Dwyane Wade Still Hasn’t Made A Decision On Playing

Dwyane Wade was evasive about his playing future in a public appearance Thursday in Miami to promote a new restaurant, writes Ira Winderman of The Sun Sentinel. He reiterated to reporters that he will definitely remain with the Heat if he continues his career, but he hasn’t made a decision yet.

“I wish I had an answer for you. I don’t have it today,” Wade said. “… A lot goes into it. We’ve kind of talked about it over the course of my career. So you guys can play the tape back and hear the same answers over and over again. But a lot goes into it.”

Wade was a valuable reserve in Miami after the Cavaliers traded him back to his long-time home in February, averaging 12.0 PPG in 21 games. He reportedly wants to feel comfortable with his role on the team before committing to another year, which likely includes an increase in playing time from the 22.2 minutes per game he saw last season.

There’s also the matter of money. The Heat are over the cap, but have a $5.3MM taxpayer mid-level exception still available. If they don’t want to give Wade at least part of that, the best they can offer is the $2.4MM veteran’s minimum.

“You’ve got to call my agent and ask him,” Wade responded when asked what the team is offering. “I haven’t dealt with the money part of it.”

The Heat have been holding a roster spot open for Wade all summer, and they would like an answer soon with training camp opening in a week and a half. However, Wade doesn’t seem to be influenced by any deadlines.

“Whichever day the decision comes, it comes,” he said. “And that’s the right day, whatever date that is.”

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6 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Still Hasn’t Made A Decision On Playing

  1. D-NBA

    He should sign with the Raptors. I’m sure Nurse can find him a role off the bench where he can give them some veteran leadership and scoring punch not to mention he gets to play with Leonard. Masaj needs to make a move for Gasol, offer Memphis Jonas,CJ, and a first round pick.

  2. stretch123

    I think Wade wants to start if he comes back and quite frankly, he deserves it. He showed he can still be effective most of the time and would be a great influence on guys like Richardson, Winslow, and most importantly, Dion Waiters. He’s also one of the two players that will be on Whiteside’s case if he does not perform again.

    C – Whiteside
    PF – Winslow
    SF – Richardson
    SG – Wade
    PG – Dragic

    C – Olynyk
    C – Bam
    PF – J Johnson
    PF – Haslem
    SF – Ellington
    SG – McGruder
    SG – Waiters
    PG – T Johnson

    Very solid front 13… could she them challenging as a 3/4 seed if all goes well.

    • D-NBA

      Dion Waiters is in great shape also, I think he’ll have a huge year and average 22 ppg.

    • x%sure

      I think the second team there would beat the first! It hardly matters, the Heat have a lot of players with equal abilities. Synergy will be key to PT.

      Later on is a report that Waiters has not participated in contact drills yet.

  3. I am happy D-Wade ain’t letting Miami press him for an answer, he needs to take his time to make sure he does the right thing for him & that is always the right thing for the team. Just hope he will play at least one more year, always loved his play.

  4. BayStateRings

    Wade, the cheating chipmunk faced chump is too lame for words. WTF cares what he does? Retire. Go back to the cHeat. Doesn’t matter. No one but miami fanboys care, bron bron fanboys are long gone from florida after all. Why is this news? Funny that wade is stringing the cHeat along though, payback?

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