Kyrie Irving Plans To Re-Sign With Celtics

Celtics guard Kyrie Irving said at a team event on Thursday that he plans to re-sign with Boston once he reaches free agency in the summer of 2019, per Kristen Ledlow of NBA TV (Twitter link). The Celtics’ official Twitter account posted a video of the All-Star guard making the announcement to fans.

Irving, who is entering his second season as a member of the Celtics, has also communicated his desire to stick around long-term to team ownership in recent weeks, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

Armed with a player option for the 2019/20 season, Irving is widely expected to turn down that option and ink a new deal next July. His free agency is still nine months away and it’s unlikely that he’ll sign an in-season extension, so the Celtics’ level of success this season could alter his future decision, but for now he appears committed to the franchise.

Because the Celtics hold his Bird rights, Irving will be eligible to sign a five-year deal worth up to a projected $189.66MM with the club next summer. It’s not clear if Boston will put that five-year max offer on the table, but any lucrative new contract for Irving would create uncertainty about Terry Rozier‘s future with the organization — Rozier will be eligible for restricted free agency in 2019, and the C’s would be investing heavily in the point guard position already with long-term deals for Irving and Marcus Smart.

Over the offseason, there had been rumors that Irving was interested in teaming up with Jimmy Butler once both players hit the free agent market in 2019, but The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor indicates (via Twitter) that those reports were overblown. Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype suggests (via Twitter) that those whispers were coming out of Butler’s camp.

Boston, led by Irving, is expected to be a lead contender for the NBA title this season. Irving was traded to the team in 2017 after spending six seasons with the Cavaliers, winning a championship in 2016 alongside fellow All-Star LeBron James. In his first season with the C’s, Irving played in 60 games last season, averaging 24.4 points, 5.5 assists and 1.1 steals per contest

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27 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Plans To Re-Sign With Celtics

  1. Kyrie can enjoy his season now. He doesn’t have to feel bad. Once upon a time everybody thought the earth was flat.

  2. Guest617

    so everyone gets paid he’s gonna give a hometown discount, might as well rename the garden “uncle drews barn”

  3. Dionis

    Hopefully you keep your word for Kyrie, a lot can change from now till the end of the season just saying lol. I hope you do re-sign though so I can see you whoop LeBron’s butt in case the refs and the NBA puts him in the Finals over the next 2 years.

    • The GM’s survey had the Lakers at the 5 seed, barely ahead of San Antonio, Portland, and Denver. Will Bontemps of the Washington Post says the Lakers won’t make the playoffs. I missed LeBron’s 1st game on tv. I was watching American Pickers.

      • Dionis

        1. Warriors
        2. Rockets
        3. Blazers
        4. Jazz
        5. Spurs
        6. Pelicans
        7. OKC
        8. Nuggets

            • Nebrasketball

              The only way the Lakers miss the playoffs is if LeBron goes down with an injury.

              Like him or hate him, he’s just such a dominant player. With him playing 75+ games, they’re a lock for a playoff spot.

            • paladin

              Okay Dionis…. We are holding you to that. If Lakers make playoffs you will cancel your account. Hopefully you will uphold your word. Love or hate Lebron, he gets to the playoffs every year. It will be Great to see you gone. Just don’t come back, please. Come April Bye Bye Big D. Later days do not let the door hit you where the sun don’t shine.

              • Dionis

                I’m not going to miss this site, I’ll still come just to check news but I won’t comment any longer.

                • D$!LLKU$H-og

                  Man now I’m rooting for LA to miss the playoffs! Lol There is no HoopsRumors without Dionis.

        • Nebrasketball

          Blazers were a big surprise last year at the 3 spot… I don’t see them repeating that.

          I think OKC will be in tough to make the playoffs in a deep West.

          • Everybody should be talking about the Warriors and Rockets. They are the only ones that matter.
            Kyrie comes out and says he’s staying and the media has to print a story, so they won’t leave it alone.

  4. Z-A

    How to stop being asked the same question for 82 games: Say you’ll resign in the offseason. Then sign with the Knicks anyway.

  5. Z-A

    If I were the Knicks, I’d figure out a way to get Butler in the door this year. Then focus on getting Kyrie in the offseason. Moving forward you need to get rid of Noah, Kanter, Ntilikina, Lee, Thomas. So whatever 3 team deal figure it out. Ntilikina is your only real “asset” though.

  6. emac22

    So, the Celtics said they wouldn’t trade him before the season and allow his bird rights to transfer.

    Irving responds by announcing his plan to resign next summer making the team the bad guys if they refuse to max him.

  7. Nebrasketball

    Unpopular opinion: Kyrie is a very good player who is currently severely overrated.

    I’ll believe he signs when I see him sign.

    Whether he wants to sign or not, signing him (with what, one good knee?) long term seems like it could really end poorly for whichever team ends up with him.

  8. Pablo Boner

    I’d keep Rozier. He’s a great insurance policy in case Irving goes down with an injury (which seems like a foregone conclusion each season). And if Irving does leave via FA, then Rozier can become the full-time starter. I know it’s a short sample, but Rozier definitely stepped it up late last season.

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