Warriors Sign Jonas Jerebko

JULY 12: The Warriors have officially signed Jerebko, the team announced today in a press release. The one-year deal with be worth the veteran’s minimum.

As Mark Medina of The San Jose Mercury News tweets, Golden State’s offseason roster activity figures to be almost over. The team has 13 players under contract and is expected to bring back Patrick McCaw. The Dubs will likely keep their 15th roster spot open to begin the regular season in order to save some money and retain flexibility.

JULY 7: Free agent Jonas Jerebko, who was waived by the Jazz earlier today, plans to sign with the Warriors after he clears waivers on Monday, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Jerebko is expected to clear waivers, as any team who makes a waiver claim for Jerebko would be required to to guarantee his $4.2MM salary for this season. It was already reported by Wojnarowski earlier this morning that there was strong mutual interest between Jerebko and Golden State, so Jerebko’s plans come as no surprise.

Because the Warriors already used their taxpayer mid-level exception on DeMarcus Cousins, have no cap room, and will assuredly be above the apron this season, Jerebko will only be eligible to sign a one- or two-year deal at the minimum salary.

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59 thoughts on “Warriors Sign Jonas Jerebko

  1. afsooner02

    Rich just keep on gettin dam richer….this is beyond unfair….now they got Jerebko too? And at the league minimum? Silver needs to nix this one….

    • Curtisrowe

      Why would they nix a trade? He just got waived, he is almost 32 and he has never averaged double figures in his career. I mean come on, he has a nice game for a back up, but “unfair” that the Warriors are signing a guy that averaged 5 points a game last year?

    • Senioreditor

      If players want to take less money and go there why should Silver nix it? I’m not a Warriors fan but they’re not doing anything but playing by the rules. The players are to blame NOT the league.

      • sportznut1000

        i almost feel he is being sarcastic. jonas jerebko is not a needle mover. you could have said the same thing last year when warriors signed omri casspi for league minimum. that didnt work out at all for warriors. you can only blame the players and there is nothing you can do to stop it. thats why its called “free” agency. this has been going on for a couple decades now. remember when karl malone and gary payton signed for veterans minimums to join shaq and kobe? after lebron, ray allen and bosh joined wade in miami they signed a bunch of veterans at league minimums as well

      • hiflew

        The commissioner shouldn’t, the league is not to blame, but the Player’s Union should. This, and especially the Cousins deal, set bad precedents for future free agents. When teams know Kawhi is pretty much going to LA, teams like Atlanta or Chicago will never offer him max deals because they know he will never sign. Which could cause the Lakers to offer less money to Kawhi since there is no competition. It might not, the Lakers might still offer him max money. But it just doesn’t pass the smell test.

        In the grand scheme of things, I think it would be better for player salaries to subside a bit like with the NHL, but not this way.

        • intrepid510

          Look a star player will get a max deal either from his team or someone will make it happen.

          The problem would be for the mid tier guys who might play ten years and them saying they want to only play for a team. But most of the time they will take the deal for more playing for a bad team.

          And Cousins… the guy has a bad injury he might never be the same. Who is commuting thirty million a year for that? He didn’t give up money to play with them. He needed a team that will be playing til June to build his stock up not some Magic like team who will stop play two months before and he only got to be on the court from Feb.

      • ryker2018

        Players are coming to the Warriors , they are willing to take less , but they are having also the experience of their life with a winning team and a friendly competitive environment . Rich is not getting richer , Warriors are getting penalized for going over the luxury tax , any other team will do the same if they had the same predicament . Can’t blame the Warriors for it and can’t blame the players . Blame the agents who are getting richer from the system . They are just seating and watching how they can inflate the salaries of all these players . Warriors drafted Thompson , Curry , Green , Looney, I think they only signed Durant and the others are just older players with good numbers who wants to get a title before `Retirement , even if they have to play from the bench .

        • afsooner02

          (I was being sarcastic. I don’t know who JJ is and GSW are going to win a title regardless of what he does. Like most of their bench pieces.)

          • Dodgethis

            This is a false narrative. Golden State is an extremely demanding team to play for. They are a fast paced team that lasts 4 quarters, and even bench guys are expected to work like crazy to maintain that conditioning. For example, Nick young lost his playing time last year because he thought he could put in the same effort he did with the Lakers, and the warriors weren’t having it.

      • Curtisrowe

        Good sarcasm requires someone to take a view that isn’t close to the norm if people are going to get it.

    • Dodgethis

      Fair? Dear god go back to grade school. “My team sucks, so make the other teams suck too!” Grow up.

    • Claude Rains

      Really? Is this even worth reporting? He might play 5 mins a game Maybe! What does he do well? Definitely not defense because a 16 year old kid will eat him up off the dribble.

    • ryker2018

      It is fair . That’s how teams are build of . You can see Celtics and Sixers are following this trend of building their team and they will eventually take over the Warriors throne . Warriors has decades of loosing seasons , let them enjoy it . Spurs , Celtics , Lakers had their glorious decades , why aren’t people fair about this ?

    • Claude Rains

      Oh stop so next year when the Lakers grab Leonard and a guy like Kemba Walker will that not be fair as well? Sign who you want. Obviously he wasn’t in hot demand lol!

  2. Senioreditor

    Change the rules. If you’re over the cap you can’t sign anyone. That will stop this. Having an 8 man roster will not work and as such teams will be more cognizant on who they sign. Just my suggestion.

    • stug14

      Or set it up so for every dollar you go over the cap you pay five dollars in tax. Would accomplish the same thing.

      • The owners would never pass that. There’s already an agreement in place agreed to by the owners and also the Players Association. There’s already a tax over the salary cap.

    • sportznut1000

      what do you do if someone gets hurt? for example gordon hayward breaks his ankle game 1. his salary still counts so what if celtics have no cap room left? then marcus smart gets hurt, irving gets hurt, horford needs a couple days off…. what if they have no cap space and can only dress 4 players on a certain night?

      • wdwyer

        There is something called an injured player exception. The Celtics got it from Gordon Hayward and used it to sign Greg Monroe.

      • Connorsoxfan

        You can also get a hardship exception which gives you a 16th roster spot in the event 4 guys will be hurt over the same 2 week stretch or something like that.

    • ryker2018

      It is all about money bro ! You go over , you get penalized . Maybe you should ask , why they shouldn’t have a cap on a players contract. The agents are just getting richer , they created this over inflated lucrative contracts that sometimes don’t benefit the team . Pelicans signer Cousins and he played 48 games last year , the agents should return their comission and same with the players , allow the same player earn that money back

  3. otrouble76

    Cousins yes, but Jonas unfair? We’re talking about a career 6 ppg. As a whole though I agree the nba landscape is so top heavy and almost all West other than Boston.

  4. Spike4christ

    All contenders get players like this. The only reason boston does not is all the draft picks we have had. Boston does not have a spot.

    • ryker2018

      Good point and for that , they have the chance to build the next Warrior’s generation of players

  5. x%sure

    If Jerebko puts up great prorated numbers mext year, don’t credit the Warriors sustem. HE ALREADY GETS THEM.

  6. Z-A

    Yea why would the owners impose impossible rules upon themselves? Want to end this? Beat them. Injuries do happen tho, theirs just didnt impact their playoff run.

  7. paladin

    If you do not like it as an organization, you should draft a solid core of young players like GSW did and stick with them instead of dumping them for old vets. Every one laughed when they drafted Steph, said ”Who” to draymont and thought Klay was overrated. They won with no Durant and if Draymont keeps it in his pants they win in 16 too. So build your own team and they will come….

      • paladin

        Draymond Green their forward on GSW got suspended against the Cavs, turned around 16 Finals for Cavs to win …Do you follow NBA or just troll?

        • x%sure

          Draymond had it coming. Win with pushing it, lose with pushing it.

          BTW Big10 TV commentators knew he was going to be good, and sat there on air SMH that he was graded r2.

          But yes GSW stuck to their guns, and did not consider trading Klay for Love because the FO knew they had synergy going and the fans did not let them forget. I was following that.

          • paladin

            Draymond did have it coming. You are correct, he couldn’t keep his big mouth/ego shut. Deserved the suspension. Big dumb jerk. That being said, what if he doesnt flip out and GSW wins that series. They were up 3 to 1 when Dray gets suspended. Probably no Durant in GSW. That failure is what instigated the whole Hampton 5 thing. Steve Kerr deserves a lot of the credit for putting the NIX on Klay/ Love trade. Kept the core together. Other franchises might think about that

            • x%sure

              Klay was not as highly regarded at the time– kind of new– and Love had all these stats for Wolves.

              MIN surprised by equating them, then GSW surprised by not considering a trade. I was impressed, figured something was going on there. Synergy they said

        • padam

          You spelled his name wrong…more than once. I was going to ask you the same question, but felt bad thinking you may suffer from being challenged. Guess I was right.

  8. Man all that fuss, who on earth is Jerebko, I know he is in the league but never really heard of him or paid attention to him a guys that makes 5PPG, GSW can get a bunch of them for all I care. GSW play by the rules, & very well that they do so. Agree is all west & Philly only in the east. Again in that example by hiflew the thing is who would wanna play in Atlanta, still maybe someone, but no one would ever wanna play in Chicago, but in any case everyone would wanna play in LA, that is why they can get him cheaper, maybe.

  9. formerlyz

    Curious as to why Utah doesnt seem to want to fill their need at the 4. Dont get why they let him go if they weren’t bringing anyone in for that position…

    Good pickup for GS. I had them going after a similar player or 2 that are off the board now, so that makes sense

    • x%sure

      I might hope they would drop Udoh instead, so that he would be available, but that would not look wise now.

      Utah is usually pretty smart about players, so maybe Jerebko is declining. Not.

    • kenneth cole

      Dude your cognitive dissonance is insane on these posts. “Yeah they did this, I had them doing that or something vaguely similar” like… okay? Teams need players…

      • x%sure

        Your term requires a belief system that gets challenged. Not sure a belief system is apparent in that post. Too much deliberation for you?
        The “Not” at the end was lazy, so there’s that.

  10. Kongfu Lobster

    Warriors: Now accepting applications for free championship ring, limited slots available.

  11. ToddO

    So annoying for people to keep bitching about Warriors. Model franchise that does everything right. And like much of our society instead of rewarding great management, players, coaches and staff, it’s easier to just complain and hate. Respect all the terrific work done to turn this previously worthless franchise into a perennial contender and league powerhouse.

    • azcrook

      And…….the hated Warriors have sold out every home game for years and are building a new arena is downtown SF……the waiting list for season tickets is about five plus years long…….playing WITHIN the NBA rules and having success in our still FREE society……sounds good to me

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