Suns Working On Buyout With Tyson Chandler

5:24pm: Chandler’s frustrations with the Suns have been growing over the years, according to John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 (Twitter link). He was angry about losing and being shut down early, playing just 47 and 46 games the past two seasons. Before zeroing in on the Lakers, Chandler had also expressed interest in joining the Wizards, Warriors or Rockets.

4:52pm: The Suns are negotiating a buyout with 36-year-old center Tyson Chandler, tweets Marc Stein of The New York Times, and the Lakers are his likely destination once he clears waivers (Twitter link).

After being used primarily as a starter since coming to Phoenix in 2015, Chandler has slipped into a reserve role this season behind No. 1 pick Deandre Ayton. He has averaged 12.7 minutes per night in seven games and doesn’t fit in with the Suns’ youth movement. Chandler is making $13.6MM in the final season of a four-year, $52MM contract.

He could become a defensive anchor for the Lakers, who don’t have much depth at center behind starter JaVale McGee. Chandler is a native of Los Angeles, Stein notes, and his salary will likely discourage any other team from making a waiver claim.

He and the Suns have had a standing buyout agreement in place for a while, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link). Chandler wanted to be sure another team would pick him up before finalizing the deal, and he found a taker in L.A. It explains why the Lakers didn’t make a stronger effort during the offseason to sign another center, adds ESPN’s Zach Lowe (Twitter link).

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22 thoughts on “Suns Working On Buyout With Tyson Chandler

    • Freddie Morales

      This idea of superteams being needed and players bullying their way out if contracts is what is ruining the league. You are getting paid to play. If you want out and to go play on another team, forfeit the salary

      • We’ve had a February trade deadline for many, many years to help playoff contenders to get better, and non contenders to get something in return for their expiring contracts. Tyson Chandler won’t make the Lakers better than the Warriors, especially with Cousins returning.

  1. CottMan3

    This isn’t a game changer for the Lakers. He can’t be on the floor against the Warriors. Helps them in the regular season as he can rebound still but he’s lost all mobility on D.

  2. fieldsj2

    I know he’s always been a defense first guy. I think it’s amazing for a guy to play 18 yrs and never attempted a 3 pointer. Especially the way the games played these days.

  3. x%sure

    Were the Lakers waiting on someone else, and if so what caused them to give up & pivot to Chandler? Because this transfer could have been long done by now… Ayton was always going to be the starter.

      • Phoenix has been trying to trade Chandler since they let Greg Monroe go. They’ve tried to add him on in trades.

        • x%sure

          I was referring to the Lakers’ angle. They have been very slow to fill this hole in the roster & it seems odd. Surely getting Chandler was not the master plan!

  4. Jeff Zanghi

    Is he going to LA or is he wanting to sign with the Wizards, Warriors or Rockets. This article is saying two completely different things…

  5. Lakers can have Tyson Chandler. The Warriors GM said if Demarcus Cousins wants to come back, they will bring him back, With Durant and Thompson in the fold long term, Steph, and Draymond, the Warriors will be in great shape.
    J.R. scored 14 tonight. The Lakers need to get him while he’s hot.

    • Chandler is 36 years old. He’s only averaged double figures once in the last 6 years. He’s not a double digit rebounder any more. He’s only averaged 1 blocked shot a game since the 2004-05 season. He may not even get much time behind McGhee. The Lakers would be a lot better off getting Robin Lopez.

  6. Chandler is a has been so he fits perfectly with Tragic Johnson and the Lakers. They won’t be winning anytime soon. Especially once BRON, BRON decides who he wants for coach and then becomes GM.

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