Marcus Smart Receiving Sign-And-Trade Interest

Several teams have inquired about the possibility of doing a sign-and-trade deal with the Celtics to acquire Marcus Smart, according to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). Schultz identifies the Grizzlies and Nets as two clubs that have considered a sign-and-trade scenario.

Smart reportedly met with four teams, including the Nets, this week in Las Vegas as he looks to secure his next contract. Because he’s a restricted free agent and the Celtics are expected to match any offer within reason, the veteran guard hasn’t had much luck finding a team willing to go through the motions of negotiating and signing him to an offer sheet.

While Smart could negotiate a new deal directly with the Celtics, Boston doesn’t seem all that eager to work something out. We heard earlier in free agency that Smart was frustrated by the lack of communication from the C’s, and Schultz cites a source who says the club has had “zero communication or contact” with the 24-year-old.

A sign-and-trade agreement that sends Smart to a new team could be a win-win, but there will be complications. Any club interested in acquiring Smart will have to offer up an asset or two that appeals to Boston. Additionally, the base year compensation rule would likely apply to Smart’s new deal, meaning the Celtics and his new team would count two different salary figures for salary-matching purposes — that could create issues for an over-the-cap club.

If Smart can’t find a sign-and-trade deal or an offer sheet with another team and the Celtics don’t engage more aggressively in talks on a multiyear contract, accepting his one-year qualifying offer remains a possibility.

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18 thoughts on “Marcus Smart Receiving Sign-And-Trade Interest

  1. Thomar

    Not a bad idea but the Celtics don’t have the cap space to do a sign n trade

  2. SkidRowe

    The Nets want to trade with Danny Ainge? Like that worked so well for them the last time. LOL

    “How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?”

  3. hiflew

    If they do a sign and trade with the Grizzlies, the Celtics could get a decent expiring veteran bench option like Ben McLemore along with a protected 1st that will probably turn into two seconds. It’s better than mart accepting the QO or worse getting absolutely nothing.

  4. WFG1

    I’m getting tired of this. Why is he so adamant about getting paid after a year where he shot like crap and got injured punching a mirror?!
    Why not just suck it up, crush it this year, and then become unrestricted next off-season when he’s still only 25 yrs old??

    • GuruGray

      That’s an insane question to ask of any person. Why is it important for someone to feel like they are being paid for the work they’re doing? Crazy

      • WFG1

        Crazy?!? He’s walking around like he’s not a an RFA and acting like he had an all-star year. Both of which are not true. Plus he missed several games because he can’t control his temper/emotions and nearly severed tendons in his hand after a game.

      • WFG1

        Also he already turned down a 4-year/$44 mill contract from the Celts last fall and now he’s whining that he hasn’t heard from them because there’s no market for him!

  5. cesc

    I just keep thinking it is a very “classy” way to do business from Boston’s side, I mean talking to your guys is the least you can do, sign him or not, be interested or not, but at least tell him, say look we waiting to see what offers come up man, or we will re-sign you for that amount if not offers come, or we wanna keep you with the QO, so next year you can go for nothing… whatever but you can tell your player what you wanting to do, he is on your team, deserves to know what’s happening, just really disappointed with this Celtic organization, seems to deal with players in a certain arrogant way, they are human beings with feelings, regardless what they are paid.

    • Jimbo Celts

      Take the hint. They don’t want him at his price and he doesn’t want to sign at their price. This was made clear before last season.

    • Spike4christ

      They are willing to match the offer he gets. Celtics are trying to stay under the cap this year so they can have one less year of repeater tax. They will be going over in the coming years to win a championship. They as constructed will not be the Warriors so why pay the tax this year. I am sure Danny will pay Marcus next year. Marcus needs to bet on himself and shoot well.

  6. supercollider

    Celtics are just playing by the rules in the union contract that players agreed to. If Smart has a beef, it’s with the system. Not the Celtics.

  7. yaniwox

    Exactly. I don’t blame Marcus for wanting more. Everyone wants more. But his frustration is ill placed if it’s with the Celtics.

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