Knicks Sign Second-Rounder Mitchell Robinson

6:17pm: Robinson signed a four-year deal with two fully guaranteed seasons and a team option for year four, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. According to Berman, the pact includes about $4.8MM in the first three years, so at least one year is worth more than the minimum. Three years at the minimum would have been worth about $3.9MM. The third year isn’t fully guaranteed (Twitter link).

5:10pm: The signing is official, per a team press release.

3:48pm: The Knicks have reached a multi-year agreement with second-round pick Mitchell Robinson, according to Ian Begley of ESPN.

The contract is expected to be at least thee years, meaning the Knicks will use their mid-level exception to complete. the move. The team has about $2.1MM left on its MLE after signing Mario Hezonja, but it’s certain how much of that amount Robinson will receive.

The 7’1” center, who was the 36th overall pick, didn’t play college ball after committing to Western Kentucky. However, the Knicks have been impressed with his confidence and aggressiveness thus far on their summer-league team, Begley adds.

New York has three other centers on the roster — Enes Kanter, Luke Kornet and Joakim Noah, though it’s unlikely the disgruntled Noah will play again for the franchise.

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11 thoughts on “Knicks Sign Second-Rounder Mitchell Robinson

  1. If it’s 3 years, then they’re using the MLE. Maybe (likely) not the entire 2.1 mm remaining on it, as that first year salary would exceed that received by a good portion of the 1st rounders. Although the could front load it, but 2nd rounders rarely get much more than the minimum in the out years.

  2. formerlyz

    I’ve liked what ibe seen from him. They have to develop his motor and attention to details, but he looks like he’ll be a really fun rim protector, and he can cover more ground than it looks like. Dude is a good athlete

    • formerlyz

      He kind of reminds me of Hassan Whiteside, but I think he’ll guard pick and roll better

  3. obutu

    If the Knicks use what is left of the mid level they’ll have his bird Rights correct? trying to understand the difference

    • Yes. Using the MLE allows them to do a 3 or 4 year contract, meaning if they keep the contract in effect for 3 years, they will have full Bird Rights. Dotson was signed this way 3 years (2 years guaranteed and the last a team option).

      Using the minimum salary exception would only permit a 2 year contract (total including options).

  4. Robinson never showed up at the University of Western Kentucky or the combine and dropped to the 2nd round because of it. They say he’ll be in the G League.

  5. Looks like a good move for the Knicks. Now they have to sort out the Noah situation, is not good the way they are treating him, or you letting him play or letting him go, isn’t his fault if they gave him a bad contract, he deserved it before, NY new he didn’t any more, but they chose to give it to him, so I feel for the guy, he is a true pro, he wants to play, not sit out just getting his pay checks, this is the measure of the man. #FreeNoahNow

  6. Sorry, but Knicks owe Noah nothing. Knicks have held up their end of the contract by paying him. He didn’t hold up his, by getting suspended and then being insubordinate. Knicks didn’t even file to suspend him, which would have saved them at least 10 days of his salary.

    If Noah wants to play this season, then he needs to work with the club on a buyout while his agents find a new spot for him. He can keep insisting that he’ll make no concessions on his end, if he likes, but then he has to expect the Knicks to do the same. He’s not a child. Contracts work both ways.

  7. x%sure

    Robinson rose to about #15 in the prospect rankings but fell because he never showed up for anyone anywhere. But, he has the things that cannot be coached.

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