Heat Now Atop Jimmy Butler’s Wish List?

4:57pm: According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Heat have been the most engaged team with the Wolves on a potential Butler trade. Meanwhile, neither the Clippers nor Nets have gained much traction on a potential deal. Also, the Rockets have apparently joined the sweepstakes, but it will be a significant challenge to pursue Butler without a third team.

8:50am: Jimmy Butler and agent Bernie Lee have informed Timberwolves ownership that the Heat are the 29-year-old’s preferred trade destination, league sources tell Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link). It’s an apparent change of course for Butler, whose initial wish list included the Clippers, Nets, and Knicks, but not Miami.

We heard earlier this week that the Heat had been as aggressive as any team in their pursuit of Butler, and Stein reiterates that point today, noting that more than 20 teams have at least inquired with the Timberwolves about their All-NBA wing (Twitter link). According to Stein, the Heat – like many teams – have found it hard to get the Wolves to clearly communicate their intentions and their asking price, but Miami is a landing spot that “strongly appeals” to Butler.

The Heat would be an interesting trade partner for the Timberwolves, whose head coach and president of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau wants to remain in win-now mode rather than acquiring exclusively draft picks and young prospects in a Butler deal. Miami would like to hang onto Josh Richardson and Bam Adebayo, but could put Justise Winslow and/or a 2019 first-round pick on the table. The Heat are also carrying several veterans whose contracts would align well with Butler’s for salary-matching purposes.

If Miami – or any other team – acquires Butler in a trade, his Bird rights would be dealt along with him, giving his new club the ability to offer a five-year deal worth up to a projected $190MM in free agency next summer.

While a Butler trade still appears likely to happen sooner rather than later, a pair of Tuesday reports indicated that teams with interest in the four-time All-Star have been receiving mixed signals from the Timberwolves on what kind of assets they value. Clubs who have spoken to the Wolves are also confused about whether to deal with owner Glen Taylor or front office execs Thibodeau and Scott Layden, since there’s a perception that the management and ownership groups may not be in agreement on the structure and timetable of a potential trade.

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49 thoughts on “Heat Now Atop Jimmy Butler’s Wish List?

  1. Dionis

    Minnesota said they wanted a wing who could replace Butler, a young prospect, and a pick. Miami has all 3. Josh can play the 2 and might just be a better defender than Butler and Winslow is someone they can utilize at the 3 or 4 alongside Towns.

    For Miami this definitely makes them quite a sleeper in the East and definitely a lock for the playoffs. I’m sure Riley will do everything in his power to re-sign Jimmy, he learned his lesson with Lebron 2014.

    • monymgr

      I can see Butler being traded to the Heat .. I would hope the Wolves get both Adebayo to and Richardson . Both are young but both can contribute immediately . Big question is where does Dieng come into play with this deal if at all ?

      • Dionis

        That’s where Miami probably offers Tyler Johnson and they would take Dieng back in the trade. Miami will definitely look to unload Waiters,Tyler, or James Johnson if they do make a deal with Minnesota.

    • Billy Winters

      What lesson was that? Lebron left because Miami was more interested in a lingering tax bill, he prefers to play for owners whom are all in on winning. Good one Dion-asz.

      • Dionis

        Lebron left because he was a coward and could step up and lead the Heat and ran to a new situation like the quitter he is.

        • Ptn18

          LeBron left Miami because Riley wouldn’t let him run the franchise anymore, just like he left Cleveland because Gilbert wouldn’t let him run the franchise any more.

        • cakirby

          Can you please start a blog titled “Worst Hot Takes on Earth”? Please?

        • cubsfan2489

          Yeah but it was a guarantee that LeBron was going back to Miami this past summer, wasn’t it Dionis?

          • Dionis

            Dude I’m so tired of Lebron is pettiness I can’t wait till he retires honestly. The dude is a diva and not a winner simple as that.

  2. Ptn18

    Forget dealing with Thibs. Taylor traded Garnett and Love. He’s clearly the one running the organization.
    Thibs obviously doesn’t want to trade Butler. Thibs wants to be “the man,” but he clearly isn’t.

      • Ptn18

        Thought Paul George, Demar DeRozan, and Kawhi were going to the Lakers. How long has it been since the Lakers were in the playoffs? LeBron says the Lakers have a long way to go to catch up to the Warriors! Lmao

          • Ptn18

            He was being a smart alec bro. It is your right to like LeBron and mine not to. I’m obsessed with the Warriors and Celtics. imindless is a Lakers fan, you too. There are a slew of us out here that are not! Go Kyrie, Gordon, Jayson, Jaylen and Al! Go Steph, Klay and KD!

            • Ptn18

              And now Draymond says he’ll be with the Warriors for a long time! LOL!!! I see LeBron not making the Finals the next 4 years and finishing his career in Cleveland!

              • Ptn18

                @LordBanana: Let’s hear your trade proposal if you are intelligent enough to know how it works. Or do you just want to complain all the time!

        • imindless

          Literally makes no sense lol most of the those guys werent free agents….lol plus we got the best player in lebron this offseason. Plus next year we will get another superstar. So they narrative you portray is kinda uneducated. Keep sipping the hateraid man!

          • Ptn18

            I like 29 of the 30 NBA franchises. You think you will get another superstar. Superstars don’t want to pay 2nd fiddle to LeBron. You get Durant, no! Thompson, no! Kawhi, no! Butler,no! Kemba Walker, no! Kyrie, no! Dragic, no! Keep talking!

            • imindless

              How can you say no when the offseason has even come when the players you mention are available? Go away troll

              • Ptn18

                I can read what the media and fans are saying. I know they aren’t perfect, but when their comments are coming from the players themselves, I take it for a grain of salt. When Ramona Shelbourne is interviewing Kyrie, I’ll believe that.

  3. Ptn18

    This trade works on the ESPN trade machine: Minnesota sends Jimmy Butler to Miami and Gorgui Dieng to Sacramento, Scaramento sends Willie Cauley-Stein to Miami, Miami sends Hassan Whiteside and Justice Winslow to Minnesota along with 2019 1st round pick to Sacramento.

    • Mike Belair

      You must be a Heat fan?
      There is no way Sacramento does that trade, nor does Minnesota of taking back Whiteside with KAT there

    • imindless

      Also miami isnt gonna give up whiteside if it gets butler he is there best player. Dragic would be the one to move honestly riley has even said he regrets this deal.

      • Ptn18

        Minnesota isn’t taking Dragic unless Minnesota gets rid of Teague. I guess you haven’t been reading the east coast news. Miami has been trying to trade Whiteside for some time. Like Dieng, his contract has been making it difficult. Miami said they want to keep Richardson, Adebayo (to play at center), and Olynik. They want to dump Johnson, Waiters, and Whiteside because of their contracts. Miami doesn’t have a DeRozan to give Minnesota.

        • Ptn18

          The Miami Herald says the Heat see Butler and Richardson as one of the better small forward/shooting guard combinations in the NBA.

  4. Ptn18

    KAT moves to power forward. Whiteside covers KAT’s defensive flaws. Winslow takes small forward and Wiggins goes to shooting guard. Minnesota will not take back Tyler Johnson with Jeff Teague still there, or an injured Dion Waiters. Tell me how else they get rid of Dieng. Whiteside is a victim of a system. Sacramento is unhappy with Willie Cauley-Stein and wants a 1st round pick to take in a bad salary. Miami would let Cauley-Stein go in free agency this summer. Minnesota isn’t getting an equal return and Thibs knows it. That’s why he’s trying to get him to stay. Butler isn’t another Kawhi. They’re not getting DeRozan in return. The timing matters too. I’m a Warriors, Celtics, Pacers, Suns, Rockets (Eric Gordon is from Indiana) fan.

    • x%sure

      Towns would prefer to guard centers I think. He does get blocks. They already have a Towns-helper in Dieng and are dissatisfied with that arrangement.

  5. Who cares what jimmy the bumb wants. Minny wants the best package and that goes to philly. His wishes are not a consideration.

    • Ptn18

      They said with Jimmy not getting along with Towns and Wiggins, he might not get along with Embiid and Simmons. Philly did say they thought they were still a star away from being competitive, and would look at trades. They said it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to get the free agent they want next summer.

      • x%sure

        Butler would get along better with Embiid & Simmons mors than Wiggins & Towns. It is a concern but they should get him if they can.

  6. Ptn18

    If you look at the trades (Kyrie to Boston, Paul George to OKC, Butler to Minnesota, Kawhi to Toronto) the teams are giving back players that don’t fit with them. Boston didn’t want to pay Isaiah Thomas, Sacramento won’t pay Cauley-Stein. Oladipo and Sabonis didn’t work out with OKC, like George, Butler won’t sign an extension where he’s at. Minnesota didn’t want to pay LaVine, and was unhappy with Dunn. Nobody will get a draft pick like Markennan or Sexton. Sacramento owes their pick next year to Philadelphia or Boston. I don’t blame them for asking for a pick from Miami or Minnesota to take Dieng. Sacramento needs to unload Cauley-Stein or they’ll get stuck with an overpaid free agent.

  7. Ptn18

    This trade works too. Jimmy Butler, T.J. Warren, and Dragen Bender go to Miami. Kelly Olynyk, Dion Waiters, and Miami’s 2019 1st go to Minnesota. Goran Dragic goes to Houston. Minnesota then sends Dieng and the Miami 1st to Sacramento for Kosta Koufus.

      • Ptn18

        Spent all day looking at trade scenarios! If it happens and Dragic is involved, I’d think Teague would have to go because of the salaries (Dragic $18mm, Teague $19mm). Miami doesn’t want to include Richardson, Olynyk, or Adebayo. They do want to include Tyler Johnson, Waiters, or Whiteside. Again I don’t see Minnesota taking Johnson’s $19mm without moving Teague. Minnesota won’t want damaged goods in Waiters. So Thibs could have to decide if he wants to play Whiteside and Towns together. Nobody disagrees with Winslow being available. I’ve seen either Koufos or Cauley-Stein being moved and Sacramento getting Dieng and Miami’s 2019 1st round pick.

  8. Ptn18

    Miami Herald says the Heat want to trade Dion Waiters, Tyler Johnson, or Hassan Whiteside. Another said Dragic is their oldest player and biggest asset in a trade.

      • Ptn18

        Computer wiped out my old email when I cleaned it up. I’m getting fired up for the Celtics and Warriors now!!

  9. paladin

    So now it’s Miami!! Ok Jimmy….Clippers/Knicks/Nets all said Nyet. Not worth the problems or the price or both. Riley is having another senior moment and could really mess things up signing Jimmy Trouble to a 5 year deal. If he can deal Whiteside & the other junk deals he did then Why not. Cannot see Hassan working well with KAT. He will be whining about PT like he did in Miami. Be bad for the Wolves to take Hassan, worse than Jimmy Trouble.

    • x%sure

      Good take. It’s hard to specify an exact trade between MIN & MIA because so many are available.
      Tyler Johnson and Jeff Teague have almost the same $ due them and both would likely be better off switched due to preferred pace.
      James Johnson might be a good complement for Towns. Same for Mcgruder and Wiggins, though talk is for Winslow not Mcgruder.

      So I have Teague, Butler & a 2nd for Mcgruder, Johnson, Johnson, and a 1st. This might come up short on Miami’s side so either someone else is included or Winslow goes instead of Mcgruder.

      Other combinations are possible, and there’s Sacto also… they might wind up with Waiters somehow.

  10. stevep-4

    Jimmy works hard but he has a contract and it does not allow him to pick where he plays. They should Stephon Marbury him until he shuts up and quits diminishing his own trade value. He has to go wherever they trade him, or maybe he would like to go play for the Shanghai Sharks.

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