Orlando Discussing Deal With Isaiah Thomas

Free agent guard Isaiah Thomas is working on a deal with the Magic, tweets Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype. Nothing has been finalized, he adds, but both sides would like to reach an agreement.

Thomas’ NBA life has been unsettled since being shipped from Boston to Cleveland in the Kyrie Irving trade last summer. A two-time All-Star with the Celtics, Thomas struggled to find a role with Cavaliers, appearing in just 15 games after returning from a hip injury. He was traded to the Lakers in February and played 17 games there.

The Magic could use some firepower after losing Mario Hezonja to the Knicks and Marreese Speights to China. They have been in the market for a point guard since a midseason trade that sent Elfrid Payton to Phoenix.

Orlando also waived veteran Shelvin Mack in June before his salary for 2018/19 could become guaranteed, leaving D.J. Augustin as the only point guard on the club’s depth chart.

The Magic won’t have cap room available after agreeing to re-sign Aaron Gordon, but could offer Thomas some or all of their mid-level exception.

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19 thoughts on “Orlando Discussing Deal With Isaiah Thomas

  1. OnTheBrink

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This is exactly what Orlando needs. Perfect fit. Will come in and be starter and if he’s healthy, the Orlando Magic could surprise people.

  2. Jason kapono

    Perfect deal for the Magic. They know what they’re getting and they know how quiet the market is for, well practically all free agents, but especially Thomas.

    This is why I don’t understand almost any of these 12am July 1st deals. Who was going to pay most of these guys the same money they got by teams just being too impatient. The teams that waited are going to have many opportunities to get solid players at end of bench prices.

    • Detlef kempf

      Why is he “perfect” for them? Just curious your opinion on how’ve he fits or if you know about his recovery status.
      I love Isaiah, he is fun to watch. Reminds me how I wish Nate Robinson was still in the league too.
      The magic need a pg badly and if Isaiah is healthy he can get in the paint and floater or lob to Bamba or the other big guys. They got Gordon, Simmons, Ross, Fournier on the wings, I’m probably missing someone. If Isaiah is healthy they might be able to get 7-8 seed.
      I think bamba is gonna be really good, I saw some highlights of him grabbing rebound and pushing it up the court and he looked good doing it, his shot looks good, and he is dunking anything around the rim. Or he could end up getting hurt or not fit with there players, it’s so hard so many factors and variables when it comes to guys becoming great.

      • Dionis

        He’s a floor general and they lack someone who can run the offense. All those players you mentioned can’t run an offense, Isaiah can. He could run the offense and average 21-22 ppg if healthy and make everyone’s job easier in the starting lineup as well as get them easier baskets.

    • paladin

      On board the fast train out of town. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse IT

  3. driftcat28

    I like this move, IT will lead the magic and they’ll be in contention for a lower playoff seed with him

  4. x%sure

    Good move, he will keep the team from getting bogged down with Gordon. He could even educate the guy, if Gordon wants to play along.

    People at least on HR, have been in favor of this for some time.

  5. sasha2063

    Lakers came to live after Thomas arrival last year. should of kept him instead of Rondo.

  6. Jeff Zanghi

    Back that Brinks truck up!! Mid-Level Exception – lol. maybe now he can focus on playing basketball and not on crying at Danny Ainge for trading him.

    He’s a good player – an AS caliber Scorer – not all around player but scorer… I think this is a good signing for Orlando and, if healthy, he has the offensive ability to keep them in contention for a playoff spot. And hey maybe he’ll ask for his whole paycheck in $1’s and buy an armored truck so he can at least “live out his dream” and swim in his money like Scrooge McDuck!!

  7. paladin

    Confucious say ”Never count your chickens before they hatch or your Brinks trucks before they’re off-loaded”.

  8. Good move for Orlando. Though he is very good, even at his best level of Boston he cannot lift up this team to playoff contention.
    BTW how salty Boston fans can be man, it was a mistake to trade him for Kyrie, as simple as that. He has the right to be upset with Boston, fans don’t, he gave it all for your team, he did very well, the reward total lack of loyalty from the Celtics, class act.

  9. dela pena

    Surprise surprise..we gonna rack up wins this coming season. I think the magoc can go up to .600 and 7th or 8th seed in the east.

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