  6. Frye was a class act with the Knicks. High IQ player on the court (and a bright guy generally), and humble and zero maintenance off it. Of course, the Knicks couldn’t have any of that for too long, so away he went. I’ll always wish him well. But not sure this move makes much sense for him. I would have thought there would be mutual interest between him and a contender.

    • moazetongue

      Maybe. And I’m just letting my mind wander here, he might not like playing with some of the newer laker members. James, Looney and or Lance. I don’t have any kind of evidence that’s true. What I do know for fact is he was well liked in Cleveland and it’s a great place to end a career.

  7. x%sure

    YESS! Sending good vibes to Altman.
    This also works as support for Love as they are friends, and it was predictable on that basis, once they decided to keep Love.

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