Larry Drew, Cavs Reach Contract Agreement

6:45pm: Drew has officially signed the agreement, according to a team press release.

4:39pm: Larry Drew and the Cavaliers have agreed on a contract for the rest of this season and a partially-guaranteed deal for next season, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets.

Drew will remain the team’s head coach through this season. If the team decides to move on from Drew after the season, he will receive a buyout, Wojnarowski adds.

Drew had been the team’s acting coach but didn’t want the interim tag after replacing Tyronn Lue. Drew had been one of the NBA’s highest-paid assistants, but was still earning less than $1MM, well below the going rate for a head coach.

None of the other Cavaliers assistant coaches were given additional security as part of the agreement, Joe Vardon of The Athletic tweets.

Drew had expressed optimism recently over the state of negotiations with owner Dan Gilbert and GM Koby Altman after indicating he was “very disappointed” by the lack of progress in those talks.

After starting the season with ambitions of making the postseason in the post-LeBron James era, the Cavaliers could wind up with the worst record in the Eastern Conference. They’re 1-8 and have lost their best player, Kevin Love, for at least six weeks after he underwent foot surgery last week. Drew’s postseason evaluation will likely be centered on how the team’s younger players, particularly lottery pick Collin Sexton, progressed during the course of the season.

Drew previously coached the Hawks for three seasons and the Bucks for a season.

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14 thoughts on “Larry Drew, Cavs Reach Contract Agreement

  1. dionls

    Dude ain’t getting another job after crying to the media about his contract. Needed one last payday….. idiot

  2. LordBanana

    Or he didn’t want to take on the responsibilities of coaching all year for assistant money

    • east333

      I wish I could cry to someone that listen to me about not making more than a million dollars to coach a team for 6 months lol

        • JoeyPankake

          Well if your boss wants to give you more duties and responsibilities they need to be ready to compensate you for it.

          • east333

            I feel like finishing a season in case management believes it necessary to fire the head coach should be worth the million he was already guaranteed. And this isn’t someone that’s a necessary slam dunk to land a head coaching gig anyways.

            • LordBanana

              If you take over at game 60 sure, no need for a raise, but he’s gonna be the coach for 80+% of the season where there’s probably gonna be a lot of roster turnover

      • TJECK109

        Anyone with any common sense and self value would expect an increase in compensation if they are promoted. Even for the rest of the season. His workload and responsibilities have vastly changed and should be paid accordingly.

  3. x%sure

    Drew already was compensated, anyway, that wasn’t the issue. His complaining is, his apparent disinterest in the job. His worrying about how his Cavs stint will affect his opportunities at other ‘real’ coaching jobs. He should have been dumped. Probably will be. Lottery year, it’s all good. Transition with 4time finalists.

  4. Spike4christ

    He was used in Both Atlanta and Milwaukee. He was just making sure it did not happen again. I doubt he gets another HC job unless he gets these Cavs to perform.

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