Southwest Notes: Belinelli, Parker, Doncic, Rockets

Marco Belinelli will focus on the upcoming NBA season instead of playing for Italy’s national team, according to a Sportando report. The veteran shooting guard will skip World Cup qualifiers next month against Poland and Hungary in order to prepare for the Spurs’ training camp, the report continues. Belinelli, who had a previous two-year stint with San Antonio, played a combined 80 regular-season games last season for the Hawks and Sixers and averaged 12.1 PPG. He’ll back up DeMar DeRozan and could also see some action at small forward after signing a two-year, $12MM deal.

In other news from around the Southwest Division:

  • Tony Parker will come back to San Antonio to end his career, he told the Chinese website in an interview that was relayed by Parker, who signed a two-year deal with the Hornets, intend to sign a one-day contract with the Spurs when he’s ready to call it quits. “Yes, I will retire as a Spur,” Parker said.
  • Mavericks guard Luka Doncic should be able to handle the physical grind of the NBA but his athleticism and quickness will be tested in his rookie season, Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News writes. He also has to prove he can consistently knock down 3-pointers from behind the NBA arc, Sefko adds. Doncic is expected to jump right into the starting backcourt alongside Dennis Smith Jr.
  • Another trip to the Bahamas is on the docket for Rockets players, Mark Berman of Fox 26 reports.  The team will try to build chemistry by holding a bonding experience there in early September, something it also did last season.
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9 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Belinelli, Parker, Doncic, Rockets

  1. Dionis

    I’m not sold on Doncic, I think he’ll suck his first season. I see 13 ppg 5 rpg and 6 apg which is not bad but these overseas dudes are suspect, look at Bogdanovic from the Kings. Vlade had him as the second coming of Stojakovic and he was trash last season and was given all the minutes possible to perform.

    • paladin

      Whatever, Yawn. We know you love Trae Young, I have it written down to trash you when he folds like a cheap suit. You made your comments, so we shall see where they end up. Your boy TY is the one who is going to suck his first season and well beyond. These first year freshman dudes are suspect. Especially B12 dudes they are totally Overrated. Why throw more trash on Vlades’ heap? He does enough on his own. Doncic is going to compete for ROY and might win it. TY is going to have to eat his Burger King and like it. He stinks.

      • Dionis

        Dude quite honestly I think Trae Young will have that Steve Nash effect on the Hawks and bring them to the top of the East in 2 years. He’s looking to be a pass first guard and not a chucker so his play will make everyone better(Collins,Prince,Spellman,Huerter), Trae Young will be far from a bust. I could definitely see him average 15-16 ppg with 7-8 apg his first season.

        • paladin

          Top of the East in TWO years???? You’re making me scream with laughter. Just fell from my desk chair & banged my elbow laughing so hard. Well done. You need to be a player of Lebron/Kobe ability to make a team go from low to high in two years. TY needs to eat his Wheaties & lift weights for a year just to see if he really rates in the Association. Way too skinny and breakable for the NBA. We will see who can eval talent real soon. Results will speak for themselves. You have more than enough rope to hang yourself, so please, carry on.

          • Dionis

            Curry made the Warriors a great team, don’t doubt Trae. He’s a better passer already than Curry, might never be as good a scorer but he has aspirations of one day leading the league in assists and points.

    • bklynny67

      Lol those numbers for a rookie PG are good… You say he’ll suck his first season but then say he’ll put up good numbers. You are the most clueless person who posts here, and the Hawks will regret that stupid trade for years to come.

  2. Doncic is gonna be very good as paladin said, challenging for ROY.
    How can you say overseas dudes are suspect, Gasol bros, Parker, Nowitzki, Jokic, Saric, Giannis, Yao, Ginobili… & so on, I could go for a while you know.

  3. Spike4christ

    Doncic may start out slow but he will be in the running for ROY. I would not vote against him. Young will need some work but ATL is not going anywhere so he will shoot and shoot some more. The pick was worth the Trade.

  4. dust44

    That may have been true that overseas guys struggled. But now u can’t say that at all. U have to take into account the guys who come over and go to college as well. Lauri Markkanen, Mo Wagner, Svi Mykailuk, the list goes on. Also the NBA is a lot less physical and is played more like the overseas game has always been played. He was the best player in the second best league in the world. To say he’s going to struggle is kinda misrepresented because if ur really a basketball guy u would know how good that league is over there. It’s better then the DLeague by a mile

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