Suns Among Teams With Interest In Fultz

The Suns are among the teams with some level of interest in Sixers point guard Markelle Fultz, a source tells Keith Pompey of The Cavaliers were also eyeing Fultz, though it’s not clear whether they remain interested now that they’ve agreed to trade Kyle Korver in another deal.

Although Fultz’s trade value has slipped precipitously in the last year and a half, teams would still be interested in acquiring him under the right circumstances, according to Pompey, who suggests that the 20-year-old’s camp would need to be truthful potential suitors. A team with interest in Fultz doesn’t want to be told that his shoulder and wrist are bothering him if his problems are actually mental, a source tells Pompey — in other words, clubs would simply want to know what they’d be getting into.

According to Pompey, the Suns had interest in Fultz leading up to the 2017 draft, with their analytics people believing that his upside was substantial. However, Phoenix also had concerns about the young guard’s support system, Pompey adds.

If the Suns and Sixers were to engage in discussions on Fultz, Philadelphia would likely target veteran forward Trevor Ariza, whose outside shooting and perimeter defense would make him an ideal fit in the 76ers’ lineup.

Ariza is on a one-year deal, so getting something in return for him could appeal to the Suns, who won’t be contenders this season and have been seeking a point guard for months. Ariza’s contract would also be favorable for the Sixers, who could significantly increase their projected cap room for 2019 by moving Fultz for a player on an expiring deal.

The salaries for Ariza ($15MM) and Fultz ($8.4MM) don’t quite match up, but adding – for instance – Justin Patton‘s expiring contract ($2.7MM) would make a deal legal.

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19 thoughts on “Suns Among Teams With Interest In Fultz

  1. brian214

    I remember when the Sixers/Celtics trade went down. I was beyond ecstatic because of everything I had heard and clips I saw of MK. Funny, I never actually watched him play in a game. When he first arrived at the Sixers facility I knew we finally had our Big 3. I dismissed Boston and everybody else in the East. Damm, this final piece is gonna likely be dealt for a 1 year role player, maybe some 2nd rounders. I’m sick to my stomach.

    As a disclaimer, I was pissed Philly missed out on Wiggins and had to settle for another big man. Proves I stuck at evaluating talent (although my love for Doncic, even though he might not have been a great fit, at least appears to be warranted).

    • Grant

      We all hit and miss man. That’s what makes following this sport so fun. Me personally I knew Oladipo was going to be a stud back when he was on the magic before he blew up but I totally wiffed on Malik Monk. No one can see the future

    • Z-A

      Hey I was furious they traded the pick bc it meant they would miss out on a chance to draft Michael Porter Jr and the dude broke his back. Was all for drafting Tatum at 3 because he was the best overall shooter left at that spot. If you’re going to be mad about picks… Evan Turner over Boogie, Hayward, PG13. Guys we didnt draft bc of non-bball reasons Boogie, KCP, Dirk and Pierce back to back.

  2. Ariza for fultz would be perfect for both. Fultz won’t help Suns enough to lose a chance at Zion but if he loses the yips could be a great asset in the future

    • azentropy

      Zero chance the Suns would do that, they couldn’t if they wanted to because salaries don’t match. Plus they liked Jackson more than Fultz before that draft. While Jackson has took a step or two back from how well he played the last 20 games or so later year, he still hasn’t been no where near the disappointment Fultz has been.

  3. hiflew

    Everyone seemed really down on the Suns for signing Ariza, but if it can get them Fultz it seems like a very worthwhile signing. I know his stock is down, but Fultz could potentially blossom in Phoenix.

    • Oh you think so huh? So the Suns are going to give away their best player, a legitimate all-star caliber player for Fultz, a player teams are not even sure will be good enough to crack the starting lineup or mentally will even be able to provide any value? Got cha. There is no way this was a serious post.

      • Codeeg

        Booker isn’t even the best player on his team right now. That’d be Ariza and Ayton.

        • lol…there is no doubt…booker is suns best player.not ayton.ariza..??? i rather choose mikal than him

      • Regi Green

        He’s not lying though,Fultz for Booker would be good for the 6ers.Maybe not for the Sun’s,but it would be really good for the 6ers.

        • CottMan3

          Please watch some games. Ayton has not been the “best player” nor has Ariza. Booker is by far and away the best player on the team.

  4. Tmandolfan

    Is it reasonable to assume that if Fultz goes to Phoenix he’ll almost immediately be diagnosed with Desert Fever?

  5. Fultz is just not good. I’m not sure what happened to him, but “the yips” don’t all of a sudden make an NBA guard have the shooting form of a 2nd grade girl like Fultz now has. He’s toast…

    • Djones246890

      “The yips” definitely do. It’s when a guy loses all confidence, and his mental state don’t match up with his physical state.

      A guy I used to play baseball got them. He had absolutely zero injury and could no longer throw a ball from second base to first base. Just look at Jon Lester or retired Chuck Knoblauch, in baseball.

      There’s nothing physically wrong with these guys, but something mental is just blocking their ability to perform, physically.

  6. Regi Green

    They should see if Washington has any interest in him,try to package him with picks and either Redick or Chandler for Beal.

    Washington don’t have any 2nds the next 3 years,6ers have more than they need.They could shake up their roster and maybe provide a spark,or add draft picks if things don’t turn around.Plus a little salary relief,right away and in the offseason.

    And instead of renouncing their free agents to create space to add to their big 3,the 6ers can try resigning the players that fit in as depth with the big 4.

    And instead of renouncing their free

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