Chinese Team Offering ‘Monster Deal’ To Dwyane Wade?

JULY 24: According to a report from Zhang Duo, relayed by Sportando, a three-year, $25MM offer is on the table for Wade. However, the latest report suggests it’s the Zhejiang Golden Bulls, rather than the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, who made that offer.

JULY 21: As Dwyane Wade ponders whether or not he wants to return for a 16th NBA season, another option overseas reportedly may now exist. The Xinjiang Flying Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association are reportedly prepared to offer Wade a “monster deal” to join the team (via Sportando).

Wade, 36, returned to the Heat at midseason in 2017/18 following a trade from the Cavaliers. The 12-time All-Star averaged 12.0 PPG and 3.4 RPG in 21 games with Miami, showing flashes of his prior success. However, earlier this week, Wade — currently in the midst of a promotional tour in China — was mum on his future plans.

“When I get back from China, I’ll focus on that,” Wade told the Associated Press. “Right now, I’m focused on the game after basketball. Whatever happens in basketball, it happens. I’ve done everything that I can to this point to put myself that I’m in this position I am today, where I can do something that hasn’t been done globally yet.”

The Heat’s options to re-sign Wade are limited to their $5.3MM taxpayer mid-level exception and the $2.4MM minimum salary given Wade’s NBA tenure.

Wade’s longtime teammate and close friend, Udonis Haslem, has said he may continue his career overseas next season in search of more playing time. While Wade would still be a factor for the Heat if he returned, if his close friend considers playing in China, it may increase the odds of him following suit.

Clark Crum contributed to this post.

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22 thoughts on “Chinese Team Offering ‘Monster Deal’ To Dwyane Wade?

  1. Reflect

    This is why I never believe any player when they say they are going to stay on a particular team. He was so sure he’d end his career with Miami. Now, he might not even end his career with America.

  2. sirgant

    Wade should and can do what he wants. He owes Miami nothing and if a Chinese team would offer him 25 mil a year and other incentives, plus a 15 mil signing bonus for 2 years he should take it.

  3. x%sure

    Wade has given back money a couple times so go for it. He should find a good leadership fit there also.

  4. Too true, too true… D-Wade has earned the right to do whatever he wants, Miami can always pay him more, surely he has left lots of $$$ over the years for the team.

  5. formerlyz

    He could theoretically go to China and come back for the end of the season, which would help alleviate the minutes situation at guard while everyone is healthy for now. Then he would be in rhythm and ready to go for a playoff run. That being said, I would hope that he would have a full year at the end of hos career. He and UD getting actual minutes together in China would be cool though

  6. yoyo137

    Might as well finish his career with an MVP, even if it’s in China. If it comes with more than max NBA money, it should be a no-brainer. He already tried ring chasing with the Cavs and I don’t think it’s for him.

  7. Archie M.

    Get paid in China, build his brand, lead his team to the championship, win the MVP…then hook up with Lebron in L.A., come off the bench & finish games like Manu, get one more ring…then sign with Miami, play 1 home game, then retire.

  8. SouthsideSlugger

    Take the money and run. With his shoe endorsement deal there and possibly playing there he will be bigger than Stephon Marbury immediately. I know it sounds crazy but Steph is huge there after reinventing his career there for a few years.

    • Luckylefty2

      You must not watch overseas basketball. The best players over there get 3 million a year max.

  9. formerlyz

    If this was double that, and made him the highest paid overseas player, he should do it, but that isnt good enough…also, if he does go, what outlets are there to watch Chinese basketball games? Lol

    • Rewane

      That deal would have made him the highest paid player in CBA right now, and is indeed a monster deal according to CBA standards considering the top 5 highest paid players right know earn between 2 and 5 millions dollars per year.

      • formerlyz

        How much did Marbury get during his run/what was the amount he was looking for before he ended up leaving/retiring a year or 2 ago? Just asking out of curiosity, if you might know

        • Rewane

          He annual salaries is estimated between 1.2 and 1.5 million dollars during the run. Some sources say Beijing Ducks only offered between 1 and 1.2 million dollars to retain him, partly because the Ducks was going to pay a one year deal of 2.2 million dollars for Aaron Jackson.

          • formerlyz

            Well, even so…I think he would want to be the highest paid overseas player, or at least somewhere in between highest paid in CBA history and highest paid overseas player for him to go over there and play the end of his career

            • Rewane

              I think 8.3 million dollars per year would have made him the highest paid ever, although I’m not sure. It is still 3 millions more than what Heat can offer, and Wade can enjoy dropping 35 a night there with plenty of fans on every court he plays cheering for him.

  10. paladin

    Did the first wife take all his cash? Why go to China for eggroll at this stage in life. Kids at home, nice wifey, plenty of cash. Is cash really that important when you have more than you need?

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