Knicks Likely To Part With Joakim Noah Before Camp

The Knicks plan to resolve the Joakim Noah situation before training camp begins, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic. The team continues to make calls in an effort to find a trading partner and is expected to waive and stretch the veteran center’s contract if a deal can’t be worked out.

Noah has two seasons and $37.8MM remaining on the four-year, $72MM agreement he signed in 2016. With this year’s salary already locked in, New York can stretch the remaining $19.295MM over three years. That would amount to payments of about $6.4MM per year and would add an additional $12.9MM in cap space for next summer, when the Knicks are hoping to make a splash in free agency.

It’s also possible that Noah might accept a partial buyout on this season’s salary of $18.53MM to gain his freedom from a team that no longer want him, just as Luol Deng did with the Lakers.

Noah appeared in just seven games last season because of a combination of suspensions, injuries and coach’s decisions. He left the team in January after a heated confrontation with former coach Jeff Hornacek in practice and never returned.

It’s not clear where Noah’s next destination might be, whether he gets traded or waived. The Timberwolves, who have added four former Bulls under coach/executive Tom Thibodeau, were thought to be a possibility, but a report this week claims they aren’t interested.

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19 thoughts on “Knicks Likely To Part With Joakim Noah Before Camp

  1. So glad if Noah can get out of that mess of a team, go somewhere he can be happy & enjoy his last few years in the league, he deserves it. That would be good news when/if it happens.

    • Yes, so glad he got out of a mess when he was suspended, acted up with his coach, and played like an AAU backup center when on the court. Earned every dollar of that contract. You’re clueless.

  2. It’s not in the Knicks interest to W&S Noah at this time without a significant buyout, and Noah certainly deserves no favors from them. But if they are truly publicly sending the message that they intend to W&S Noah before training camp regardless of a buyout (I’m ignoring the can’t trade him part), then this would eliminate any leverage they might have to get one.

    The Lakers weren’t (and let Deng know they weren’t) going to W&S Deng at this time unless they got his agreement to accept a partial buyout. Magic was pretty blunt about it. It was only after Magic said what he said that Deng agreed to buyout.

    I like some of the personnel moves made by this Knick regime, but they talk too much.

    • Well, everyone on or near Earth knows Noah and the Knicks don’t want anything to do with each other anymore. I’m not sure this report does much to materially change what’s going to happen.

      • True. But the alternative to W&S’ing him now wouldn’t be to invite him to camp, but just to leave him on the roster until next summer, when they’ll know better if it’s worth W&S’ing the last year contract year or not.

  3. hill

    “Choo Choo!”

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    “CHOO CHOO!”


  4. LivingUnderDaBridge

    Why not wait and stretch him next year. This year is another write off, why limit more future cap space by doing this now?

  5. BayStateRings

    Noah was definitely the new yawk knickablowahz GREATEST FA signing. Such an EPIC franchise in the NBA, so much LEGENDARY success. Special shout out to coach Ewing. GOAT nyc. LOL… empireLESS for a reason.

    • Decius

      You don’t have to dog the fans of a franchise. Just keep rooting for LeBron and buying a different jersey every few years. Sorry if my loyalty to my team irritates you. Just keep rooting for LeBron so you don’t have to endure any hardship as a fan. You are spineless.

    • Decius

      Oh, I’m sorry. You are a Warriors fan. Ever heard of Sleepy Floyd? Joe Barry Carroll? I’m sure you have no idea who I’m talking about. Just stay on the bandwagon so you can always be happy. Lol

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