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Details continue to trickle out about the confrontation that took place between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green on Monday night, a story that has dominated NBA headlines all week. Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports is the latest to piece together specifics on the barbs exchanged, writing that Green called Durant a “b***h” multiple times, continuing to rant even as head coach Steve Kerr tried to direct his players’ attention to his whiteboard.

Paraphrasing Green’s comments, Haynes reports that the former Defensive Player of the Year shouted something to the effect of “You’re a b***h and you know you’re a b***h,” later adding a comment along the lines of “We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave.”

Sources tell Haynes that there was a point during the argument when Durant cringed, when it evolved from a typical basketball argument into something deeper and more personal.

While the two teammates claimed they’d be fine moving forward, things didn’t get off to a great start in Houston last night, as the Warriors lost by 21 points to the Rockets, with Green going scoreless in 24 minutes. After the game, when Durant was asked by one reporter about his relationship with Green, he tersely told the reporter, “Don’t ask me about that again,” as Mark Medina of The Bay Area News Group relays.

Here’s more out of Golden State:

  • Sources tell Haynes that Green was dismayed that Durant would show him up at such a crucial moment in Monday’s game, and took exception to Durant’s criticism because he felt his desire to win was being questioned. This also came at a time when Green had just returned prematurely from his toe injury, according to Haynes, who cites that early return as an example of how badly the big man wants to be on the court with his teammates.
  • Rival teams and players are “attempting to gather more information on the morale and status” of the Dubs, per Haynes, who says that the saga is being viewed as “promising” for the opposition.
  • Durant, who has the ability to veto any trade this season, has shown no interest in being moved and remains committed to returning to the Finals with the Warriors, a source tells Sam Amick of USA Today. “We’ve got a three-peat upon us,” the source said.
  • Amick suggests that this entire saga isn’t about Durant’s upcoming free agency as much as it’s about Green’s “vocal attitude” about Durant’s free agency. While other Warriors may not love Durant’s approach to his contract situation, Green is the only one to voice his disapproval. “No one cares except for Draymond,” one source said to Amick.
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16 thoughts on “Latest Updates On Green, Durant, Warriors

  1. Gary

    Bottom line, Draymond wants to be paid. There’s no room for Draymond Max with Durant around.

  2. Ptn18

    Gary hit the nail on the head on that one. Draymond has been telling everyone he wants to be Defensive Player of the Year so he can get the max. When they first got into it, Draymond said he took exception to KD talking to him like a scrub. The other thing about Draymond is if he hit free agency, other teams are worried he might not fit in with them.

  3. shawn hemp

    When keeping it real goes wrong… Kd needs to take a lot that sensitivity to LA and play for the sparks

  4. Ptn18

    It is true that last time Kyrie and Durant hit free agency, they wanted to try and get together in Miami. They practiced together last summer there. Since Miami lost out on Jimmy, they are still looking for a star quality player. I think if you replaced KD with Josh Richardson, Olynyk, and Adebayo the Warriors could still compete for a championship.

  5. Richard Hangslow

    Draymond is just a fragile liberal having his daily temper tantrum. His unstable mental status has always been the wildcard in their potential demise. And everyone knows it.

    • darquee

      Draymond Green is a lot of things but fragile is not one of them. KD is the fragile one – as demonstrated by the burner accounts he used to defend himself against criticism by randoms on twitter. There’s a reason that in OKC they mocked him as a cupcake.

      • bennyg

        Pretty sure “yous” (spelt ewes) are sheep. Yous is NOT a word!
        As for Green being fragile…. he is. Does not always mean in a KD way (as Darquee explains). Green is in an emotionally state, just look at how he exploded so quickly after the game/confrontation.

        Some kinda funny outbursts from Green though, calling out KD and calling him a b***h hahaha

  6. cesc

    Don’t understand why the team would suspend Dray but not KD, both were involved in the argument, the coach tried to get them both back on track… if I was Dray I would feel very aggrieved by the team. Meanwhile they are pampering KD that wants to leave, Dray always has said he wants to stay, my loyalty would always go to him not KD.

    • bennyg

      Well, by the sounds of the reports, Green was the one who continued on with the argument, calling out and ranting on. Suspension was pretty rough though

  7. kpatcal

    Green is a loose cannon that cares about his pride more than anything else. His skill set is becoming more and more valuable in the league, but his value might only translate to 3-5 other teams at most. Even with that translation he is not a max or super max player! What team wants to deal with an alpha dog personality that alienates teammates. He is in the absolute wrong on this matter both on and off the court.

  8. woodstock005

    I can’t wait for Draymond Green to say what he said to Cousin
    Cousin will start a fight???

  9. x%sure

    Pretty harsh by Green. Now I get what Luke meant earlier with “(Green) wouldn’t stand in the way if (KD or KT) decides to leave.” The gracious version of Green’s rant!

    Many (like me) have noticed Green’s predicament but I didn’t know knowledge of it was ‘out there’ affecting things.
    I thought it was assumed that Green was upset with Durant because he thought Durant might leave, not that he might not!

    Most people would fake comradery to keep the team tight, but Draymond is not most people. He is going to get squeezed out of what he helped make & they will win without him & that hurts. He might be playing on a discount too, or else got bad advice in 2015.

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