LeBron On Lonzo: ‘He Doesn’t Realize How Great He Is’

When LeBron James joined the Lakers this summer, the dynamic between him and the team’s second-year point guard Lonzo Ball was one of the biggest questions. After the Lakers’ win over the Jazz on Friday, James spoke glowingly of Ball.

“I think he just sometimes doesn’t realize how great he is,” James said, per The Sporting News. “The things that he possesses out on the floor … when Zo realizes how good he is on the floor, it makes him a very dynamic player and it makes us even better. And he’s been doing that as of late, his aggressiveness.”

Ball, 21, has had an interesting start to the season as veteran point guard Rajon Rondo opened the year as the starter while the youngster recovered from surgery. In 18 games (16 starts) this season, Ball’s totals from last year are down. He’s averaging 8.2 PPG and 4.8 APG, but James feels that his impact on the team is not confined to his stats.

“He missed a couple of them, that’s absolutely fine. He had a couple charges, that’s absolutely fine,” James said. “When he’s aggressive it just changes our dynamic of the team, and he’s been doing it of late and we need him to continue to do that because he’s very good.”

With Rondo set to miss at least another month, Ball will have the chance to not only cement his role as the starter but prove James’ endorsement correct.

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11 thoughts on “LeBron On Lonzo: ‘He Doesn’t Realize How Great He Is’

  1. acarneglia

    You’d think Lonzo would release with all the times his father tells him how great he is

    • CursedRangers

      Ha! Was thinking the same thing. It’s interesting that an article comes out like this once a week or so on Zo. Props to the veterans for trying to get his confidence up. They know how much he is needed for this team to go anywhere in the playoffs. On the other hand, he is also showing that he might be destined to be a backup point guard in this league. Don’t see the Lakers, or LeBron being patient with him into the best season.

      • Jason Lancaster

        I’m not a Laker fan or a Ball fan, but the kid looks like a starter to me. He’s got speed, size, an excellent handle, and decent court vision. He’s also good at finishing in traffic and he clearly hasn’t hit his potential.

        Worst case, the guy is Larry Hughes. He was a solid player for a lot of years.

  2. Kenleyfornia74

    Lonzo is a solid player. Wont be a star, but still an efficient PG. Markelle Yips has taken away a lot of the heat Zo was getting for his draft position

  3. formerlyz

    In college, one of the questions with Ball was his willingness to score. It has sounded like they’re trying to push that into him. In college, he kind of reminded me of a bigger Goran Dragic in that regard. He needs to keep getting better at finishing at the rim, and that will open things up further for him. Then maybe he can start learning to take advantage of the defense, and add a mid range pullup. He has also been better on defense than expected, as he isnt as long as you would think for his size, and he isnt as quick with his feet, but he is generally in the right spots and does a good job of team defense next to their good defenders

  4. Totally agree Zo is great, he had a very good rooke season, a bit down this year but he will be fine.

  5. justinkm19

    He’s trying to get his hype up so they can trade him for Beal. Lonzo is good player, but c’mon Lebron

  6. brian214

    I understand propping up your teammate, and Lebron is obviously a better b-ball talent evaluator than any of us, but the only thing that makes Lonzo look good is how bad of a bust Fultz is. If only Philly would have stood pat they would’ve either watched someone else move up to get Fultz, or the Lakers would’ve drafted Fultz at 2 and Sixers could’ve screwed up someone else’s health in their rookie year.
    Best case for Lakers is Ball shows the promise LB and his dad talk about so he can headline a package for another start.

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