Sixers, Cavs Talk Kyle Korver-Jerryd Bayless Swap

JULY 20: While a trade involving Bayless and Korver is possible, it’s “far from certain,” a league source tells Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link).

JULY 19: The Sixers and Cavaliers have had discussions about a Jerryd BaylessKyle Korver swap, sources tell Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer (Twitter link).

Philadelphia is involved in the Carmelo AnthonyDennis Schroderthree-way salary dump along with the Thunder and Hawks, though the move is on hold at the moment with the Sixers reportedly looking to make another move before finalizing the transaction. The organization has very little cap room left and the acquisition of Mike Muscala, the big man who would join Philly in the proposed three-team deal, would put them over the salary cap.

Korver will take home a salary of $7.56MM this upcoming season and he has $7.5MM on his contract for the 2019/20 campaign, though his salary then is non-guaranteed. Bayless will make approximately $8.56MM this season during the final year of his contract.

Korver began his NBA career with the Sixers, playing 337 games with the franchise across parts of five seasons. With LeBron James no longer with Cleveland, the 37-year-old may welcome a deal to a more competitive team.

The former second-round pick was a mainstay in the Cavs’ rotation during the regular season, although his participation during the playoffs was spotty, as the team had to sit him because of his inability to defend the perimeter. Bayless, who has dealt with various injuries since coming to the Sixers, hasn’t really carved out a nitch in Philadelphia. If the Sixers and Cavs make the swap, I’d speculate that an additional asset, such as a second-round pick or cash, will head Cleveland’s way as well.

Korver sits fourth all-time with 2213 shots made from behind the arc. This past season, he took over five threes per game, making 43.6% of his attempts.

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45 thoughts on “Sixers, Cavs Talk Kyle Korver-Jerryd Bayless Swap

  1. acarneglia

    You’d have to imagine that if this does happen it would be something like Korver for Bayless and a draft pick

    • knickscavsfan

      I agree. Korver is NOT a salary dump. He can still perform at a high level and his contract isn’t expensive and is basically an expiring contract. We spent a 1st round pick to get him and anything less than a 1st or two 2nds would seem like a bad net for the Cavs. I imagine he can be moved to a bunch of teams since elite shooters are wanted everywhere.

      • GuruGray

        Are you just ignoring his service for the Cavs like that isn’t worth anything? No one is giving up a first for a 37 year old role player

        • moazetongue

          Who is the 4th best 3 point shooter in the history of the nba. We’ll see what he brings. I say hold off to the trade deadline.

          • Woah woah woah. He’s top five in threes made, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the fourth best 3 shooter of all time. I’d still put Abdul raf, curry, Kerr, the truth, Allen, maravich(even tho he played when there was no three he would pull up from basically half court), maybe others this is just off the top of my head

            • knickscavsfan

              Korver is top 6 all-time in 3pts made and 3pt%. He is one of the greatest ever.

              • Absolutely he is one of the greatest three point shooters but not top 5 nor is he worth a first round pick even a late one I think. When a player are a healthy scratch during the playoffs, there is only so much value you can get from said player.

        • knickscavsfan

          I don’t understand your comment about “his service for the Cavs”. Cavs aren’t competing and he had a great year. Age doesn’t matter if your posting great numbers AND it’s a short term deal.

  2. nikumistry

    Don’t think it’ll involve a first rounder. But Philly have been stock piling second rounders so I could imagine two future second rounders plus bayless for Korver. One of those second rounders could be a pick swap.

  3. nikumistry

    A straight bayless for korver swap would create an additional 1.02 million in cap space for the Sixers.

    • Luke Adams

      Enough to sign someone like Jonah Bolden or Shake Milton to a three- or four-year deal if they want to.

    • moazetongue

      Why would the Cavs do that? Send out a historic player that is as good as a bench shooting coach and a player that can get a team back in a game with his 3 pt accuracy for a mediocre person that is more expensive. Makes. I sense at all.

      • stillerfan

        Because the Cavs will suck either way. Might as well get a head start in the rebuild.

      • amaymon

        Because korver has 2 years left and Bayless is and expiring contract which seems to be the MOST highly sought after commodity in the NBA other than a star free agent (and surprisingly they go hand and hand)

        • knickscavsfan

          Korver’s contract isn’t fully guaranteed for 2019-20. Effectively, his contract is a 1/$10 mil expiring contract too. The fact that he’s still an elite 3pt shooter should make his contract even more attractive. They should ABSOLUTELY be able to get a late 1st round pick from a contender who’ll value what Korver does vs a pick in the late 1st round. Cavs shouldn’t settle for less. They can trade him during the season when guys get desperate.

  4. rxbrgr

    This trade works either way. Doesn’t matter if they were over or under the cap to do it. But may as well do it before the 3-team trade though and increase that remaining cap space.

      • moazetongue

        I don’t think so. Idk though. Is Belinelli 3 pt career shooting higher than Korver’s. I don’t think so. Is Belinelli a great locker room guy and shooting coach? If he is all that than there you go.

        • knickscavsfan

          Belinelli is a career 37% 3pt shooter vs Korver who’s a career 43% shooter.

  5. imindless

    Korver is bad and old just like reddick. Bayles is an insurance policy they should keep in case fultz ammounts to nothing. Seems dicey.

  6. knickscavsfan

    Korver is bad? You mean the same guy that shot 45%/44%/88% last year? You’re crazy.

    • I like Korver, but there’s more to the game than spot up shooting. There’s a reason he sat so much in games that mattered – he’s a liability on D, a poor rebounder and can’t create shots. It’s tough to hide a guy like that

      • knickscavsfan

        He sat vs the GSW. Korver is also amazing at moving without the ball. He would be great in a motion offense but can also spot up. Who cares about his rebounding? He’s not a starter.

  7. joemoes

    Bayless would be a nice pick up for the cavs. I think it honestly puts them back in the conversation f 4th or 5th seed.

  8. formerlyz

    Korver back with Philly would be amazing. It would be an upgrade over Belinelli…

    But Bayless and an asset doesnt seem worth it for Cleveland. They would open up playing time if they bring back Hood though, allowing Osman to play at the 3, as he should.

    With Korver on the block, if this doesnt go through, what about Kyle Korver and Okaro White to OKC for Alex Abrines, Kyle Singler, and 2 2nd round picks. Singler is a team option next year, so they’re both expiring contracts, and it would clear more money after the season. Also, if Abrines shoots it decently for them, they might be able to get a 2nd rounder out of him near the deadline

    • moazetongue

      I’m thinking this rumor is out of Philly. Cleveland has no reason to trade him at this point. They won’t get what his value truly is. Historically great shooter and still shooting at a high%. Also all the younger players, including James, have been coached by Korver.

  9. victorg

    I wish the ROX could get in on korver .. give them Anderson and a first rounder for Korver and something.

  10. Z-A

    Bayless can shoot, but hes always injured and just a really really really low IQ player. He makes mistakes with the ball that G League guys make on a regular basis.

    Korver would be a great addition, wont guard anyone, but if he is in there with Jo, RoCo, Simmons, and Amir he wont need to do muc other than chuck it.

    • knickscavsfan

      He’s not a good defender but he does compete. He just can’t be one a team that’s week overall. His weakness is staying in front of quicker guys. Simmons and Embid could hide his weaknesses.

  11. x%sure

    Not good for CLE. Korver does not even shoot open 3s for that high %– he shoots from difficult positions, and makes high effort and sets picks.

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