Heat Rumors: Butler, Trade Talks, 15-Man Roster

Reports earlier this week on the Jimmy Butler situation suggested that the Timberwolves nearly accepted a Heat offer that included Josh Richardson and a first-round pick, but ultimately asked Miami for more. A subsequent report indicated that Wolves owner Glen Taylor wasn’t responsible for turning down that offer.

During an appearance on Mason and Ireland, ESPN’s Jorge Sedano confirmed both stories, reporting that the Heat and Timberwolves got close to a trade that would have sent Butler to Miami for Richardson, a first-round pick, and Dion Waiters. The two teams even exchanged medical information for the players involved. However, according to Sedano, Tom Thibodeau asked the Heat for more draft picks, at which point Pat Riley called him a “motherf—er” and hung up on him (Twitter links).

For what it’s worth, a source familiar with the negotiations disputes that story, telling Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel that Riley insists he didn’t offer such a reaction. That source apparently didn’t deny the other details of those trade discussions though.

Here’s more on the Heat, including another note on their dealings with the Timberwolves:

  • Both Winderman and Anthony Chiang of The Miami Herald report that the Heat aren’t pushing to re-engage the Timberwolves in trade discussions involving Butler. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that a deal won’t happen, Miami sounds ready to move on and prepare for the season. Butler didn’t travel with the Wolves to Milwaukee, with Thibodeau telling reporters that the All-NBA swingman is in Minnesota working on his conditioning, adding that the situation remains “fluid” (Twitter link via Dane Moore of 1500ESPN).
  • The Heat typically carry a full 15-man roster into the regular season, but the team appears likely to open the 2018/19 campaign with just 14 players, as Winderman writes in another piece for The Sun Sentinel. According to Winderman, the Heat haven’t entered the season with fewer than 15 players on standard contracts since 2003/04. Luxury tax concerns likely play a major part in that decision this year — Miami is currently over the tax line by about $6.3MM.
  • In a Q&A with Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Chris Bosh explained that he still hopes to return to the NBA because he views his career as an “unfinished painting.” Bosh pointed specifically to his final season with the Heat, noting that he thought the team had the potential to win the East, but he didn’t get a chance to see it through.
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10 thoughts on “Heat Rumors: Butler, Trade Talks, 15-Man Roster

  1. Pablo

    Should have pulled the trigger on the trade and not have a circus in Minnesota like we do now. Could it better? Yes. But they should have taken it and moved on. This is gonna be a mess this season. The eventual brawl between all the Timberwolves vs Butler in the middle of a game will probably make good tv.

    • Northside

      that is a terrible trade you would have $25m tied up in Dion and Dieng so no cap room moving forward.
      They will still be cap strapped if the do Butler/Deing for Richardson/Whiteside but Whiteside would actually fill a need where Waiters is pure garbage @$11m

  2. I would rather do Butler and Dieng for Richardson, whiteside, and a pick than have to take on waiters and still have Dieng a contract.

    • monymgr

      Agree, Minny needs a big guy at Center . Twons to PF, Richardson replaces JB at SG Dieng to the Heat. .

      • Having whiteside wouldn’t be bad. But I’m more concerned with taking on another bad 3 year contract without getting rid of one of ours. We would be screwed for years.

        I think the best trade for the wolves at this point would be:

        Heat: Butler + Dieng
        Wolves: Richardson, Johnson, a 1st

        BUT, I really don’t see the heat having Whiteside and Dieng on the same roster.

        So that means it’s Whiteside and Richardson for Butler and Dieng. Not gonna get any better than that.

        • Northside

          I agree that’s the exact trade I suggested on the Strib this moring it would get them out from under that Gorgui contract a year early.
          It might be steep for the Heat but you don’t get a top 15 player for nice player, a bad contract and a protected pick. That’s just insane.
          I don’t blame Riley for being upset, he thought he was about to fleece Thibodeau. But it is what it is.

          • Yeah, I’m really happy he didn’t accept that trade. It would have been harder to root for this team than it already is. Against popular opinion, I think Thibs has done a pretty good job from the front office standpoint. Solid drafts and the Butler trade was a good gamble. He is a horrendous fit as the coach for this team though.

  3. formerlyz

    James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Dion Waiters and 2019 1st round pick for Butler and Dieng

      • formerlyz

        James Johnson plays the 4 next to KAT, and adds toughness and most importantly, defense. Minnesota was interested in him when he was a free agent. Olynyk plays the 5 off the bench, and gives them shooting they need, and he can make plays for them at times as well. Waiters can be the starting 2 guard once he is healthy, or he can be a backup PG, and he could theoretically play PG if they decide to move on from Teague. These guys would add depth they need, and it matches salaries. And then theyd get the Heats 1st round pick. That’s for 1 year of Butler, and the Heat would also take on Diengs contract which has a lot of negative value right now, with Taj Gibson making him non existant for them, and having 3 years left on it

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