DeMarcus Cousins Is ‘Right On Schedule’

Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins continues to make steady progress from a ruptured left Achilles tendon but there’s no timetable for his return, coach Steve Kerr told Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News.

“He’s right on schedule. He hasn’t had any setbacks. He’s doing well,” Kerr said. “Beyond that, there’s nothing. No prediction. Especially with an Achilles injury, you have to wait and see how the player responds once he’s on the court and moving at full speed.”

It’s been generally assumed that the Warriors will be very patient with Cousins, who stunned the basketball world by signing a one-year, $5.337MM contract with the two-time defending champions. It would be a big surprise if Cousins was in uniform to start the season. A return somewhere around the holidays seems more likely.

Golden State’s main aim is to have Cousins provide another dimension to already fearsome offense during the postseason.

“It’s great to have DeMarcus on board because it’ll change our look a little bit,” Kerr said.

Until Cousins comes back, the Warriors will likely start Jordan Bell and also use a lot of smaller lineups.

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15 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Is ‘Right On Schedule’

  1. As a warrior fan I’m hoping the longer it takes for him to come back the better. The more time in that locker room the more chance for something weird to happen.

    I hope he comes back waaaay after the All-Star break and is in Tip-Top shape for the playoffs.

    Anything in January and that’s three months of crossing my fingers and holding my breath.

    We’ve all seen the videos in the locker room with reporters Etc.

    • But the other side of that is, how long will it take to integrate him into the system and become a fluid unit and five players or eight players playing as a whole?

      My optimistic answer is that they’re all professional players who know how to play and cousins is incredibly talented… he’ll know what to do where to be and I’m hoping he’ll be unselfish just like the other guys are.

      I think that is one of Cousin’s attributes, he wants to win, he’ll be unselfish for the good of the team.

  2. Lol, sorry last reply to myself !!

    If it doesn’t work before the trading deadline you trade them to somebody for a first round pick. Win-win. Zero risk.

  3. D-NBA

    Please win the title next season Golden State and make Lebron ringless the next 4 years. I’m tired of the media propping Lebron and people like Shannon Sharpe, Nick Wright, and Colin Cowherd degrading Mike and Kobe’s legacies.

    • x%sure

      Thats what happens with these stupid kobe-lebron-MJ debates that dionis & others keep loading up like anyone else cares what thieir latest judgement is on it. Nothing good comes from these ugh posts. All it means is insulting one star to puff up another. Opinions wind up flipflopping as your stances show.
      These daily tv shows play it up for their own purposes.

  4. Sorry Gary, but DMC is my favorite Warrior, so unlike you I hope he comes back as soon as possible, would be awesome if he is there for the beginning of the season.

    • Yeah but you know he blows up at the media sometimes. I understand why and I would blow up too probably at times, but they’re supposed to rise above it and not get too upset because it’s part of their job talking to the fans through the media.

      I just think there’s less of a chance of any weird thing happening off the basketball court with three months then with seven months of action.

  5. By the way Dionis, no one is degrading anyone. Is a simple matter of metrics & numbers, LBJ is clearly better, that is a fact. Now if you don’t like him (which beggar’s believe) that is fine, is your opinion & you are entitled to it, like everybody is entitled to have one, even if is way wrong, it doesn’t matter, we can all have our opinion.

  6. FromTheCheapSeats

    Metrics and numbers….

    Jordan 6-0
    James 3-5

    Glad your satisfied that the debate is over, though.

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