Cavaliers Trade Kyle Korver To Jazz

NOVEMBER 29: The Cavaliers and Jazz have officially issued press releases confirming the trade.

NOVEMBER 28: The Jazz have agreed to trade Alec Burks and two future second-round picks to the Cavaliers in exchange for sharpshooting veteran Kyle Korver, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (Twitter links). Wojnarowski adds that the picks being sent to Cleveland are Utah’s 2020 second-round pick and a 2021 second-round pick via the Wizards.

Korver, 37, is averaging 6.8 points on 46.1% shooting from the field and 46.3% from beyond the arc in 15.7 minutes per game so far this season. The 15-year veteran previously played three seasons in Utah, from 2007-10, before signing with the Bulls in the summer of 2010.

Burks, meanwhile, is averaging 8.4 points on 41.2% shooting from the field and 37.2% from beyond the arc in an almost identical 15.8 minutes per game. The 27-year-old guard has spent his entire seven-year career in Utah after being drafted 12th overall in 2011.

The Jazz, who have stumbled out of the gate to a disappointing record of 9-12 and currently sit as the 14-seed in the Western Conference, rank 29th in 3-point shooting. The trade for Korver will likely improve upon that figure and open things up for Donovan Mitchell, who has yet to show much improvement upon his scintillating rookie campaign.

As Bobby Marks of ESPN notes, Korver has a $7.56MM cap hit this season and will earn $7.5MM in 2019-20. But, his salary for next season is only guaranteed for $3.44MM before July 7, 2019. Burks is in the final year of his contract with a cap hit of $11.54MM.

Under NBA trade rules, the Cavaliers are able to absorb a player whose salary is up to $5MM more than Korver’s salary (i.e. $12.56MM), meaning Burks’ salary of $11.54MM will fit nicely and still keep the Cavs over $4MM under the luxury-tax level. Moreover, the Cavs create an additional $3.44MM in cap space for next season, the amount of Korver’s 2019/20 guarantee, thanks to Burks being on an expiring contract.

The Jazz, meanwhile, will create a $3.98MM trade exception, that figure representing the difference between the two players’ salaries. They’ll have one year from the date of the trade to use that exception to acquire another player, if they so wish.

Earlier today, we relayed how the Cavs were willing to take on long-term salary in exchange for other assets, so being able to get two draft picks and an expiring contract for Korver must feel like a real win for Cleveland’s front office.

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35 thoughts on “Cavaliers Trade Kyle Korver To Jazz

  1. formerlyz

    Dont like it for Utah. Dont think Burks necessarily fits Cleveland, but they get the 2 2nd rounders

    • Anthonybadabucchi

      Don’t think Cleveland cares if he fits they just want the 2 second rounders and Burks expiring contract

    • kenneth cole

      Why don’t you like it for Utah? Lol? Perfect mentor for Grayson Allen and allows Rubio and Mitchell even WIDER floor space. They gave up on Burks. He can come into Cleveland and get Big minutes to see if he can reclaim some value lost out of Colorado

      • formerlyz

        I think they have better options to take those wing minutes and with both Mitchell and Rubio having dealt with injuries, Burks was good depth. If Exum looks better with a bigger role, then its probably fine, but he has had a lot of injuries himself. I’d also rather see more of a look at Grayson Allen in certain lineups

      • bigguccisosa300

        Allen is a slashing defensive grinder type player , I can only see one reason you would compare the 2 lol

    • SilvioDante

      No, no. I disagree. Nice deal for the Jazz. Korver was beloved in Utah his first go around and will help spark a turnaround.

    • brian214

      You are beyond sad, taking shots at every Philly team any chance you get. Did some guy from Philly steal your girl back in the day? Break up your parent’s marriage? Get a life, or better yet a clue.

    • Regi Green

      I’m not.I didn’t want any of the salary for next season to cut into any of the available space they’ll have in the offseason.Even in any Fultz deal,they should look for more long term assets.If everything goes the way it should,Embiid,Simmons & Butler will be eating up most of the cap space by the 2020 offseason.This offseason is gonna be key for building the team around those 3.

  2. I was hoping Portland could move either Harkless or Leonard for Korver. Not bad to get two second rounders for Korver. I couldn’t see them getting a first for him

  3. Loren Polonsky

    Not sure this trade makes Utah much better or that much more of a threat in the west. He’s a nice piece on a top team, but how much of a difference will he make for a slightly better than average team? Probably not much.

  4. Senioreditor

    The shocking part of this story is that Alec Burks is earning 11.53 million?

  5. x%sure

    Cavs got squat. Two low 2s and an expiring that saves nothing. The &3.76mil saved next year is offset by the greater expense for Burks this year. $11.54(Burks) – 7.56(KK) = $3.98mil.

    Granted the season is a quarter over, but the roster at season’s end will determine the tax and Burks’ salary puts the Cavs over into the tax for a repeater number of years. That $4mil over could amount to $16mil tax. For what, a losing team?

    Can someone make sense of this?

      • x%sure

        Okay I was reading next year’s numbers for some reason. WRONG
        Next year’s $124mil includes Smith & Hill so it will be reduced.

        –nevermind this thread–

        • knickscavsfan

          More draft picks is what’s in it for the Cavs. Why is that hard to understand? Effectively, Cavs bought two 2nd round picks.

    • x%sure

      124.74 + 3.98 – 123.73 = $4.99mil.
      That is, CLE salary now, plus the addition of Burks minus Korver, minus the luxury tax line figure, is the amount CLE is now over.
      That number gets multiplied by the repeater multiplier of IDK, somewhere between 2.5 and 5.

      Now this is Gilbert’s bill, not mine, but why do it for 2 low seconds.
      The Cavs could make another deal to lose the overage somehow but it is too late to stretch anyone.

    • Jason Lancaster

      That 2021 2nd rounder is going to be valuable. The NBA is getting rid of the age restriction that year, so the draft class will be twice as deep. Great place to get a rotation player on a second round contract.

      I think Cleveland did great here. They got rid of salary AND got a couple picks.

    • formerlyz

      Well, the 2 2nd rounders isnt much different from what I suggested from OKC in the offseason

  6. Ptn18

    The Cavs salary is now $119,672,041. The luxury tax is $119mm. The Cavs will go back under the cap when they trade/ release J.R. Smith.

  7. supercollider

    Always liked Korner. Not the best defender, but the guy works at it and is not so bad that he can be taken advantage of completely. Never causes trouble. Great attitude.

  8. greg1

    What’s not to like for either team?

    Jazz don’t shoot the three well, so they traded for a premier three point shooter.

    Cavs are not going to compete this year, so they clear cap space next year and picks. For whoever said two late seconds, it looks like Washington is about to implode, and the Jazz aren’t world beaters right now.

  9. PeeWeeHerron618

    Thank you Elton Brand for not doing a trade like this especially not trading Fultz, Jazz gave up too much for Korver imo

  10. victorg

    Houston should of been all over this deal ..
    Chriss and 2 seconds … or green/chriss and a second…

  11. nentwigs

    Why is Utah sticking with the bogus name of JAZZ???
    The team owner should show some creativity and guts Change it to something relevant to the area.

    • The LAKERS too? And most of LA’s other teams, in particular, the Dodgers.

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