Wolves Demanding Eric Gordon From Rockets

The Rocketslatest attempt to get Jimmy Butler from the Timberwolves by offering Brandon Knight, Marquese Chriss and four first-round picks is a non-starter, according to Malika Andrews of ESPN, who hears from sources that Minnesota won’t consider any deal that doesn’t include Eric Gordon.

Coach Tom Thibodeau is focused on returning to the playoffs and wants a trade that will benefit the team right away. Knight and Chriss are both injured and neither has been effective over the past two seasons in Phoenix. Thibodeau still has three years and $24MM left on his contract, but there have been rumors that his job may be in jeopardy if the Wolves commit to a full rebuilding project.

Plan A for Thibodeau is to hold onto Butler for as long as possible — possibly until February’s trade deadline — to help with the playoff push, Andrews adds. However, the team is off to a 2-4 start, including a 30-point loss last night to the Bucks, so that strategy isn’t off to a great start.

Butler, who started the process with a trade request last month, has received assurances from owner Glen Taylor that the team will continue to pursue a deal, according to Andrews, who hears from sources that another serious effort will be made about 10 to 15 games into the season.

Taylor has put GM Scott Layden in charge of working out a trade while Thibodeau coaches the team. The Heat and Sixers remain interested and Taylor has been hoping both teams will consider increasing their offers.

“I don’t consider anything drama,” Butler told reporters after a season-low four-point performance Friday. “I consider it business.”

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39 thoughts on “Wolves Demanding Eric Gordon From Rockets

  1. monymgr

    I still think/hope the Heat will step up and make the Wolves an offer they can’t refuse !!!

  2. ldfanatic

    lol hard pass. Rockets should just hold the offer on 4 1sts, Knight and Chris’s. If that’s not good enough, peace. Gordon is too valuable to add.

  3. Dionis

    Give them Gordon, you got your third option in Melo now. Gordon fell apart in the WCF and that’s not to deter Minnesota from trading for him it’s just he will be a free agent 2020 and you’ll have to pay him. Might as well pay Jimmy instead.

    • ldfanatic

      Rockets will have zero bench depth if Gordon is added. Makes no sense to add Gordon when Miami isnt beating the offer of 4 1sts Knight and Chriss.

  4. TJECK109

    Instead of Gordon just give them 2 more #1 picks. I mean why not at this point.

    It’s like the wolves are trying to make up for the fleecing of the Vikings in the Hershel Walker trade…lol

      • hiflew

        Well you can in a way. You can do what the Nets did and give the right to swap 1st rounders in 2022 and 2024. Obviously it didn’t work for the Nets, but if they had won the title they were trying for, I don’t think anyone would be calling it a bad trade now. If the Rockets truly believe Butler is the missing piece for a title, then they should go for it.

  5. Minny shouldn’t push it. They’ve gotten into the season with Butler having his bags packed and still playing OK with his mates. But at some point, the team will have issues (all teams do), and then the temporary chemistry they’ve pieced together could come apart. Then you won’t have the time to parse through offers.

  6. showty

    y the freak would u give up 4 first round picks and Gordon….they’ll be stuck with butler and get nothing for him….their Gm sucks

  7. snotrocket

    Doesn’t matter. Dubs are smashing whatever amalgamation of a squad Houston can manage to cobble together anyway.

  8. Z-A

    Minnesota wants to compete, this is what happens when you try to trade in your conference. Give them Gordon and Knight 4 1sts, but tell them you want Taj as well.

  9. Ptn18

    ESPN trade machine shows trade would have to be Gordon and Chriss or Nene. Gordon and Knight would put the Wolves over the luxury tax and fails. Gordon would be shooting guard for the Wolves. Ironic is Teague and Gordon played against each other in high school.

    • formerlyz

      Mathematically, it would actually work with Gordon, Knight, Chriss, and Nene and the 4 draft picks for Butler, Taj, and Tyus Jones in their scenario. It works once the trade restrictions on Knight and Chriss are over.

      • Ptn18

        Except that Minnesota isn’t going to take 3 injured players. Thibs wants to win now.

        • formerlyz

          I didnt say anything about whether or not it would be a good enough deal. I just said mathematically, which you had disputed

            • Ptn18

              I said the Rockets could trade Gordon and Chris or Nene would have to be the trade, and is true. You did not dispute me. If you called Thibs with this trade (you are shooting from the hip again, and you are always off the wall), he’d hang up the phone on you.

              • formerlyz

                You disputed someone else, saying it wouldnt work mathematically, but it would once the trade restrictions are over October 31st. That’s all I was commenting on.

              • x%sure

                Thibs says he wants Gordon, and he has too much salary at the 4. @former’s trade has what he wants.

                @Ptn’s trade, on the other hand, is not what Morey wants to do. He is offering Knight not Gordon. If he got Jones though, Jones could replace Gordon.

                So the bigger @former trade is more likely than the @Ptn trade; unless a third team gets involved.
                3 injured players are doable for a win-now coach if the 4th is Gordon.

                I presume Dieng could be replaced for Taj, and MIN will work with that if they don’t like the other. But only 2 firsts then.

    • monymgr

      Gordon, Nene plus the 4 picks .. Wolves should trade Dieng and one of those picks to the Kings as the third team . Plus, fire Thibs now !!

  10. nentwigs

    Wolves also prepared to send Crunch and Mr Goodbar to surround Carmello.

  11. wellyou'rewrong

    Idiot Rockets should’ve just sent Tucker, Gordon and that 1st when they had a chance. Now the team is in shambles and has to offer Gordon and 4 1sts.

  12. Guest617

    rockets mortgaging it’s future as the wolves run in circles, both teams are a joke

  13. greg1

    This is the problem when you give a coach too much power in personnel decisions. Wolves just spinning their wheels trying to get what Taylor wants (bright future) and what Thibs wants (compete now) at the same time. No pending FA is worth giving up both, and with a Rockets team that is already thin and looking like a lesser team this year, adding Butler won’t get them over the hump and could set them up for years of decline if he leaves.

  14. Charlie

    There is no chance that was the offer because Knight and Chriss can’t get traded till October 31st

    • Luke Adams

      If both teams wanted to do that deal, there would be an understanding that it wouldn’t be official until Wednesday. When the Nets and Hornets agreed to their Dwight Howard trade over the summer, they weren’t able to make it official for another 2.5 weeks.

  15. x%sure

    So here’s the trade mentioned above, a straight 2-teamer:

    MIN out: Butler, Jones, Dieng/Taj*
    HOU out: Gordon, Knight, Criss
    *HOU +: 4 1sts if Taj, 2 1sts if Dieng.
    Throw-ins: Nene or Qi, Okogie or Diop.

    The trade machine says NO because of Criss & Knight restrictions. The money, however, matches. I wish the trade machine could be forward-dated so that the trade could be tested properly– It is not an ideal system now.

    MIN gets a Butler replacement in Gordon and additional help eventually after injury recoveries. Criss and the picks are a YOungCOreMOvingFOrward. The team is better and will grow around Towns/Wiggins.

    HOU gets another star now for a title run and hopefully Jones replaces Gordon. They will have to change their structure with all the new forwards.

    • formerlyz

      Use the realgm trade machine when dealing with the restrictions to see if it works, which it does

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