Jimmy Butler Rumors: Thibs, Kings, Nets, Pistons

Although Jimmy Butler didn’t participate in the Timberwolves‘ Media Day on Monday, he was in Minnesota and took his physical, tweets Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press. As Reynolds relays, head coach Tom Thibodeau – who said that Butler could be about a week from being ready to play – also sounded like a man who was open to the idea of dealing his All-Star wing.

“We’re not going to make a bad deal,” Thibodeau said. “If it’s a good deal, we’re interested.”

According to Thibodeau, last week’s trade request from Butler was the first time the 29-year-old had taken such a stance, forcing the situation to come to “a head” (Twitter link via Chris Hine of The Star Tribune). Thibodeau also acknowledged that there was risk involved in acquiring Butler last year, but said he thought the Timberwolves would have a good chance to lock him up long-term. “It didn’t work out,” Thibodeau said today (Twitter link via Jerry Zgoda).

After making it clear that the Wolves will consider potential trades with teams besides the ones on Butler’s wish list, Thibodeau added that if Minnesota can’t make a deal in the next week and Butler is done with his conditioning and rehab work, the All-NBA swingman will be expected to rejoin the team (Twitter links via Michael Rand and Kent Youngblood of The Star Tribune).

Here’s more on Butler:

  • Thibodeau said today that he isn’t worried about his own authority – or job – as a result of the Butler situation. “Not at all. I never worry about that,” Thibodeau said (Twitter link via Michael Rand). “[The] important thing is to understand … what your job is. Your job is to acquire best talent to help your team win.”
  • Darren Wolfson of 5 Eyewitness News (Twitter link) believes a trade will happen “sooner rather than later,” though probably not today.
  • League sources maintain to David Aldridge of NBA.com that the Timberwolves will hold out for at least one first-round pick as part of a Butler trade, and will also want some “young vets” who can grow with the club’s remaining core.
  • The Kings are on the list of teams interested in discussing a possible Butler trade with the Timberwolves, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.
  • As of late Sunday night, the Nets weren’t negotiating with the Timberwolves on a Butler deal, according to Newsday’s Greg Logan, who believes Brooklyn isn’t eager to sacrifice a ton of assets for the Timberwolves wing (Twitter links).
  • Don’t count on the Pistons swinging a blockbuster trade for Butler, writes Rod Beard of The Detroit News.
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35 thoughts on “Jimmy Butler Rumors: Thibs, Kings, Nets, Pistons

    • Why would Tom Thibodeau set something on fire put it to his mouth and breathe in the fumes that result from that fire. It’s like walking into a fireplace and breathing in and out. May as well stick your mouth around a tailpipe of a car. Except the car would be quicker death and less painful at the end. No lung surgery or throat surgeries either.

  1. monymgr

    I like the possible trade with the Heat . JB and Dieng for Whiteside, Richardson and a #1 next year.

    • I don’t think Thibodeau wants to deal with a whiteside type. Not his kind of a player.

      • monymgr

        I understand the Whiteside issue but Wolves need defense at the Rim . Plus I don’t think Thibs is going to be his coach . Just Sayin !!

      • Billy Winters

        Compared to what exists on the market, none of us really know. You could look at Whiteside as a good swap for Dieng and getting Johnson on a good contract and a 1st this year. I think its a good trade in the market for Jimmy Butler.

  2. bigcubsfan

    I think Jimmy Butler could end up being traded to the Nicks. Makes many sense. New York Nicks could do well with Butler and Porzingis.

  3. ScruffyTheJanitor

    Calling it now: Nuggets offer Gary Harrris, Trey Lyles, and a future first. I hate it, but the Nuggets have been starving for a star and Millsap hasn’t exactly worked.

    • imindless

      Mpj would have to be in there too. Harris, mpj and 1st would get it done.

      • brian214

        You realize that isn’t even close to being realistic, right? C’mon man, stop with your nonsense.

      • x%sure

        Lyles is better than Porter, especially since MIN already has a 3 in Wiggins. Porter may not even be a player.
        Lyles does duplicate Towns somewhat but MIN would be dangerous having all 5 starters able to hit from 3.
        Harris would step right in & be equal to Butler offensively but not at all on D.

  4. the dude

    If I had a dollar for everytime someone called a trade and got it right, I’d have maybe a dollar.

    • Z-A

      I still talk about the time I called the Prince Fielder Ian Kinsler trade down to the dollar compensation. Even on NBA boards.

  5. imindless

    I think pistons are a viable option if they include next years draft pick kenard and johnson. Knicks make sense too as the big market appeal. I think the clippers connection is overstated because of there lack of true talent and being the second team in la.

  6. Wildboyz

    Whiteside and Winslow
    Butler and Dieng

    Dragic, Olynk, and Winslow
    Butler and Dieng

    Both work in ESPN Trade Machine

    • x%sure

      And Johnsons can be substituted for both Dragic & Olynyk. Probably should be. Tyler & James. They would help MIN just as much and are more available.

  7. stevep-4

    Butler to Bulls for Omer Asik, Cristiano Felicio, and a bag of chips — but they have to be barbecue chips. Works in trade machine but I have to say I dislike machines ever since the Terminator movies.

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