Sixers Turned Down Suns’ Trade Offer For McConnell

The Suns, who were on the lookout for a point guard for much of the offseason, approached the Sixers in recent weeks to inquire on T.J. McConnell, league sources tell Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. According to Pompey, Phoenix was willing to part with a second-round pick for McConnell, but the 76ers passed on that offer.

Philadelphia’s decision to turn down a second-round pick for McConnell comes as no surprise. The 26-year-old has developed into a regular part of the Sixers’ rotation, providing backup minutes at point guard and serving as one of the club’s only reliable ball-handlers. With the 76ers still unsure about what they’ll get from Markelle Fultz this season, it would take a strong offer to pry away McConnell, who is earning just $1.6MM.

It’s also worth noting that the Sixers probably don’t need to add any more second-rounders to their overflowing stash of draft picks. In addition to holding all its own selections, Philadelphia has also acquired two extra second-round picks for 2019, two more for 2020, and three for 2021. The team has even added the Pistons’ 2023 second-rounder for good measure.

The Suns have been linked to several point guard trade targets since sending Brandon Knight to the Rockets over the summer. Cory Joseph, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Patrick Beverley are among the veteran point guards the team has reportedly looked into, but Phoenix is said to be reluctant to part with a first-round pick in any deal.

Terry Rozier‘s name is another one that has been frequently connected to the Suns, and John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 tweeted this week that the club would have “loved” to acquire the Celtics point guard. According to Gambadoro, both Ryan McDonough and new interim GM James Jones attempted to make a deal for Rozier, but he’s “very unlikely” to be traded.

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14 thoughts on “Sixers Turned Down Suns’ Trade Offer For McConnell

  1. hiflew

    I am still not understanding trading away Brandon Knight without a replacement on hand. It’s not like there was any salary relief since they took back Anderson’s deal. Just seems like a foolish trade.

    • yoyo137

      Didn’t Brandon Knight like immediately have surgery afterwards though? Still dumb to not have a starting caliber PG when having too many was a problem so few seasons ago, and really stupid to keep the most injury prone out of the 3. I guess that’s why McDonaugh was fired though.

    • formerlyz

      I still dont understand cutting Shaq Harrison when he should have been the starting PG

      • Grant

        Shaq harrison is a gleague player. Canaan and melton can hold the job in a tank season and okobo is the wildcard. I feel like our team is like 75% wings so we just need more balance

    • the dude

      Oh man, I didn’t know you could make trades through hoops rumors message boards!!? Man, horford to the pels for Davis too.

      • Michael Chaney

        Tristan Thompson to the Sixers for Embiid too while we’re at it

      • yoyo137

        Congrats guys you made this the least funny comment thread of 2018 great job

    • You’re joking right? If I was the Celtics I’d be keeping Terry and letting Irving go…

      • I kind of agree with you… but there’s one huge Factor when it comes to Championship baterial.

        Yes the Celtics would be great with Rozier the point and assets from a Kyrie Irving trade not to mention salary relief.

        But if you want to win championships you need a closer.

        Someone that can get you a bucket in the closing moments of ball games.

        Kyrie Irving is that guy for Boston, thus they can’t let him go.

        By the way that person is definitely NOT Gordon Haywood. He is a first 3 quarters type of player. Will get you 27 and then three points in the fourth.

        • x%sure

          McConnell is like Philly’s 4th qtr guy, except instead of the ability to create & hit a closing shot, he can create some order.

  2. Z-A

    You would only trade Rozier if it netted you a 1st or to dump a salary. Celtics have no salaries that they need to dump. All have worked out so far, well Gordon is a wait and see. But Big Al’s could have been terrible but hes solid.

  3. Guest617

    kyrie’s nice to have – but his asking price is too much. considering his knees can’t endure a full season the cost of a competent back-up’s gonna pinch. I’d let him walk if asks for +25M

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