Bulls Re-Sign Ryan Arcidiacono

JULY 31: The Bulls have officially re-signed Arcidiacono, the team announced today in a press release.

JULY 28: The Bulls will re-sign Ryan Arcidiacono to a one-year deal with a partial guarantee, tweets Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

Arcidiacono was restricted when free agency began, but Chicago rescinded its qualifying offer in mid-July, changing his status to unrestricted. Although he was free to sign with anyone, Arcidiacono wasn’t able to find a deal better than the partially guaranteed one to stay with the Bulls.

He appeared in 24 NBA games last season as a two-way player, averaging 2.0 points in nearly 13 minutes of action. He posted a 13.8/4.5/8.6 line in 37 G League games.

Arcidiacono’s signing will give Chicago 17 players under contract. Rawle Alkins currently occupies one of the team’s two-way slots, while the other remains open.

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9 thoughts on “Bulls Re-Sign Ryan Arcidiacono

  1. nikumistry

    Blakeney was recently converted into a standard NBA contract. So they still have a free two-way slot.

  2. anthony hinton

    Good pick up, tough, gritty, and can play “D.” Very unselfish player who knows the system and has a low turnover rate. Point guard position is now covered.

    • bravesfan88

      Hmmmm….Are you trying to tell me the Bulls all of a sudden actually have a legitimate offensive scheme and an actual nightly defensive game plan to follow??

      What exactly is this “system” you speak of good sir?? As a Bulls fan, I’ve forgotten what one actually looks like..

      I know Thibs never had a clue offensively, during his time in Chicago, but at least the Bulls had an actual defensive system. It was obvious Thibs had his guys ready defensively, for each and every match-up.

      Hoiberg was supposed to bring his “player-friendly” offensive scheme he ran in college with him to Chicago, BUT so far, there hasn’t been any semblance of a consistent, offensive game plan..

      Hoiberg’s offensive philosophy started with having his PG run the ball up the floor, waste time passing the ball around, and then, if the ball had not been stolen yet, Butler would dominate the ball, taking over for the remainder of the shot clock..

      Now, it’s basically been Dunn primarily running the ball up the court. Then, either Markk, Portis, or Lopez sets a useless ball screen, and then the ball ever so SLOWLY gets passed around the perimeter, as each receiving player hesitates, and clueless wastes a couple of seconds dribbling, and then, FINALLY, it’s typically a contested 3-point shot…Although, every once in awhile, a player will drive to the basket, only to have the defense collapsing on him, because everyone else is just standing around not knowing what to do…

      So, again, I ask you, exactly what system is it that Arcidiacono fits in with and knows so well??

      I would be ecstatic to be wrong about Hoiberg..ABSOLUTELY THRILLED!! But, he’s a college coach at best, and that’s where he belongs..It’s quite clear he just is not good at making in-game adjustments, he doesn’t take advantage of his players’ strengths, he doesn’t help hide his players’ weaknesses, and he is quite frankly just not a good motivator..

      • bravesfan88

        I mean, it is not all bad, he has been credited as being a fairly good shooting coach, as Dunn has said Hoiberg has helped him with his shooting touch..But, that’s about the only good things I’ve heard about Hoiberg..

        Also, apparently none of his assistant coaches are worth a darn either, because it’s just as much on them as it is on Hoiberg. They should be helping Hoiberg make adjustments, help him rally the troops, and help Fred plan for and implement a nightly gameplan evolved around their overall “system.”

      • anthony hinton

        All I was saying was that Arcidiacono was a good pick up and the point guard position is now covered, that’s it! But since you brought up all of these interesting points; let’s dive in, shall we? The first thing that jumped out at me was, “what system?” If you remember the so called Niko run (the straw that stirs the drink), big surprise – that was team basketball – a system in play that not only showcased Niko’s skill set to potential buyers, but also show the team buying into that pace and space system that gave them an 11 game win streak. If you or anyone else thinks Niko won those games on his own then you are missing a big part of the game. Niko was fired up and had something to prove; the coach provided a stage for that to happen! Now, with all tanking aside and many fresh new faces, the entire team (coach included) has something to prove. “I would be ecstatic to be wrong about Hoiberg..ABSOLUTELY THRILLED!!” Well, you are wrong and you will be ABSOLUTELY THRILLED!!
        The first 3 years were truly a train wreck; yr 1 the internal struggle for power between Rose and Butler – and Noah being thrown under the bus. Yr 2 the 3 alphas! Yr 3 TANK! It might sound like it but I’m not a fan of Hoiberg’s, I just see the situation for what it is. That sample size 11 game win streak was also a message to management that they hired a decent coach; that was the only chance he was going to get last season and he shinned.
        Last season was not balanced at all because of injuries and management stressing, “Lose more games!” This up coming season is the exact opposite! It is all about winning and proving they all belong. Markkenan isn’t bad on defense so he can help Parker while Dunn helps LaVine. Add Lopez or Carter in the front court and the liabilities aren’t so bad. Throw Holiday in the mix and things really don’t look that bad defensively. And I don’t know if you noticed, but 4 out of the 5 new additions are not so bad on defense (Carter, Hutchison, Cleveland, and Alkins). Portis and Felicio are capable of playing adequate defense so the front court looks covered on that end of the floor. In the back court, bring in Payne or Arcidiacono as subs and you’re not losing much defense if any. I just mentioned 12 players on this team who can clearly play defense (which is what many people are wondering about) so now Jim Boylen gets to show what he can do with these guys. Offensively, this team has very few weaknesses, and if they (NBC Sports channel) happen to show that 11 game win streak from last season, you’ll see plays being ran and defense being played. This team has a full upgrade and all healthy bodies (so far) for training camp. Getting in some good practices with all hands on deck will go a long way for the start of the season. From everything I see, the future looks bright…

    • moazetongue

      I agree that this guy is a good grtty player. Along the lines of a Delly who helped Cleveland remain competitive in the finals when Irving and Live went down. Not an all star but a good guy to have on your roster.

  3. With guys like Arcidiacono the future isn’t bright… though Chicago has good players, they need to get rid ASAP of ZLV, Jabari & Lopez, then they will look pretty impressive.

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