Raptors, Spurs Finalize Leonard, DeRozan Trade

11:06am: The trade is now official, according to a press release issued by the Spurs.

8:07am: The deal will send Leonard and Green to Toronto in exchange for DeRozan, Poeltl, and a protected 2019 first-round pick, league sources tell Wojnarowski (Twitter link). Jabari Young of The San Antonio Express-News first reported Green’s inclusion in the trade (Twitter link).

Wojnarowski adds (via Twitter) that the 2019 first-round pick is protected from 1-20. If it doesn’t change hands after one year, it would turn into a pair of second-round picks instead.

The extra assets beyond Leonard and DeRozan look good for the Raptors, who will get to hang on their top two prospects in Anunoby and Siakam, and will only surrender a late first-rounder, at worst. Toronto will also add Green, a three-and-D wing who is a career 39.5% three-point shooter and is on a $10MM expiring contract.

Toronto will also create a modest trade exception equivalent to Poeltl’s $2.95MM salary in the deal.

7:15am: The Raptors and Spurs have reached an agreement in principle on a deal that will send Leonard to Toronto and DeRozan to San Antonio, reports Wojnarowski (via Twitter). According to Woj, there are more pieces involved on both sides, and players are still being informed about the deal. A trade call with the NBA is expected to happen later today.

4:53am: The Raptors are finalizing a trade to acquire Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs, Chris Haynes and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN report. San Antonio would receive a package headlined by DeMar DeRozan in the swap.

The Raptors and Spurs have been exploring such a trade for at least two weeks now, though Haynes adds that DeRozan was allegedly told during the Las Vegas summer league that he wouldn’t be dealt.

“Be told one thing & the outcome another,” DeRozan wrote in a story on his Instagram account early Wednesday morning. “Can’t trust em. Ain’t no loyalty in this game. Sell you out quick for a little bit of nothing.”

Neither Leonard nor DeRozan appears to be particularly pleased with the potential deal, with Haynes noting in a subsequent tweet that sources have told him that Leonard has no desire to play in Toronto. As ESPN’s Zach Lowe tweets, Leonard would risk fines and possible forfeiture of his 2018/19 salary if he’s traded to the Raptors and doesn’t report to the team, unless he can provide a legitimate medical reason.

The two clubs are said to have discussed several packages and a deal could be agreed to in principle as early as today.

With Leonard eligible to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, Raptors president Masai Ujiri is taking a substantial risk trading a committed All-Star for an outside player with eyes for Los Angeles. That said, the Thunder took a similar chance trading for Paul George last summer and it paid off when he re-signed long-term earlier this month.

Leonard, who has a 15% trade kicker, is set to earn approximately $23.1MM in 2018/19 (counting that trade bonus) before becoming eligible for free agency a year from now, so even if the Kawhi experiment doesn’t work, the Raptors could clear some long-term salary from their books in a deal. DeRozan will make $27.74MM annually for the next two years, with a player option worth the same amount in 2020/21.

Given the difference in salaries between the two stars, and the fact that the Spurs will likely receive another player or two in any deal, the Raptors may also take on another veteran to even out the ’18/19 money involved. Patty Mills ($11.57MM), Danny Green ($10MM), and perhaps even Pau Gasol ($16.8MM) would be candidates.

As we wrote yesterday, the supposed asking price for Leonard could be as high as an All-Star caliber player, high-potential young players, and draft picks. If DeRozan represents the first item on that list, it will be interesting to see what other pieces round out the offer. Toronto’s roster features a handful of intriguing young players, including OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Jakob Poeltl. The Raptors also control all their future draft picks.

At full health, a content, committed Leonard could easily justify such a substantial haul, but concerns about his quadriceps injury and his willingness to re-sign with a non-L.A. team trading for him may have diminished his value.

Although the Raptors have been prominently linked to Leonard of late, Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports notes in his own story on the potential deal that the Lakers, Clippers, Sixers and Celtics were said to be suitors as well. On Tuesday, we learned that the Nuggets, Suns, Trail Blazers, and Wizards also talked to San Antonio about a possible trade.

Given that he was limited to just nine games last season, and didn’t look like his All-NBA self, it’s hard to gauge exactly what the Raptors might expect to see from Leonard on the court. Still, he’s just one year removed from back-to-back finishes as a top-three MVP candidate and a member of the All-NBA First Team.

Those All-NBA nods allowed Leonard to qualify for a Designated Veteran Extension worth 35% of the cap with the Spurs. By the time he officially became eligible to sign such an extension this week though, the star forward’s desire to leave San Antonio was well known, making a new deal with the Spurs an extreme long shot — even if the club was willing to offer it.

Leonard will lose his eligibility for that five-year super-max deal – worth an estimated $221MM – if he’s traded. If he’s sent to Toronto and becomes a free agent next summer, Kawhi would be eligible for up to five years and nearly $190MM with the Raptors or four years and $140.6MM with another team, based on current cap projections for 2019/20.

In nine seasons with the Raptors, DeRozan has averaged 19.7 points and 4.1 rebounds per game. The 28-year-old has been named an All-Star in four of the past five seasons and played an instrumental role in Toronto’s rise up the Eastern Conference ranks the past half decade.

Per Wojnarowski (via Twitter), a Spurs/Raptors swap has been close for a few days, but has nearly fallen apart multiple times. Ujiri wanted to let DeRozan know about the impending deal himself late last night, according to Woj, who adds that DeRozan and good friend Kyle Lowry talked a few hours ago.

Photos courtesy of USA Today Sports Images. Luke Adams contributed to this post.

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125 thoughts on “Raptors, Spurs Finalize Leonard, DeRozan Trade

  1. Finally… I think DeRozan will have a steep learning curve in SA; playing D and moving the ball. After next year what will Toronto have? An old Kyle Lowry… Yikes. Big gamble by Masai

    • hiflew

      Definitely an all-in move by the Raptors. But I think a very smart one. The Sixers and Celtics are poised to dominate the East for years to come, but they could be still young and vulnerable this year. The Raptors were probably going to have to rebuild after this season anyway and getting rid of DeRozan’s extra year for Kawhi’s expiring will open them to take on contracts and gather draft picks in 2019-20. Very big gamble, I agree, but I think a brilliant one. Assuming Leonard actually wants to play that is.

      • Eh…They’re not good enough to beat them now, and they could have gotten picks for DeRozan. Unless they can convince Kawaii to stay, this is a terrible deal.

        • knickscavsfan

          I bet you he will be traded to LA for a young controllable player and picks. Maybe even as part of a bigger deal that includes Green since the Lakers need shooters as well.

          • realistnotsucker

            Why would LA give up so much for a player they know wants to play for them?

            • knickscavsfan

              I don’t understand your question? Because that what Kawhi is worth? I think Hart plus 1 or 2 1st rnd picks is fair to have him for the whole year. Don’t forget, he can go to the Clippers too.

              • Don’t forget about the Clippers. Kawhi has said he’ll play for them too. He’s not real thrilled about playing 2nd fiddle to LeBron and Jerry West is using that against the Lakers.

                • Colin Coward said today the Lakers should offer Ingram or Kuzma (they have too many forwards), Rondo or Hart, and a pick to keep the Clippers from getting him.

        • victorg

          I don’t think DeRozan has that much value .. I think they were already trying to move him to rebuild and they didn’t like what they were getting offered .. but I find this deal strange for SA I mean a pick falling in the 20s MEH.
          i wonder if they plan to keep DeRozan or try and flip him maybe.

      • Celtics aren’t that young. Horford, Baynes, Morris, Smart probably, Kyrie is a vet. The youth is Tatum and Brown. They might not beat the Warriors, but it will be Boston and the Warriors.

          • But Kyrie has been in the league a while. Add Hayward too. Vegas had LeBron at -5000 odds to go to Lakers and Kawhi odds even to go to Raptors. When do the odds for next summers free agents come out? My early speculation: Kyrie and Butler to Chicago if they have cap space, Kawhi to Clippers (he wants his own team, according to Cris Carter he’ll go to Lakers or Clippers), Kevin Love to Lakers (he wants to retire with LeBron, they both live in LA, Lakers already have Ingram and LeBron at Kawhi’s position although I think LeBron will replace Lonzo at point guard). Klay stays with Warriors.

        • the dude

          Boston’s average age last year was 24.5. They have two notable players 30 or over. What do you consider old? They were literally putting up a historic record due to how young their team is.

  2. DVail1979

    Even if it’s just 1-1 I like this for the Spurs … Anything more than DeRozan is icing on the cake … Kwahi was going to walk regardless so getting a 4 time allstar (albeit probably overpaid) is a solid get

  3. Good move by the Raptors in general. Clearing Derozan from the books. 3 yrs and 83M. I think you may see Kawhi dealt mid season from the Raptors. SA, they get a guy that will be IN and is under contract and can ball. Just expensive.

    Wonder if Lowry gets dealt. That contract was a thanks for what you did contract like in Baseball.

    • That’s a great call that I think a lot of people are overlooking.

      At the deadline you can trade Kawhi to the Lakers or the Clippers or anyone for a first round pick and a young guy maybe two if someone is desperate….and if Leonard proves himself. He’s been out for a year.

      But just like the warriors with DeMarcus Cousins, Raptors can trade Leonard at the deadline for a first round pick.

      So really you get rid of DeRozan’s contract for a first round pick if things aren’t going well.

      If things are going well then you’re looking good for this year’s playoff run in the east.

      • hiflew

        Why would they trade him? If they are near the top of the East, they need to keep him. If they are not near the top, then he has probably had a bad year and will not net a first rounder and young player. The East is not strong. A Kawhi-led Raptors team is at or near the top.

        • Not necessarily. A lot of what’s made Toronto successful is they’ve avoided any real injuries. I’m just saying they could end up dealing him though… esp to the Lakers for a smaller package. If the Lakers are in contention, LBJ will be forcing them to dump a Kuzma & Hart for Kawhi.

  4. Really shocked they sent DeRozan, a legit all-star + extras for Kawhi, I thought they would sent Lowry as he is overpaid, overrated, not a proper star & older, you need to move on from him to go forward, at least you could built some around DeRozan. Also I think with the slimmest of chances that Kawhi stays, is gone with Lowry, maybe he might stayed with DeRozan… but again probably San Antonio would have never wanted Lowry, while they would have been much keener in DeRozan. Also not surprised either star is unhappy with the move, I mean Toronto… I mean San Antonio, man feel sorry for them.

    • brewcrew08

      San Antonio who has been a winning organization for decades? Best coach ever? Yeah DeRozan could have landed in far worse places.

      • Better not get a quad injury demar the spurs might send you to Siberia. Good luck in Canada Kawhi!

    • murphy

      LOL I feel sorry for Danny green going to a organization that never won anything in ages.

  5. padam

    Leonard literally deported to another country with higher taxes. Spurs gave him a big F~ in that deal. I think DeRozen will be happy to see his paycheck when he realizes there’s no state tax in Texas. Spurs could still turn him around in another deal – 3/83 isn’t bad for an all-star these days.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

      I think DeRozen will be happy to see his paycheck when he realizes there’s no state tax in Texas

      Just wait until he gets a load of that sales tax though

      • padam

        Still lower than many states, and 2% lower than California, who I think leads the pack.

    • hiflew

      Are you thinking that DeRozan is in tears when he sees his current paycheck? I’m pretty sure he is still happy to see his check in Toronto.

  6. acarneglia

    A few things happen in this trade. Toronto, assuming Kawhi is healthy, has their best chance yet to win the east. They get out under Demars contract and will have cap space freed up for next season. They could also re sign Kawhi. It’s smart by Toronto to go for broke at this point.

    The Spurs get an All Star in Derozan and also I’m assuming other assets. They get longer control over DD. They will remain competitive in the West. Also can potentially send Derozan to LA If things don’t work out, he’s a Los Angeles guy.

    • padam

      If future picks are included in this deal, it could really work out well for San Antonio as Toronto will most likely enter a rebuild. I doubt Leonard resigns with them – tax wise it’s a hit and he’s not getting the market to capitalize outside of playing basketball.

    • The funny part is that if Toronto plays well in the playoffs, they will attribute it to Dwayne Casey not being the right coach to get Toronto over the hump when Toronto having playoff success this season will be more because LeBron is no longee in the East.

  7. Reflect

    For a player under contract with no leverage at all, Leonard sure has a lot of opinions about where he wants to play.

    • Bryzzo2016

      Sad but true, the new era of athletes. Entitled, teams won’t need GMs anymore. Star players can just form their own super team, so they’ll be 4-5 great teams and 25 or so terrible teams. How is this good for the league? If Magic, Larry, Michael, did this in the 80s, 90s the league would have folded.

  8. petersdylan36

    I want to like this deal for both teams.
    For the spurs, it gives them another all star to flip out with Kawhi and he is on the books for more years. Anything else they receive with him is just the cherry on top. As long as they have Pop they can never be counted out. Walker, Rosen, Gasol, Aldridge looks good together.

    For the raptors, they have a slim window and this keeps them alive. It also frees up a lot of cap space for them by getting off Rozens contract. However I don’t like it because I’m not sure if Toronto is a hotspot destination for free agents

    • That’s why the Raptors flip Leonard to LA for all those young guys and draft picks !! Thinking outside the box LOL

      • DVail1979

        Why would the Lakers send the Raptors the same young players they refused to send the Spurs for Leonard? The Lakers plan doesn’t change here just because Leonard was dealt … They still plan on signing Leonard as a FA without having to give up any of Ingram Kuzma Ball etc

  9. Noel1982

    This trade resembles nothing like the pg13 and thunder situation! George went to okc with a open mind and a impressionable mind who hadn’t won anything! Kawhi seems to have less of a open mind and a finals mvp raptors can’t offer him anything he’s never had! Raptors need to hope this plays out more like Webber and the kings when he was traded there

  10. hiflew

    One thing that people are overlooking is that DeRozan make $7 million more than Leonard. The Spurs will have to add quite a bit more salary especially since this is not likely to be a 1 for 1 deal. I am thinking the Raptors might take on Pau Gasol as well.

    Raptors get
    Leonard, Gasol
    Spurs get
    DeRozan, Powell, Siakam, + a future first

    • I give no fox

      If it’s only $7 million, then the spurs would need roughly $2 million more in salary, essentially a veteran minimum. Over the cap teams can take up to 125% plus 100k in salary from trades. So kawhi makes 20 mil, that makes his salary matching number 25.1 million

    • hiflew

      Well I was on the right track. I just chose the wrong young Raptor and they just chose to take a less expensive Spurs vet and leave Powell as is. The idea was there though, just the wrong pieces.

  11. greg1

    Well said Reflect.

    This is a huge win for the Spurs. It sounds like OG and Jakob as well as a pick may be coming in this deal, which keeps the Spurs competitive now, and allows them to build for the future with those two plus Murray, Walker and White.

    The tax thing is old my friends south of the border. DeRo didn’t seem to mind paying it when he professed his love for Toronto and Canada, and then put his money where his mouth was by resigning. California State taxes are higher than Ontario provincial ones, yet it doesn’t seem to stop players wanting to go to the Lakers.

    Raps taking a huge risk. If they had another one or two of their bad deals coming off the books next summer (Ibaka, Val, Kyle) along with Kawhi, then I could see going for broke and if it fails, correct it next summer. At the end of the year though, if Claw leaves, they’re down an All-Star, and young pieces without the ability to replace them. Also factor in that Kawhi is not happy with this deal, so he may continue to be a baby and hide behind “test results” that he won’t share, but will keep him out of the lineup.

    That said, if he does play, and returns to all world level, the Raps should be able to recoup assets at the trade deadline if they have a sense that he won’t resign.

  12. Still can’t beat Boston, whether or not Kawhi shows up, and only for one year maybe. This really is a move to get DeRozan off the books.

  13. I’d love to see SA flipping DeRozan to LA for younger players. It’d be DeMar’s hometown team, he’d have a chance at winning being the second option to James, whilst helping LA’s chances, and the Spurs could get a couple of youngsters for a nice rebuild.
    Maybe they ship out DD, Pau and take Deng’s salary back, plus Ingram/Hart, Zubac. Can’t try it on the trade machine yet.

    • Connorsoxfan

      That might be a little too much salary. Deng and Pau is already 30 million, plus whatever Ingram makes, which is actually a decent amount since he was the #2 pick. I know you can take back 125% but that might be a little over.

    • You think magic wants to deal with Popovich now that he wouldn’t give up Leonard?

      There is absolutely no way. They shut the door on the Lakers and there’s bad blood now.

      • Depending on the final pieces in this deal, and what pieces may have been involved in a Lakers deal, bad blood from the Lakers side would be petty honestly. Any ill-will from Pop to the Lakers aside, its completely 100% reasonable that the Spurs wouldn’t want to help out a Western Conference rival when the Spurs are still trying to compete (whether or not they have a legitimate shot doesn’t matter). If anything, Magic might be happier. Leonard is probably even more upset and less likely to resign in Toronto and is probably a near lock to go to LA. So the Lakers can still get Kawhi in a year at no cost or possibly at the deadline for even less than what they would’ve sent to the Spurs.

      • knickscavsfan

        Dude this is business. I guarantee you that Magic understands that Pop has to do what’s best for his team. This wasn’t about screwing over the Lakers or Kawhai. It’s about getting back the most you can and if the Lakers were unwilling to give up what the Spurs wanted then so be it. You can certainly make an arguement that the Raptors gave up more than what Magic was willing to do.

        • The ego of some people in high places, and the ability to screw some others is very real.

    • DVail1979

      I don’t get why everyone thinks the Lakers will deal Ingram at all after they just absolutely refused to deal him to land Leonard in the first place …. so there’s absolutely no way they would then turn around and deal Ingram + for DeRozan

    • Bryzzo2016

      If Pop didn’t want to help the Lakers before with Kawhi, why would he turn around and do it with DeRozan? Makes no damn sense. He actually would have received more for from LA Leonard than he would for DeRozan in a deal.

  14. Thronson5

    Steep price to pay for a player who isn’t going to stay. Toronto is better getting Leonard but now after this season they won’t have Leonard or DeRozan. Crazy to me. Leonard is coming to LA and isn’t happy about this trade. Let’s see how this plays out

    • How did the Raptors do the last five years with DeRozan? Got to swing for the fences.

      It’ll be interesting to see how many first-round picks, one or two, are the Raptors giving up? That’s where the genius comes in… or the joke is on them.

  15. greg1

    With the Raptors only giving up Jakob and a protected first, this is not as bad as I thought it might be for them. I was sure OG was going too.

    Getting rid of Green is nice, and getting an All-Star who needs work on his D, but does share the ball in DeRo is a win for SA, but this does prove that teams like the Lakers and Sixers were not ponying up close to what the Spurs wanted.

    • The reports were true. Popovich is just a tough ego infested hard ass.

      That wouldn’t be too much for the Lakers to give up…Ingram kuzma two first-round picks. I would have done it. But Popovich sent the malcontent to Siberia. Double whammy.

  16. Here’s another question. How long do the Raptors have to wait before they can trade Leonard to the Lakers before the season starts? 90 days?

    Imagine the Raptors with Ingram and kuzma and two first-round picks. That would be a serious Improvement for the Raptors and unloading the DeRozen for that would be awesome for them.

    Nice start on a rebuild since they can’t really attract free agents to Toronto.

  17. Is OG in this deal or not?? Not impressed with just a heavily protects First and Poetle in addition to Demare

    • ThePriceWasRight

      No poetl and a top 20 protected first plus demar for Leonard and Green

      • That’s telling. Spurs couldn’t land OG, get a quality pick, or move one of their crap deals like Pau. I know it’s shit circumstances, but feels like the Spurs sold very low.

        Great moves for Raps on the other hand. The salary dump aspect of this can’t be overlooked. The get Danny’s expiring and lower Leonard salary stay out of the repeater tax next season. That core needed a change up and secretly I think they’re thrilled to move on from DeRozen.

        • ac106

          None of the superstars that have been traded recently got equal value in return

          Kyrie: in retrospect the Cs really gave up close to nothing

          Cousins: Buddy Hield and a pick was the centerpiece right?

          Paul George (at the time it was ridiculed at although it panned out for the pacers)

          Blake Griffin for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, and a first- and second-round draft pick

  18. knickscavsfan

    Smart move from Toronto. I don’t know if this has been said already but I would NOT be shocked at all, if Toronto flipped him to the Lakers for a guy like Hart and some picks. I doubt they really feel this would make them a real contender. Dope move. He AND Green are both assets they can move easily.

    • hiflew

      Why would they not think they are contenders? They were the #1 seed in the East with this team just 2 months ago. Leonard is probably an upgrade over DeRozan and Green is a solid talent as well. I think arguably right now they are the favorites in the East. Maybe co-favorites with Boston.

      • knickscavsfan

        They are contenders. However, there were rumblings that they wanted to shake things up because of the frustrations AND inability to add an impact player because of the salary cap space DeRozen and Lowry consume. But if they feel like they need to breakdown and rebuild then this is a great first move.

    • Kawhi will end up with Clippers! He wants his own team and to be near his hometown of San Diego. LeBron, Ingram, and Kawhi is too many star players at the same position. Toronto will dump Lowry too!

          • Cris Carter says Kawhi grew up near San Diego, was happy there, and wants to go back.. I know he went to San Diego State. Drafted by Pacers and traded for GEORGE HILL. I take it Kawhi lives in Riverside now. All these guys are going gaga over LeBron and Kawhi together. Not so fast my friends!

  19. knickscavsfan

    I tell you, listening to Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless is sooooo painful. They really lack insite. Shannon said that if Kawhi leaves as a FA then the Toronto GM should be fired. Clearly, the Raptors made this move to initiate a likely rebuild, although one can wonder what they could’ve done in a LBJ less EC. I think Toronto will flip everyone with less than 2 years left on their contracts.

    • paladin

      Depends on who SA gets in the draft with the pick they get. They have found some real gems late in the draft, so we will see. If they get a D Mitchell type, SA wins. They also had to move him out before Sept training camp. Poor Kawhi they said mean things and he is going to take his toys and leave. SO THERE

    • San Antonio will have DeRozan long term. Toronto will only have Kawhi for 1 year, if that.

  20. Poetl is a nice player though and I think will do very well in SA. They NEED to get rid of Pau though. Too expensive to be the bench player he should be.

  21. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    Genius move by Toronto. Because they have two options here which are both good for the franchise. If Toronto thinks they have a shot at resigning him (Paul George Scenario)they keep him through the deadline and most likely advance to the Finals. That’s a win for the raptors. Who knows maybe they get two games on the warriors.

    Now for option 2. Toronto knows they cannot sign him. Meanwhile, at this point, LeBron has faced the warriors and lost to the warriors multiple times. He knows he doesn’t stand a chance.He starts pressuring Magic to make a move for Kawhi. Magic doesn’t want another Paul George scenario. THE RAPTORS ACQUIRE SOME PACKAGE OF BALL/INGRAM/HART/WAGNER + PICKS AND ADD THEM TO A CORE OF SIAKAM AND ANUOBY.

    • imindless

      Lakers arent going to give up that much for kawhi when the can get him for free in offseason. If they werent gonna do this trade with spurs why would they with the raptors. Max trade lakers would do is kuzma or hart and a protected 1st rounder.

  22. Lifted Mind

    1 year of Kawhi > 3-4 years of DeRozan

    I really believe Kawhi has already agreed to re-sign in Toronto anyways. No way this trade happens otherwise. Poeltl is a starting C.

    • victorg

      did Lebron really sour Leonard that much on LA … he could still wind up with clips … i don’t think adding him means they can get past boston or philly though.

      • Look at the guys LeBron has gotten as free agents! None marquee names. The glamour of playing with LeBron has worn off. Playing a very distant second fiddle turns the marquee players off.

  23. FBA17

    Ouch sucks for Leonard. A year in the cold of Canada. San Antonio wanted to make him miserable I guess.

  24. tutopelotas1

    Hats off to Mr.’R.C.’ Buford (Sours GM) !!…Sir, you’re definitely the best in the business !! .. Getting All-Star De Rozan and promising first round pick Poeltl for Leonard and Green … THAT’S THE BEST DEAL (For the Spurs, of Course) OF THE 2018 SEASON.
    Congratulations, Spurs !!

    • victorg

      IDK i don’t see it that way … i think the Raptors got over on SA big time… Unless Kawhi is not the same player after his injury.

      • tutopelotas1

        No matter how optimistic Raptors FO and Fans are … the fact is that LEONARD is just a one-season-loan, having openly expressed his firm intention to sign with the Lakers next season.

  25. CobiEven

    I wonder when he can be traded again and if the Spurs and Raptors have a handshake agreement not to trade him to the Lakers.

  26. Dionis

    Kawhi will stay with the Raptors, he doesn’t want the spotlight on him and the whole setting thing is overrated. Great move by both teams, the Spurs will still be a top 5 seed in the West and Toronto is easily top 3 now.

    • imindless

      All stated he doesmt want to play there or sign there lomg term. Nice try though.

  27. formerlyz

    Incredibly amazing trade for Toronto. They lose Poeltl, but whatever, they kept everyone else AND were able to get rid of Derozan in the same move, AND they picked up another 3 and D guy they could use

    I am confused that the Spurs would take this deal. I feel like everyone else’s offers should be better than this. Even Miami could have given them more, and probably would have been willing to take back Patty Mills too. They must think they can improve Derozan defensively, as well as his offensive decision making and outside shooting…I’d have to assume at least

    • formerlyz

      …also assuming DeRozan plays the 3 for them. They have a lot of young guards, and are now lacking wing depth. Losing Kawhi, Green, and Anderson…they could use another shooter or 2

  28. imindless

    You know raptors are gonba work with lakers to try and get something done. Kuzma or hart and a 1st rounder? I doubt kawaii will play for raptors.

  29. Johnny h

    Ujiri is such a smart guy. He saw a chance to make a move with high upside and rolled the dice. Even if it fails, they unloaded Derozans contract and they can go into rebuild after next year. As is, the raptors weren’t going anywhere.

    The raptors were really the only team that could make this move. They were in this position because they have an awesome GM who built a deep roster.

    People who think they are risking anything are sort of misreading the situation. They weren’t good enough to be real contenders with derozan. It would have made plenty of sense to blow it up right now. Today, they took a swing at one year with Leonard, which gives them a higher ceiling than the Toronto Raptors have ever had. If he leaves 12 months, they can deal Val and Ibaka and start over.

    It’s brilliant. Ujiri is brilliant.

    • tutopelotas1

      Give me a break !! … Ujiri signed overrated Ibaka … Spurs GM’R.C.’ Buford has demonstrated to be A GIANT KILLER throughout the years, Ujiri still has to prove his value and keeping Leonard in Toronto will be his next big challenge … prove me wrong !! … but you won’t

      • Johnny h

        Ujiri *traded* for Ibaka, and all he gave up was T. Ross.

        Ujiri has been the GM of the Raptors during their FIVE BEST SEASONS in franchise history. He got them winning pretty much as soon as he got there. They’ve gone to the conf finals (for the first time) under him.

        If you don’t understand that expectations are relative and that Ujiri has done the very best he can with what he has at his disposal (as he did in Denver) then you probably should have someone explain it to you. Toronto isn’t ever gonna sign big time free agents. Ujiri has built a very good, very deep roster there. He’s done an incredible job under the circumstances.

  30. Mio are you for real, in which world can you see Boston winning the east, just wake up or keep on dreamning… either way ain’t gonna happen the east belongs to Philly, & that is that.

    • A commentor just said a couple days ago not to take your poats seriously and doesn’t think you’ve paid attention to the NBA in years. I agree with him.

      • You see Mio/Swanson, for starters I don’t have to hide who I am with different names, also I have my own ideas, you only parrot what so called experts say or write, if I wanna know their opinion I would read it or listen to it, this is a forum for fans to express their opinion, which by the way you haven’t got any at all, now even quoting other “commentators”, you haven’t had a single own idea in your life man, that is sad, feel sorry for you. By the way I don’t write my opinions for people to agree or to be popular, I just wanna express my viewpoint whether is right or wrong I don’t care IS MY OPINION, I respect everybody’s, not agree with, so I expect all to respect mine. Probably this would be too much for you, so all I ask you is to leave me alone, I don’t care if you agree or not, that never was my intention. This is a free country & I have the right to express what I believe. So Mr Swanson I ask you please to not read my comments any more if you don’t like them. Many thanks in advance for your consideration of my request.

        • All I ask is that you pay attention to what other commentators say. This blog and this website are to learn something new. We do that from listening to reliable sources, which is where I try to come from. When I say something, I try to say something that could become factual and try to let others know where they can find the information. I try to make it so people get information comes from the NBA. Blogs are for reporting rumors as we hear them. I said I thought LeBron would go to LA, KD would stay in Golden State, Paul George would stay in OKC, CP3 would stay in Houston, and Kemba Walker would not get traded. I get realistic stuff from people who would know, and I’ve let Luke know whenever I’ve found anything with Kawhi. If it were up to me, I’d lower the max salaries, put a hard cap on salaries, and abandon superteams. It’ll never happen. That’s why read stuff that comes from people who are more reliable than me, and write it.

          • I’d rather check with the betting site in Las Vegas to find out where NBA guys are going. At least they get it right. They had LeBron at -5000, you had to bet $500 to win a dollar, and the Kawhi trade to Toronto as even. They got it right. You don’t listen to what the experts say. That’s what the guy said a couple days ago.

    • The reality is it’s a toss-up Boston and Philly. If Kawhi is healthy Toronto is in the picture as well.

      • Sorry, have to disagree on this one Gary. The Sixers didn’t get hot until they acquired Marco Bellineli and Ersan Illyasova and now they are gone. Boston nearly beat Cleveland with LeBron, and without Gordon Hayward and Kyrie. Valancunius will hold the Raptors back. The reason for this trade is to shed salaries. More to come. Horford, Kyrie, Hayward have been all stars. Tatum and Brown will be. Marcus Morris is solid. Smart and Rozier are good role players. They will dominate the east like the Cavs did for the next several years. Simmons will “have to” learn how to shoot some day.

        • And for the future Boston could have 4 1st round picks next summer. Their own, Memphis, Clippers, and “Sacramento.”

  31. paladin

    He got what he wanted. Did not want to play for 20 mill+ in SA, so enjoy Toronto, great town just a little chilly in January/Feb. His camp/team/uncle/bunch of bozos really underestimated the consequences of the demands/actions he was blackmailing the organization for. They had absolutely no understanding of how RC/Pop would have to handle the situation. Making Lakers some sweet deal to accommodate KL. Really! Is that how the ”Team”” thinks the NBA would work Leonards wishes. Get Real Uncle Leonard. First, as much as I used to respect KL, injuries have always been a problem for him. Second, if he wants to come & play second fiddle in Lebrons new combo band, well fine. He can call Kevin Love and ask how to it feels working with a player/coach like Lebron. Instead of being drama queen he should have played out the year & gone wherever he wanted. Third, even if KL is ”healthy”. How do we know he won’t have another boo-boo and be out another 75 games + playoff to pay him 20mill +. Bring your mittens Kawhi

  32. ThatBallwasBryzzoed

    Raptors traded for Leonard just for him to likely to go to LA.

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