Clippers The Top Destination For Kawhi Leonard Next Summer?

Before Kawhi Leonard has even suited up for the Raptors, his top destination in free agency next summer is the Clippers, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. During an appearance on 710 ESPN Mason and Ireland, Shelburne labeled the Clippers as Leonard’s top pick with the Raptors his second choice and Lakers coming in third.

The Los Angeles native has reportedly preferred to end up back home with either the Lakers or Clippers. Several reports over the past year suggested that Leonard’s preference was joining the Lakers, who already signed LeBron James.

After a tumultuous and injured-riddled 2017/18 in San Antonio, the Spurs dealt their superstar to Toronto earlier this summer. Based on several reports, Leonard is excited and prepared for the upcoming season. Just last month, we relayed that Leonard was “keeping an open mind” about his future with the Raptors.

Early impressions on Leonard out of the Toronto camp have been positive. Recently, assistant coach Phil Handy provided an update on Leonard, who missed most of last season with a quad injury.

“He’s doing great,” Handy said. “He’s in great shape. Body looks good, he’s feeling good, he’s moving well. I don’t anticipate any issues or any problems. He’s working hard and he’s a hard worker.”

Earlier this week, Leonard’s longtime teammate with the Spurs and current teammate with the Raptors, Danny Green, opined that the two-time Defensive Player of the Year would have a hard time leaving Toronto.

“The city of Toronto is gonna be hard to turn down after being there,” Green said.

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17 thoughts on “Clippers The Top Destination For Kawhi Leonard Next Summer?

  1. realistnotsucker

    If he cares about winning he goes to the Lakers if winning isn’t a priority than the Clippers

    • the sterling don

      Says you. You could say if Lebron cared about winning, he wouldn’t have signed with the Lakers.

  2. Dionis

    He’s staying with the Raptors, why would he go to the West when he could run the East? He’s not going to the Lakers bruh just stop it with that garbage.

    • cubsfan2489

      Just like LeBron was going back to Cleveland, bruh? No matter where he goes, “running the east” or not, the GSW are going to be there in the end. End of story.

    • He’s not staying in Toronto. LA is his destination. Max contract, home, marketing dollars and endorsements in LaLa land…

  3. showty

    that guy has issues…he wants to be on a team that only has him to do everything….that’s y he doesn’t wanna go to the Lakers anymore…not gonna be the same player were ever he goes….but he’s not staying with Toronto

  4. jump shot

    Is Kawhi a “system” player? Away from SA, will he be the same player? Better? Worse?

    • He was a system player as evidenced in SA. Question is can he take it a level higher without a support ‘system’ in place? He’s got the talent, just need to see if he has the mindset.

  5. I see him staying in Toronto, with the Clips being a close second. While wherever he goes, he has to topple the Warriors to win a title, would you rather face them in the conference finals, or take your chances in the finals.

    As for endorsements, that hasn’t seemed to be a big deal for him. If it becomes one, there are plenty of Canadian companies endorsements he could do that would pay plenty of money.

    Raps were a 60 win team last year, and with a healthy Leonard they could be better, Clips will again be competitive, but won’t be a playoff team. They also won’t be bad enough to hit the lottery jackpot, leaving no super attractive asset to play with. I see the Lakers making the playoffs, but not be a serious contender. He’s in the best situation of those three teams, it makes sense to stay.

  6. LivingUnderDaBridge

    I like how it’s “news” when a reporter has an opinion on kawai. He has said nothing we know nothing. That is all. We will see when we see.

    • x%sure

      There is no point in him saying he is, or would be, happy with some decision or some place… much less, somebody saying that on his behalf!
      It’s all about who gets the lamebrain to sign at the X, like with deandre J.

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