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Multiple reports on Monday indicated that the Sixers likely won’t be providing an update on Markelle Fultz‘s status until later this week. The second-year point guard is visiting multiple specialists this week as those doctors attempt to determine what sort of physical issues are plaguing Fultz’s shoulder and wrist.

It will be interesting to see what sort of diagnoses those specialists provide, since not everyone is convinced that Fultz’s problems are physical. According to John Gonzalez of The Ringer, one team source asserted this week that Fultz’s issues are “definitely the yips,” while a source close to the former No. 1 pick insisted he’s hurt and is being bothered by a thumb injury.

In the view of Jordan Greer of The Sporting News, the Sixers and Fultz’s camp aren’t just at odds over whether his problems are physical or mental — the two sides also seem to be moving in opposite directions based on what’s best for the 20-year-old and what’s best for the team, according to Greer, who suggests that an “ugly divorce” may be on the horizon.

For their part, the 76ers have said that they expect Fultz to reclaim a role off the bench once he’s ready to get back on the court. However, Gonzalez is unconvinced that the Sixers are confident that will happen, or if they even want it to happen.

Here’s more on Fultz:

  • The trust that Fultz’s camp had in the Sixers has waned, according to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders. League sources who have inquired on Fultz tell Kyler that they don’t think the former top pick will be on Philadelphia’s roster beyond this season’s trade deadline.
  • Following up on his report that the Cavaliers have inquired on Fultz, Sam Amico of says those conversations weren’t “serious,” but the two teams left the door open to talk later, and probably will do so. According to Kyler, the Cavs are believed to have discussed a deal centered around Kyle Korver and a draft pick.
  • After speaking to several league executives, John Gonzalez of The Ringer believes that even getting a late first-round pick or early second-rounder in a trade for Fultz might be a tall order for the Sixers.
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24 thoughts on “Latest On Markelle Fultz

    • As I’ve reported before from a very good source, he has a performance dystonia

  1. I give no fox

    What if they just perform a placebo surgery on him. Put him under, cut his arm and stitch it back up. “Markelle, we removed a foreign body from your shoulder, you should be all set now. Stay off it for a couple weeks.” The sugar pill of surgeries

    • DynamiteAdams

      Although I believe that would work, there is no way the Sixers do it when Fultz and his camp already don’t trust the organization.

      • I give no fox

        In this hypothetical situation, I would say that fultz team is aware. They need to get their client right, regardless of “trust”

  2. Spyglass1

    Sam Amico is not credible and shouldn’t be talked about on this site. Very low level person

  3. east333

    This website/app loses credibility by citing The Ringer. They’re a hardcore, pro Boston everything news source that should never be taken seriously. I mean, Bill Simmons runs it and is one of the most biased journalists alive.

    • kdogpats

      They wouldn’t be in business if they were what you say they are. Unless there are enough “Boston” subscribers/fans to keep them profitable. Seems like that would be a tall order since title town is so disliked by the rest of the country. They just calling it like it is

  4. x%sure

    @Spy, @333- If Sam Amico and Bill Simmons are anti-Fultz, rest assured they have lots of company. About Amico, I suspect CLE & PHL chatted because of continuing interest in Korver, and Fultz was an excuse to check in.

    If Adam Silver were in charge of all NBA trading collectively, like what the MLS used to do, Fultz would just be assigned somewhere else and it would be over.
    But because choices are made individually by each club, nobody wants to be ‘that guy’, the one who collects rejects for their club.
    The flip side of that is that it only takes one team to believe in a player. But, him getting the agent involved suggests nobody has spoken up.
    So his value, unfairly, is zero: salary filler.

    So you get, Fultz & a low 2nd /for/ Josh Jackson. That should happen regardless if a draft pick is involved. PHX will not give up their 2nd.

    • Don’t forget a new injury each day. First it was the shoulder, then his wrist and today a thumb injury. Eventually they will find something wrong if they keep trying hard enough.

  5. Binks

    Rick Ankiel 2.0. Trade him to the Wolves for a 2nd & if he remains a turd here oh well. It’ll keep us in the national spotlight now that Buckets is gone. Miss you jimmy. Calling out Wiggins for being a lazy dumpling of **** was fun to watch tbh.

    • driftcat28

      The yips are a crazy thing. At least Ankiel made it back as an OF for a couple of years. Maybe Fultz can come back as a Center lol

  6. Man, this site is full of haters… sooo many people hating players, teams… really guys you should lighten up a bit, you know

  7. atuck_sfg

    Saw a video today of Charles Barkley getting over his driving yips at a range. Maybe he should hook up Fultz with whatever helped him. That is if he’s fully recovered…

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