New York Notes: Knicks, Butler, Kanter, Nets

Jimmy Butler‘s trade request was made public just two days after Knicks president of basketball operations Steve Mills spoke to fans about building the roster “the right way” and hanging onto the team’s future first-round picks. Since Butler’s initial short list of preferred destinations included the Knicks, there was some initial uncertainty about whether Mills would stick to his public stance or whether the club would get involved in the Butler sweepstakes.

Nearly three weeks later, we appear to have our answer. Within his latest report on the Butler saga, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that the Knicks “never called” the Timberwolves about the All-Star swingman. Reports have suggested that upwards of 25 teams have at least inquired on Butler, so the fact that the Knicks never even made a call is a clear indication that they’re sticking to their guns on building the team “the right way.”

Here’s more on the NBA’s two New York teams:

  • As Trey Burke, Emmanuel Mudiay, and Frank Ntilikina vie for the Knicks‘ starting point guard job, no player has separated himself from his competition during the preseason, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. As a result, head coach David Fizdale has yet to finalize any lineup decisions. “What ends up coming out of it is what fits the best,” Fizdale said. “All these guys are competing and nobody is flying out in front. Ultimately the final decider may be what combinations work the best.”
  • Enes Kanter is just 26 years old and has only played in New York for a single season, but the big man is already something of an “elder statesman” in the Knicks‘ locker room, according to Steve Popper of Newsday, who explores Kanter’s role as a leader.
  • The Nets‘ odds of landing Kyrie Irving and/or Jimmy Butler in 2019 free agency appear to be dwindling significantly, prompting Brian Lewis of The New York Post to explore the team’s potential Plan B.
  • In an interesting piece, NetsDaily outlines the impact that a corporate decision by Spanish club Barcelona had on a pair of Nets draftees.
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12 thoughts on “New York Notes: Knicks, Butler, Kanter, Nets

    • Decius

      Very original of you. If you haven’t noticed, this new regime is doing things the right way. Quit regurgitating the same garbage. Try to have an interesting thought for once.

  1. greg1

    Surprised the Knicks didn’t at least inquire. I mean, I am good with building the right way, but what if they could move vets to get him (I know that is extremely unlikely, but…).

    • cakirby

      Judging by the Wolves wanting half of the Heat’s team, I doubt there’s even a chance that the Knicks have a package they could put together that Minnesota would like.

    • Reflect

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking. It’s good that they are staying disciplined, but you should always at least call. Never know when you can pull off a steal.

      • Decius

        Don’t you see how they are trying to fleece these other teams. I am glad they didn’t even call. I really like Butler as a player. He has a lotta grit. But I don’t want the Knicks giving him a max deal. Next summer the Knicks will come away with a good player or two. Don’t sell the farm now. Butler is 29. The last couple years of his next deal are gonna be ugly.

    • fantasyman99

      Come on , who would they want that we would actually part w … Zingis and Knox are the only ones they would want that would start the conversation , a Lee / Noah / first round pick ain’t getting that done … Knicks need to stay the course , sign Zingis (pay him , sign him , sit him all year ) then next year you have another good pick , Zingis / Knox at the SF/PF/C positions , add another good draft pick next year (bc no matter what we sucking again this year) talk Durant into coming East & have him realize he wants to do what LaBron did for the Cavs and LA in NY …

  2. Dionis

    I’m not sold on Frank any longer as a starter. Not sold on Knox either, Mitchell Robinson yes.

    • acarneglia

      Not sold on 2 1st rounders, but sold on a 2nd rounder? Coming from anyone else this would be a stupid comment. For you Dionis, it’s almost too logical. Lol

      • Dionis

        I’m sold on Diallo and he was a second rounder this past draft. Robinson is going to be better than Knox and Ntilikina I’ll tell you that much.

        • Ptn18

          I think you’re right on Sexton. He could be ROY. He had 13 points in 19 minutes Saturday and will run the Cavs. Robinson will get his minutes. He’s a rim protector, Kanter’s not. Kanter will be gone next summer. Knox’s problem will be his shooting percentage like most rookies. Diallo is doing well off the bench for OKC.

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