Clippers Sign Luc Mbah A Moute

JULY 11: The Clippers have officially signed Mbah a Moute, according to the NBA’s transactions log.

JULY 9: Rockets free agent forward Luc Mbah a Moute has agreed to a one-year contract with the Clippers, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets. The contract will be worth $4.3MM, Wojnarowski adds in another tweet.

Mbah a Moute had expressed dissatisfaction in his negotiations with Houston this month with the Rockets apparently offering just the veteran’s minimum. The Spurs, Lakers, Wizards, and Sixers had also reportedly expressed some level of interest in Mbah a Moute.

The Clippers essentially split their mid-level exception to acquire both Mbah a Moute and another forward, Mike Scott, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

The loss of Mbah a Moute appears to increase the possibility that Carmelo Anthony will wind up in a Houston uniform. The Rockets have now lost two key defensive wings in free agency with Trevor Ariza joining the Suns.

Familiarity played a role in Mbah a Moute’s decision, as he played two seasons for Doc Rivers and the Clippers before joining the Rockets prior to last season. He averaged 7.5 PPG in 25.6 MPG in his limited offensive role while making an above-average 36.4% of his long-range attempts.

In terms of the Clippers, the addition of Mbah a Moute gives them 14 guaranteed contracts and three others – Milos Teodosic, Patrick Beverley and CJ Williams – that are partially guaranteed or non-guaranteed, Bobby Marks of ESPN notes. Los Angeles now has $118MM in salary, $5.7MM below the luxury-tax threshold.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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30 thoughts on “Clippers Sign Luc Mbah A Moute

  1. Mr_KLC

    Not looking good for the Rockets. With them also losing Ariza, that makes 2 above average defenders lost. I hope they can at least mend some fences with Capella.

      • Not in this market, unfortunately. Please post with who you think they can replace them with.

        • victorg

          I think ennis would be a good replacement for Luc .. no one out there on the FA to replace Ariza BUT I would like to see them get bazemore from ATL maybe give them Anderson and a first rounder.

    • Bryzzo2016

      I hate what Morey is doing. Ariza and Luc are key pieces defensively for the Rockets. Harden is a joke defensively, doesn’t even pretend to try. Even IF Cappella signs, the team defense will be a lot worse. GS is gonna have a cakewalk against this perimeter D. Paul is a year older, EG is a below average defender and Harden, as I mentioned, we all know how that plays out on the defensive end.

    • madmanTX

      BS the Rockets will send Moute a photo of their championship banner next season.

    • Bryzzo2016

      Sad, but true. Defensively, especially on the perimeter, they are gonna be a lot worse. We’ll notice it a little during the regular season, it will be VERY noticeable in the playoffs especially IF they even make it back to GS.

  2. ldfanatic

    Not that it matters because if Boogie come back healthy GSW is a lock, but how do you sit on your hands while the two best wing defenders you have leave on 1-year deals to non-contenders? Anderson’s contract has killed this team in FA for the 2nd straight year.

    • ldfanatic

      And signing Melo is not a cure all because he is as bad as Anderson defensively.

      • formerlyz

        Melo plays the 4, PJ Tucker moves to the 3, MCW plays defense on the wing in some lineups, De’anthony Melton has some Marcus Smart in him. He might be lengthy enough to guard some wings. Maybe they grab someone like Corey Brewer or maybe Nunally can provide something. Could look at the D-league…

        But ya, on paper they’re definitely not as good, although I dont think Melo would hurt them. Regardless, Harden needs to play off ball more. Chris Paul cant be watching him dribble in the corner like a glorified Patrick Beverly. He would make things easier for both Harden and Melo

        • x%sure

          Between Melton and Gary Clark, I bet Moute gets replaced by a rookie. If somebody can get to Melo, maybe starting.

          IDK who MCW is, I’m sure it’s obvious, but there’s too much referring to people by wierd initials IMO.

  3. johnstodder

    With this move, the Clippers are sending a “we can wait a year for Kawhi” message to San Antonio.

  4. The failure to resign Mbah a Moute and Ariza, and the lowball offers on Capela show clearly that new ownership in Houston simply do not have the wherewithal to compete with Golden State. Either he doesn’t have the money or he doesn’t have the will.

    What a waste and missed opportunity.

    • x%sure

      Kind of shows James made the right call… that plan would have required even more money.

      I think Morey lied about what he could do, and did they same thing last offseason about trading for Melo, stringing people along. The reality avoided is that Ryan Anderson exists and has a contract.

      • victorg

        you cant pay ariza 15 mil a year .. they had no choice and I don’t think luc is worth that mid level. I think tillman paying cp3 shows he is all in on the harden era.

      • joemoes

        That was supposed to be an above post but anyway Paul would of never signed a 2/50

        • whosurpapa

          I think he would. I don’t see any sane GM giving him more.. Love CP3, but the dude is always injured when the team needs him the most (i.e. playoffs). Why have a player that is going to absent during the playoffs. Houston will regret this contract.

    • victorg

      they could not low ball or short offer cp3 because he would of just went with LeBron to LA they could of cut deng and not signed rondo to that 9 mil deal and gave 25 mil to cp3.

  5. Houston is having a really bad offseason, the only way it can get worst is by signing Melo.

  6. Dark14ry

    Chris Pauls will never come close to living up to his contract. Houston screwed themselves re-signing him. He is not clutch and always hurt when you need him to step up. I actually like him, but he is way over paid.
    I was very happy when the Clippers moved him and Blake. Jerry West is putting his touch on this roster and will build it into a winner.

  7. halos101

    Laye, but i love it. Luc was a nice player for clippers last time, and chris paul can suffer the lose. Rockets offseason realistically couldn’t have gone much worse

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