Nets Guarantee Spencer Dinwiddie’s Contract

The Nets have guaranteed the contract of point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets. Dinwiddie will make $1,656,092 during the upcoming season.

Brooklyn didn’t have to fully guarantee Dinwiddie’s deal until January 10, so if nothing else this gives Dinwiddie some peace of mind when he heads to training camp.

The Nets have a muddled point guard situation with D’Angelo Russell and Shabazz Napier, a rotation player with the Trail Blazers last season, also in the mix.

The Nets could also sign Dinwiddie to an extension during the season, though not until December 8, the two-year anniversary of inking his current deal, ESPN’s Bobby Marks tweets.

Dinwiddie had a breakout season in his second year with the franchise, averaging 12.6 PPG and 6.6 APG in 28.8 MPG while appearing in 80 games. The 6’6” Dinwiddie also played two seasons with the Pistons.

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7 thoughts on “Nets Guarantee Spencer Dinwiddie’s Contract

  1. Tommy313

    SVG first pick for the stones. Worst coach/gm ever. The kid always new he would get paid one day when he had a chance. Screw Stan Van Gundy. Set the pistons back more years than he was here,

  2. Tommy313

    Development is apart of coaching Stan. Thanks for nothing and the inhabilitaty of of developing players who aren’t all stars ya cow pie

  3. hiflew

    Um unless I missed something, I think you are in the wrong comment section. Gotta love reckless outrage.

    • x%sure

      Vangundy was Dinwiddie’s first coach and got nowhere with him. Reggie Bullock was slow to be recognized also, while a place was made for Stanley Johnson. Well we will see what Casey makes of them.

      • I grabbed Bullock off my fantasy wire last year as soon as they shipped off Tobias and Avery. That was a great pick up.

  4. Brooklyn has to trade Dinwiddie, last year he didn’t seem happy when had to come from the bench after D’Lo came back from the injury, & didn’t work very well playing both of them together, unfortunately for him he is a limited player while D’Lo should be the future of the franchise, well at least they should give it a shot, with Napier on the bench they can try to get something for him.

    • x%sure

      BRK is likely asking too much for him; meanwhile other teams will prefer seeing his game this year to see if last year was a fluke. So in December it will be either him or Russell going. They would get more for Russell who is almost as tall anyway.

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