Trade Rumors: Rockets, Bazemore, Hawks, Heat, Bucks

The Rockets reportedly remain in the market for at least one more wing player, even after reaching a deal with Carmelo Anthony, but Sam Amick of USA Today (Twitter link) hears that the team isn’t actively pursuing Hawks swingman Kent Bazemore.

According to Amick, Bazemore isn’t a major part of the Rockets’ discussions at this point. Amick suggests (via Twitter) that the Houston front office would have more interest in sending Ryan Anderson to the Heat in a deal that brings back a player like James Johnson or Tyler Johnson.

Of course, any Rockets offer would need to include additional compensation, such as a draft pick and/or a young player, to entice the Heat. Even then, it’s not clear if Miami would be interested in such a trade.

One team with apparent interest in dealing with the Rockets is Atlanta, according to Kelly Iko of RocketsWire (Twitter link). While Houston’s interest in Bazemore seems limited, Iko reports that the Hawks would be open to a trade if they could get a draft pick and a young player such as De’Anthony Melton in addition to Anderson. That asking price may be one reason why the Rockets’ interest in a Bazemore trade appears to have dissipated.

According to Iko (via Twitter), the Bucks have also contacted the Hawks about the possibility of acquiring Bazemore. New Milwaukee head coach Mike Budenholzer was in Atlanta with Bazemore, and Iko indicates the young wing would be open to reuniting with his former coach on a contender. Initial trade discussions between the Bucks and Hawks didn’t get far though, Iko notes.

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23 thoughts on “Trade Rumors: Rockets, Bazemore, Hawks, Heat, Bucks

  1. Dionis

    If the Rockets get James Johnson they are a lock for the Finals, he’s 3-4 and more athletic than Trevor was.

    • Dodgethis

      Your delusions never cease to amaze. Rockets are not going to the finals. This team is markedly worse than last year. It doesn’t matter who they get. No one is doing them a favor and taking Anderson’s contract for nothing. And the rockets stand no chance against the warriors unless the team bus crashes. Grow up.

      • madmanTX

        Markedly worse? You’re the one who’s delusional. Grow a brain if you can.

        • imindless

          Madman what part did you not understand, your team lost all its permeter defense and got handcuffed offered 20 million a year to capela. Bench still sucks, this team is done and another year older.

        • Don’t pay attention to these bitter LA homers!
          If we get either James Johnson, Tyler Johnson, or even Bazemore we will be just fine! Ariza age was starting to show, and Luc pretty much the same, adding one of those dudes, with the signing of the wing we got, will make us slightly younger, and better..
          Our bench will also be just fine, and will have a better chance at knocking off GSW then Lakers!!
          So enjoy Lebron, and congrats on battling for the 4th seed!!

      • CamFrost

        Wow. This comment gave no insight on why the Rockets are “markedly worse”. Crazy that a team that was an injury away from possibly making the finals now have no shot. Plus, no one is saying that Morey is trading Anderson for nothing. He is attempting to trade Anderson to take back another bad contract at a position the Rockets need more.

        • Just my 2 cents….

          The Rockets will miss Trevor! I repeat they will miss Trevor. But all and all, I don’t know if they got several worse or a few other teams got undeniably Better! LAL and OKC both will be much better teams and that will effect the Rockets win loss and ability to advance come playoff time. CP3 is a year older and has played in 61 games or less the last two seasons, so I don’t see them getting better. Plus the LBJ factor! I don’t see the Rockets in the finals, but that’s why they play the games!

  2. Steven St Croix

    I don’t think they are going to the finals, but they are the second best team in the West. Ariza went 0-12 in game 7.

    • imindless

      Its his defense that help contain some of warriors offense. Cp3 and harden carry most of offensively load.

    • That’s why you need a strong bench. Couple of the Warrior games Houston shot lights out in the first half!! It was amazing to watch really fun basketball. Then Gordon Tucker, Ariza and couple others legs started to go.

      First thing that suffers are the jump shots. That’s why adding a couple of vets like Carmelo and one or two more will be good for the Rockets.

  3. LordBanana

    Rockets need to trade Anderson and picks for Batum, no other trade makes sense.

    • Ryan Anderson can still shoot the ball and can be a productive player! However I’d be highly disappointed in any GM that gives up picks for him in a straight up deal! The article is suggestin Bazemore for Anderson, Melton, and a pick! That should give you an idea of where Ryan’s overall value is with his contract. Bazemore who is also over paid, but can defend with the best of them, still has way more value.

      All and all while I would do the Rockets deal from A Hawks point of view, I see Bazemore being traded to Mil. With it likely involving Maker, Dellavedova, some throw in, and a pick. Read that in an article somewhere.

      • Buck’s wouldn’t mind dumping Matthew dellavedova. Rocketship should pick him up he was great on the Cavs and a pesky Defender against Curry. Definitely wouldn’t hurt.

  4. yaniwox

    Celtics fan here. Barring significant injuries, every team not named Golden State, is playing for second place this season. Maybe that changes in 19-20 if a Durant leaves. No need to be upset. Bide your time with the rest of us.

  5. No way Houston can dump that garbage of a contract that they gave Anderson to anyone without giving up a lot, they just have to sit it tight & wait till it ends, too bad for them, they missed their window, now is Lakerst turn to try to beat GSW.

  6. As long as CP3, Harden, and Capela stay healthy, and Melo doesn’t regress any more, the Rockets will be a factor. All the odds makers have them a distant second to the Warriors.

  7. Otogar

    I don’t think Carmelo can regress much more. He is a hole in defense and his times as a scoring machine (or even as a decent shooter) are far behind. And likely he won’t accept starting from the bench either. Terrible signing by all means.

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