Stein’s Latest: Sixers, Warriors, Rockets, Nets

The Sixers’ much-anticipated offseason fell far short of expectations, Marc Stein of the New York Times opines in his latest newsletter (Sign-up link).

Philadelphia didn’t come close to signing either LeBron James or Paul George in the free agent market and couldn’t swing a deal with the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard, Stein continues. With Leonard landing in Toronto, the Sixers no longer have a clear path to the conference finals. They’re also still looking for a GM and the most consequential moves they made were re-signing J.J. Redick and dealing for Wilson Chandler, Stein adds.

We have more of Stein’s insights:

  • The Warriors were the biggest winners in the offseason. They not only stunned the NBA world by signing DeMarcus Cousins but they also made some underrated moves, such as locking up coach Steve Kerr to a long-term contract and signing serviceable forward Jonas Jerebko.
  • The Rockets’ offseason has been unfairly criticized. Re-signing Clint Capela to a team-friendly contract was a major coup and they should extract more production out of Carmelo Anthony than any other team in the league could.
  • The Nets will be active on the free agent market next summer but they won’t spend money simply because they’ll have a lot of cap space. Kyrie Irving will be a target if he declines his player option and becomes a free agent.
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42 thoughts on “Stein’s Latest: Sixers, Warriors, Rockets, Nets

  1. FromTheCheapSeats

    Brooklyn has less that $40mil on the books for next year. There’s a power shift coming in the East.

    • afizzle82

      Lol kyrie could sign in Brooklyn tomm and the cetics would still have a better team.

      • Freddie Morales

        See what you think when they sign Kyrie and Butler/Kawhi and possibly a top 10 pick in draft. They have tons of trade chips as well. BK is on the rise very quickly.

  2. Dionis

    Meló and Paul were putting in some serious work yesterday at a gym and Melo looks leaner also. If Chris can bring out the best in Melo the Rockets will be champions.

      • Dionis

        Come on dude really you are wishing injury on Chris Paul, that’s super low. The man is a first ballot hall of famer.

        • Not wishing it. Looking at history.

          The only thing most people have not learned from history is that they haven’t learned anything from history.

        • You know what I’ll say this. I can’t stand his flopping and #2, I can’t stand when he cries to the refs when he doesn’t get a call.

          Paul’s such a whiner. And he flails around and is out of control when he doesn’t get his way. He’s a little Napoleon out there.

          First ballot Hall of Famer what is he won? Second round of the playoffs… and Conference Finals once. Been in the league 10 years. Had a super team in Los Angeles.

          You can hsve this guy, and you can ride him to wherever he takes you and he’s going to disappoint you. He’s going to want Total Control and he’s going to cry and he’s going to let you down. He’s going to get hurt if it’s not the hammy it’ll be something else. Book it.

          Not wishing harm or injury on any guy. God forbid someone would wish that on me. I would never do that.

          • Dionis

            True Blake never stepped up as the second option for some of those playoff runs though. Chris Paul has always stepped up, Blake Griffin was the one who never came through.

            As for this past season, my god was it frustrating to build up all the momentum and play an amazing Game 5 and than get hurt and ruin the whole series. Literally I felt that was going to be Paul’s career defining moment taking down Curry and the Warriors and he gets hurt.

            • formerlyz

              I never thought GS was losing for a single second, even while Iguodala was out, and even if Chris Paul hadn’t been hurt. It would have been slightly more interesting, and he could have potentially had a big game in an attempt to lead them, but it still wouldnt have mattered.

              • As a warrior fan, I’ll tell you I was nervous as all get-out. Not until that final buzzer sounded on the final win for the Warriors. The Rockets are GOOD. And they’ll be good again this year.

            • Yes you’re right. I think Chris Paul will try to play hurt he would try to run on his hammy in LA but Blake Griffin would just be out. He’d get hurt and that was it. Seems like every year also.

            • snotrocket

              Paul getting hurt when the pressure is on is his career in a nut shell.

          • formerlyz

            You talk about Chros Paul that way, but have zero problems with James Harden? Also, Blake Griffin disappeared in the 4th quarter countless times. Chris Paul single handedly beat the Spurs that one year, and almost beat OKC that other year if Blake and Austin Rivers didnt choke. Injuries happen, and unfortunately for him, they’ve happened at the wrong time a few times in a row. He also clearly had no problem watching Harden dribble last year, so your point about total control makes no sense. Theyd be way better if Harden played more off the ball, and let Chris Paul make him better

  3. Spike4christ

    I hope Melo has an awesome year. Hopefully the buyouts will play for the rockets too.

    • Melo can still get it done. He can shoot, he can score. He’ll fit in just fine.

      Rockets will be great again of course. Hopefully they can stagger minutes and save guys for the playoffs.

  4. The Kawhi-Kyrie rumor was based on Kyrie being from East Orange, New Jersey and Kawhi’s uncle being from West Orange, New Jersey. One of the many rumors.

  5. Philly choked this off season. Fultz better turn out to be a STUD this year, otherwise them being adamant about not sealing the deal by including him in a Leonard deal could go down as one of the worst FO decisions ever.

    • alltime

      San Antonio wanted a proven talent. They weren’t interested in hopeful young players. I’ve heard many times that Simmons or Embiid were the ONLY players requested. Sixers offered packages relying on draft picks. San Antonio wants to compete not rebuild.

      • formerlyz

        I also dont think the Spurs would necessarily want guards, although they could have offered a couple of other iterations of potential trades, if the Spurs were looking for more future assets

      • LaMarcus Aldridge is still around. There’s no rebuilding unless he goes. But, I think Pau Gasol will be moved before the season starts.

  6. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Philadelphia didn’t come close to signing either LeBron James or Paul George in the free agent market and couldn’t swing a deal with the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard, Stein continues. With Leonard landing in Toronto, they no longer have a clear path to the conference finals. They’re also still looking for a GM and the most consequential moves they made were re-signing J.J. Redick and dealing for Wilson Chandler, Stein ad

    What can Brown do for you?
    Not all that much

    • x%sure

      Firstly prevent plagiarizing by using quote marks.

      Secondly a team that runs out their GM and relies on their coach to fill in is probably not going to be making good deals. Not Brown’s fault.

      • Connorsoxfan

        And I even think that Brown has made some good moves, but I also believe he had to be careful. If they’re actively looking for a new GM, he can’t make the franchise altering decision to trade Simmons/Embiid. But drafting well, picking up Chandler with future picks, and resigning Redick to a reasonable deal, those are good moves. If they wanted to make him PBOps, I’d have no problem with that. I think he’s a coach who might actually be successful in that role.

  7. Well I disagree with Stein, LBJ said he was very close to Philly & Houston before signing with Lakers.
    Philly is good, more or less are the same team of last year, which makes them better, but I really think Fultz is gonna come real good this year.
    If they had traded Simmons or Embiid for Kawhi it would had been the worst trade ever, so I am happy they didn’t, still cannot see Toronto ahead of them, to start Kawhi needs to play, be healthy, be happy… a lot to happen & even so still cannot see Toronto able to contain Philly.

  8. cba93 why do you call Dionis a troll? Just for saying that Houston is gonna win the ring? I don’t agree with that but it ain’t no trolling.
    Don’t know what is going on with some people here, a couple of days ago I was called a troll for saying that I would like LBJ to win a couple of rings with the Lakers… SMH.
    Some people brings a lot of hate here, if you don’t agree is great, but don’t go spilling your bitterness, if you don’t like what people say don’t read it, go somewhere else.

    • yoyo137

      Exactly. Dionis isn’t a troll he just has different ideas. You guys gotta put some respect on his name. He is your guys main source of entertainment on this site, you guys love to argue with him.

      • x%sure

        @yoyo- Calling out Dionis is part of the game you say is in effect.
        And after all throwing out stuff just to aggravate someone pretty much qualifies as trolling!

        • WTF is Trolling !!!?

          I been wanting to ask that for 2 years. Now is a good time.

        • yoyo137

          It aggravates people who take a sports website comment section too seriously lol. Everyone else has no problem with it. The aggravation comes from you choosing to be aggravated. Dionis is just trying to give his opinion. Argue his opinions, not the man himself.

    • Dionis is funny. He talks about all players and all teams. He doesn’t just go on and on and on and on about a few players and a couple teams. Like I’m a Pacer fan, and other teams too. The Pacers won the season series over Philadelphia. They have the deapest team in the east. You don’t see me saying Oladipo will be the best player ever or we’ll win the east hands down. Like you said Gordon Hayward wouldn’t make a good 4, he’s not. He’s a 2. You know Philly, Lakers, and Cavs. Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward were born and raised in or near Indianapolis. I want to see them and the Warriors play. Like the poll taken this week, a lot of others do too. I like Indy and Boston because they use all their players, and they are fun to watch. People not just me, don’t like reading when people don’t know what they are talking about. I like dionis. He gives you a break in the action. Everybody knows him.

      • Dionis might be kidding and exagerating about “all” the players, but you can tell he has knowledge about them.

  9. Todd_Joseph

    You people really sticking up for dionis like you have never seen some of the stuff that comes out his mouth. Big L for y’all

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