Latest On Jimmy Butler Trade Saga

It has now been 19 days since word of Jimmy Butler‘s trade request was leaked, and despite pressure from Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau, Butler has “never wavered” on his desire to be moved, sources tell Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. According to Krawczynski, Butler has dined with teammates and sent text messages of encouragement to players like Taj Gibson and Josh Okogie, but remains determined to leave Minnesota, preferably before the season begins.

If the Timberwolves are unable to complete a deal soon, Butler may “begrudgingly” report to the team in advance of the regular season, says Krawczynski. Despite not reporting to Minnesota so far, Butler isn’t expected to forfeit pay checks once the season begins, even if his return would create an awkward situation for him and his teammates.

Here’s more on the Butler saga:

  • While trade talks between the Timberwolves and the Heat – and other teams – have hit a stand still at various times in recent weeks, those discussions are still ongoing, says Krawczynski. While some potential trade partners can perhaps afford to wait and see if they can sign Butler during 2019’s free agent period, clubs like the Heat and Rockets are under more pressure to pull off a trade, since they won’t have cap room next summer.
  • The Heat now appear willing to include Josh Richardson in a potential deal for Butler, but the Clippers haven’t relented on Tobias Harris, according to Krawczynski. A report last week indicated that the Clips didn’t plan to trade Harris, and nothing has changed on that front — L.A. hasn’t put its veteran forward in any offers for Butler, per The Athletic. There are “no active talks” between the Timberwolves and Clippers, Krawczynski adds.
  • The Timberwolves have “quietly pushed back” on the idea that they deserve the blame for a deal not being completed yet, writes Krawczynski. The Wolves insist they don’t feel obligated to accept a below-market offer for Butler just because the regular season is approaching.
  • Within his Sunday report on the talks between the Heat and Timberwolves, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski suggested that the Heat’s apparent willingness to pay Butler a five-year deal at or near the maximum salary has contributed to the swingman’s enthusiasm for a trade to Miami.
  • The Heat had been looking to involve a third team in the Butler talks to take on an unwanted contract – perhaps Dion Waiters‘ deal – but incentivizing that third team with draft picks became one of the road blocks to getting something done, league sources told Wojnarowski.
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33 thoughts on “Latest On Jimmy Butler Trade Saga

    • formerlyz

      Gallinari, Gortat, Sindarius Thornwell for Butler and Dieng makes sense to me in a Clippers deal. Maybe add Jawun Evan’s and/or 2nd round picks if necessary

      • johnstodder

        Why on earth would the Clippers take on Dieng’s contract without further compensation? Their #1 objective is preserving cap space for next summer. Giving up talent for Butler when they don’t need to, plus throwing away cap space on Dieng is not happening.

        • formerlyz

          Dieng might actually be able to play some 5 on that team, behind Harrell and in tandem with Boban depending on matchups. Gallinari is injury prone, so you can argue he doesnt have the best contract, although he would fit Minnesota

      • Gallinari? He’s injury prone how bout Harris and 2 first rd picks sounds fair! HaHa

  1. snotrocket

    Latest on the Jimmy Butler trade saga is that he just isn’t that great and will never fetch the return Minnesota is looking for.

  2. formerlyz

    Trading Richardson in this type of a deal would be a big mistake, and these reports of them relenting on that bother me. If he was on the table, and there is still no deal done, then the Heat should take Richardson off the table, and let Minnesota know they missed their chance. The point would be to pair Butler and Richardson on the wing. Butler’s trade value is limited, as he has demanded a trade already, with a limited list of suitors (although anyone can trade for him), and can opt out after the season. He will take max money to sign, and although he is worth that, that doesnt mean they should move Richardson on one of the best value contracts in the league

    James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Dion Waiters and 2019 1st round pick for Butler and Dieng

    As a Heat fan, I’m cool with any combination involving future picks, Whiteside, Waiters, James Johnson, Olynyk, Derrick Jones, McGruder and then Dragic, Bam or Winslow if necessary. I wouldnt be willing to move anyone else.
    I would do Justise or Bam if absolutely necessary, but not both. I wouldnt want to lose both James Johnson and Justise Winslow though, and if I’m including 1 of Winslow or Bam, I wouldnt want to include a draft pick, especially if still taking back Dieng, unless maybe Minnesota included Okogie or KBD in return.

    If Thibodeau wants to be salty Butler is leaving, let him be. Dont have to give in, and as time goes by, their options will diminish. I also wouldnt mind seeing what this Heat team can do if they can finally stay healthy, and then they’ll have a bunch of expiring salary to deal from next year

    • Anthony

      I don’t think Richardson was ever on the table, I think someone was trying to stir a pot. It would take a down year from him this year to cause a speculation for next year, but there would be no reason to move him. I could see a waiters and whiteside for butler and dieng, but the longer this gets, i think the heat are move confident in standing pat going into the season with what they have.

  3. Ptn18

    Thibodeaux got booed during the Timberwolves first exhibition game. I can’t imagine the first game if Butler has to play. I wonder what Butler will do if Thibs is playing games with him, and doesn’t try to trade him at all? I don’t think Thibs cares about losing Butler in free agency for nothing. He’s just concerned about right now. Butler can defend, Rose can’t.

    • jeb39999

      If he trades Butler and the twolves stink Thibs is fired so he has to demand a good return to keep his job and that is also why he prefers that Butler stay because the wolves would probably make playoffs again

  4. TJECK109

    Minnesota screwed themselves with the impromptu meeting so late in the off season. There was nothing good coming from that meeting. Butler wants to stay then towns asks for a trade. Just completely dumb

    • formerlyz

      No they arent. Whiteside’s contract is. Waiters a little b/c of his injuries. Olynyk b/c of timing, and the overpay. Those are the only contract issues right now. I’m sick of the narrative that James Johnson or Tyler Johnson are so brutal when most of the people saying it have never seen them play, and dont understand how contracts work. Regardless, the Heat will have a bunch of expiring money available to trade next offseason

      • Gus Leggett

        Ok, I’m drinking my Wolves Kool-Aid and trying to fix this. First move is firing Thibs. He is a major part of the problem with any trades not being done. Heat want Butler, but also want to unload contracts. Wolves want something very good for Butler, but also want to unload Dieng. Miami sends Whiteside, Richardson, Adebayo and Waiters with a Top4 protected 1st Rd pick. Wolves send Butler, Dieng and Gibson. They can even throw in Justin Patton (not sure if he can even be traded since he is hurt).
        Miami gets rid of 2 bad contracts, taking 1 back. The get an expiring contract attached to a serviceable player in Gibson. And the question mark in Patton…along with what they covet in Butler.
        Wolves get a new coach (who it is I have no clue) that gets a young roster, who by the time Whiteside and Waiters are gone will be coming into their primes. I’m a Wolves fan, so I am guessing this trade is more favorable to the Wolves, but I am still throwing it against the wall to see if it will stick.

        • Gus Leggett

          I should note that the 1st Rd pick can be Top 10 protected even. If the Wolves value Butler as much as they are saying, they should assume that Butler will keep them out of the Top 10 in the draft anyways.

        • monymgr

          Gus, Love getting rid of Thibs, I like your trade proposal but think you asking too much for JB. .. I would do this trade minus the 1st rd pick from Miami .

  5. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    As a Twolves fan I really just want Richardson and Winslow in the return. Gladly take some selection of Johnson/Johnson/Waiters/Whiteside/Olynk if we get that return

    • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

      A lot of Athleticism on the floor with a Towns-Winslow-Wiggins-Richardson-Teague starting 5

      • x%sure

        Too many SFs. Take Mcgruder instead.

        But Wolves will hold out for 2 #1s and get burned by discord when none are offered.

      • FromTheCheapSeats

        Not enough shooters. Today’s NBA is all about spacing. Towns, Winslow, and Teague on the floor together could not compete.

  6. imindless

    To be honest im not sure why heat are trying so hard for butler they still sink and are littered with bad contracts and little in the way of true talent. Clippers have to keep harris out of any deal because he is really only valueable piece they have. I also think that wolves want to recieve what they sent out for butler which is just not possible as butler is 1 year for free agency.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Agreed. After they give up value for Butler, there’s not enough there to make a run.

      Their best bet is to double down on a squad built around Whiteside and hope he gets his head out of his ace.

  7. wellyou'rewrong

    Heat have like no picks and they’re trying to get rid of Waiters? Whatever if they’re including Richardson,MN needs to realize that’s the best centerpiece. This should be done soon then.

  8. Ptn18

    If the Heat want to get rid of Waiters, and the Timberwolves want to get rid of Dieng, how will that work.

  9. Ptn18

    The NBA General Managers have said they are not happy with the way the Timberwolves have handled this. Pat Riley told them to get their house in order. I wonder if there is a point the Heat will call the deal dead.

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