Clippers Re-Sign Montrezl Harrell

July 24: The team has officially re-signed Harrell, according to a team press release.

“Montrezl is a tough, hard-playing, gritty competitor who is committed to winning,” said President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank. “We love his passion and energy, and are very excited to have Trezz back in a Clippers uniform.”

July 19: Restricted free agent center Montrezl Harrell has agreed to a two-year, $12MM deal to return to the Clippers, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, Harrell’s contract will be fully guaranteed.

Harrell, 24, was one of the last remaining restricted free agents on the market with a reasonable potential to sign a significant deal. Only Clint Capela and Rodney Hood now remain.

An over-the-cap team, the Clippers had already split their entire non-taxpayer mid-level exception on forwards Luc Mbah a Moute and Mike Scott, but were able to re-sign Harrell using his Bird rights.

Harrell had a breakout season in 2017/18, playing in 76 games while averaging 11.0 points and 4.0 rebounds per contest and shooting a blistering 63.5 percent from the field. His 24.73 PER was good enough for 12th best in the entire NBA among qualified players.

The Clippers lost big man DeAndre Jordan in free agency to the Mavericks, but did acquire center Marcin Gortat from the Wizards in a trade for Austin Rivers. Accordingly, Harrell and Gortat will now seemingly compete for time at the center position for the Clippers in 2018/19, with Boban Marjanovic providing reserve minutes.

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21 thoughts on “Clippers Re-Sign Montrezl Harrell

  1. JaypeeGee

    Good for him! He played well last season and I’m glad he’s getting paid. Hope he stays motivated.

  2. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    What a value deal! He’ll be a key piece of the clippers run in 2019. I think the clips are the top contender to sign the Butler/Irving tandem if that rumor is legitimate.

    • BDUBS5218

      Good value. BUUUUT there will be no “clippers run” unless you mean into the lottery.

      • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

        Seriously? They will most likely clear two max slots for next free agency. Also have you ever heard of Jerry West? Sound familiar?

        • BDUBS5218

          I was responding to the 2019 comment so for 2018/2019, Yes, Yes they will be in the lottery. Change my mind.

          • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

            No dip they will be in Lottery. if you read the second part of my comment it was obvious I was referring to 19-20. The point is they will add that lottery pick+Shae+ a free agent star or two.

  3. x%sure

    Cavs could have beat that figure. I suppose they’re “saving up” for a Hood fight but that coin comes from a different piggy bank.
    They say they are trying to win but right now the Cavs rank an amazing #2 in the NBA in money left to spend!

    • BDUBS5218

      I doubt the were ever in on him. Unless they move Love/Thompson it would have been too much capital tied up in the PF/C position. Especially for a team that wont compete. Cavs may say too keep players value higher than ‘fire sale’ prices but they are in a full rebuild.

      • x%sure

        Whether for good or bad, Cavs are not in full rebuild, so far. There is no evidence for that, or a fire sale, if that’s what you meant. Veterans are being retained, even stretchable ones.

        Harrell is a bargain at 2/12, though to pull him away would have taken the full 2/18 or whatever (MLE).

        • BDUBS5218

          Yea as of right now but I’m saying they will clean house by the deadline if they can. Too early to get good value because teams don’t know how they sit in the playoff hunt and don’t have the motivation yet to pay up to get solidify their playoff run.

  4. Good for Harrell, great season last year, hopefully he’ll be the main big ahead of Gortat

    • David D

      Evidently with him, you have to have the ‘LL’ before you can sound out the ‘L’!

  5. Vegas has Cavs predicted to win 26-27 games next season. That sounds more like keeping their draft pick next season. They’ve said all along signing Hood would probably put them over the luxury tax, which is not what Gilbert wants to do. After Hood, if theirs any money left under the luxury tax they could sign one more. They tried to get a 1st round pick from Boston, Toronto, and Philadelphia for Korver, and they all said no.

    • The Cavs are Dan Gilbert’s team now. He’ll probably run it different than LeBron did. We’re back to the same place they were the last time LeBron left.

    • x%sure

      They will need to sign I think 3 more including Hood. It’s hard to trust how uptodate website rosters are, but I know of 4 players totalling $46mil; at least one more big is needed. Len to ATL, not wise IMO

  6. Cavs with Hood signed will be at $122.5 with Hood. The Cavs would go into the luxury tax at $129MM. I can see them signing Trevor Booker for $3MM. I think Love, Nance Jr., Thompson, Zizic, and Frye would get all the playing time. He helped the Pacers when Turner and Sabonis were injured. Doesn’t score much, but is a big body.

  7. halos101

    Love this move. Harrell was very good last year for the clippers and i really hope they don’t hold him back and play gortat. I really think trez can contribute on a winning team. I’m suprised he didn’t have more interest.

  8. Mr_KLC

    With Jordan gone, Harrell will average double digits in rebounds next year.

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