Dwyane Wade Won’t Be Talked Out Of Retiring

Dwyane Wade isn’t open to a suggestion by Heat president Pat Riley that he play until age 40, writes Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel. Wade, 36, is in the middle of his 16th and probably final NBA season, which he has dubbed a “One Last Dance” retirement tour. But Riley claimed last week that Wade still has a lot of basketball left.

“I got to get him to play another three more years,” Riley said. “I want him to get to 40. If he has a great year, he might not fall out of love with the game. He might want to just stay in it. That’s my goal.”

Wade has been away from the team on paternity leave for the past seven games and wasn’t aware of Riley’s comments until yesterday, but he doesn’t seem receptive to the idea.

“I appreciate him thinking that,” Wade said. “Could I be swayed? I don’t think so. Not at this point.”

Beyond the sentimental value Wade has to the Heat organization, he remains a productive player. In the 10 games he has played this season, he is putting up a 13.4/3.8/2.8 line in about 24 minutes per night.

Wade is looking forward to retirement to spend more time with his family, including his newborn daughter. She’s too young for an airplane trip, and Miami’s schedule won’t give Wade much free time for the rest of the season.

Wade admits that Riley can be very persuasive, saying “It’s always a chance of everything,” but adds, “I know the chance is very, very, very, very, very slim. I’ve got my mind made up.”

“I’m just going to finish this year out,” he said. “I want to get back into the groove I was in before I left, just for my body feeling great, and just continue to enjoy the game and play the game the way I know I can, even at this age, even in my role, even in my minutes.”

Wade also noted that this isn’t the first time Riley has brought up the idea of playing until 40.

“The one thing is, he said that a long time ago,” Wade said. “He always said he wanted me to play until I was 40. And even when I was 30 I laughed at him, like, ‘It’s no way possible.’ So he continues to have that. I appreciate that.”

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5 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Won’t Be Talked Out Of Retiring

  1. the dude

    Hey Pat, when Wade retires you always just sign Briante Weber again, and maybe actually keep him.

  2. formerlyz

    Selfishly, I wanted 2-3 more years too, but I understand his want to help his son reach his dream. I still dont understand why it took 15 days to be with his daughter, especially with so many home games, but I supported his decision to be away. The timing was frustrating though b/c he was playing so well. I’m just glad I’ll get to see every home game for this final season, and hopefully have a chance to say goodbye

    • Djones246890

      It’s called “phoning it in.” To him, this season is just a final retirement tour.

  3. Loren Polonsky

    Definitely one of my favourite all time players, it would pain me to watch Wade’s skills erode if he played a few more years. I had a chance to see Wade score a triple-double in the NCAA elite eight game several years ago in Minneapolis and has been hooked ever since.

  4. stevep-4

    Wade probably should have retired instead of going to the Bulls. Then Pat could have talked him out of retirement with a very big check, which is really what the detour to Chicago was all about to begin with. If Wade hadn’t done the head fake the prior free agent round, I would have believed he really wanted to come home to Chicago – or if he hadn’t seemingly lost all interest in mentoring younger players on a team that clearly was not going to compete for a title. He is tired, he has made enough money, let him go. In fact, Pat, maybe you should consider this a sort of mentoring for you and think about hanging it up – there are some younger guys who want to take over.

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