Sixers Sign First-Rounder Zhaire Smith

The Sixers have signed first-round pick Zhaire Smith, according to the team’s website.

Smith, whose rights were acquired in a draft-night trade with Suns, will receive approximately $2.6MM in his first season.

The 6’5” swingman was selected No. 16 overall after playing one season at Texas Tech, where he averaged 11.3 PPG, 5.0 RPG, 1.8 APG, 1.1 BPG and 1.1 SPG in 28.4 MPG.

Smith is unlikely to receive significant playing time in his first season for one of the Eastern Conference’s top clubs. He will play on the Sixers’ summer league team.

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10 thoughts on “Sixers Sign First-Rounder Zhaire Smith

  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Smith is unlikely to receive significant playing time in his first season for one of the Eastern Conference’s top clubs.. Well who is Smith going to tutor under? Brett Brown is wonderful at creating atmosphere, but coaching…..I am not as convinced.

    • I give no fox

      Yea, what has brown done with projects like Covington, Saric, McConnell or guys like Simmons and embiid. Taking a team from ten wins to fifty. What a terrible coach

  2. Sixers are taking one years and shooters this year and that’s it. If they can’t get Kawhi then save the cap for next year. Smith is a project. Everyone bashes Brown because Fultz wasn’t utilized. Dude had to remake his jumpshot and you wanted him in the playoffs with his head a mess??? If Simmons develops his shot, Fultz plays like a first overal pick, and Embiid learns 4th quarter defense then what else do they need?

  3. Z-A

    So… either give up on his year b/c the Warriors just got Boogie, or go completely all in?

    Sixers Trade: Fultz, Bayless, #1 Kings/Sixers 2019, 2021 Sixers Pick, (2) 2nd round picks (they decide which) to Blazers

    Sixers Trade: RoCo, Saric, Korkmaz, 2021 Miami Pick, 2023 Sixers pick to the Spurs

    Spurs Trade: Kawhi Leonard to Sixers
    Blazers Trade: Damian Lillard to Sixers

    It works out $ wise I believe.

    Sixers still have 2020 pick, 2022 pick, and a bunch of 2nds leftover.

    Lillard – JJ – Kawhi – Simmons – Embiid

    Butler/Klay are not coming to the Sixers. Kemba Walker is the best they can hope for at this point unless they go after an RFA or make a trade. And I have been very anti trading for Kawhi, esp for a rental. But if he wants to win… East is the path.

    • Kawhi has to be watching this offseason and thinking the same thing. Boston and Philly are his two best bets. Heat and Wizards should be pushing hard for Kawhi too. I was really hoping Wall pushed himself out of DC and took a trade to Philly. Simmons would benefit from a shoot first point guard.

      • Z-A

        Dame Lillard would be perfect for them. Portland has 0 shot at a title during the next 3 years he is signed. Unless they go 1-16 format Big names need to start going East. They somehow dont see they are all going to the West? Like PG13 could have gone to the East, ironically possible for him to rejoin the Pacers too would have been kind of hilarious.

  4. Tell you this Orioles fan is driving me mad with all his infinite hate for Philly, is getting old dude, focus in baseball.
    Don’t think Simmons wanna play PF, he likes & is best at playing PG imo, as he creates huge mismatchs, also allows Philly to play with some really big lineups, & that can trump small ball way out of the park.

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