At Least Eight Teams Have Inquired On Ariza

Suns forward Trevor Ariza won’t officially become eligible to be traded until Saturday, but plenty of potential suitors are checking in now to inquire on his availability. According to John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 (Twitter link), Phoenix has heard from “no less than eight teams” with interest in Ariza.

A report on Sunday indicated that the Lakers were looking to acquire Ariza – who is on a one-year, $15MM contract – and Gambadoro confirms that Los Angeles is indeed one of those clubs that has inquired. However, nothing is close at this point, per Gambadoro, who notes that the Suns aren’t interested in a package of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and a bench player.

Of course, Sunday’s report on L.A.’s interest in Ariza indicated that the Lakers and Suns would have to find a third team to facilitate a deal anyway, since KCP likely wouldn’t have any more interest in joining the last-place Suns than they’d have in acquiring him. Caldwell-Pope has the ability to veto any trade he’s involved in, so he’d require a favorable landing spot if he’s dealt.

Whether they pursue a trade with the Lakers or another team, it seems the Suns will have a number of options with Ariza. Still, Gambadoro cautions (via Twitter) that he doesn’t believe Phoenix is all that interested in adding more projects to its roster — the team wants players that can contribute now.

That’s a somewhat odd stance for a team with an NBA-worst 4-22 record — even if Suns ownership, management, and fans may be tired of perpetually rebuilding, the time seems right to roll the dice on a high-upside “project.” But if Gambadoro’s intel is accurate, that would significantly reduce the odds of a Suns deal involving someone like Markelle Fultz.

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21 thoughts on “At Least Eight Teams Have Inquired On Ariza

  1. Bryzzo2016

    The Rockets should acquire him and try to right their wrong. MANY of us predicted how much they would miss Ariza and Moute. Sure enough, they are now one of the worst defensive teams in the entire league.

    • hiflew

      Technically he didn’t say 4 FUTURE 1st round picks. Teams could just sign Adam Morrison, Jimmer Fredette, Anthony Bennett, and George Papagiannis and make the deal.

  2. cba93

    Lakers would have to slide Kuzma or Ingram to the bench. I do think he’s a great fit for that team though. Need a few more defenders/shooters

    • acarneglia

      Probably would bring him off the bench in LA imo and have him close out games. Could start though

      • cba93

        I’d guess he’d start based off of his resume. For sure finish. That being said it would also allow lakers to package Kuzma/Ingram for a star later on in the year

    • bowserhound

      Depending on how much longer Rondo will be out, and how his ankle heals up, Ingram could potentially play the point for additional minutes.

      • honkysauce

        Dude are smoking sherm? Brandon Ingram doesn’t have any handles and he’s slow. He can’t play PG. Please say no to drugs.

  3. PHX could use a veteran PG to help their young players develop. They already have two young (rookie) PGs who were picked at the top of the 2nd round. Maybe they thought Ariza would be that veteran leader, but he plays off the ball (and in any event it’s not working), so I could see swapping him for a veteran PG.

    • hiflew

      How about Washington?

      Wizards get
      Ariza, DeAnthony Melton
      Suns get
      Austin Rivers, Troy Brown Jr

      Wizards get a vet to help push them to the playoffs, Suns get a vet PG to help lead the team and both teams pick up young players at positions where they are weak in depth.

      • If Wiz are still pushing to win this year vs luxury tax, works for them player-wise. Suns would have to view Rivers as a vet PG, but they’d certainly not have to worry about Booker having the ball too much any longer.

  4. Black&Gold

    Figure the loser LA Fakers will need Ariza’s help more than anyone else. Hope they cheat to another lopsided transaction….. while still not making the postseason as usual. lol

    • paladin

      Dionis said he would leave the website if the Lakers made the playoffs. Any chance you make the same deal and go with him?

  5. Johnny h

    Suns have a nice chip here and plenty of leverage. I’d be shocked if they got less than a quality player or a first rounder.

  6. Z-A

    Dragic or Tyler Johnson > Suns
    KCP > Heat
    Ariza > Lakers

    Win-Win-Win. Heat need to shed some salary for next year.

  7. MinnyBorn

    Ariza and Jackson to MInnesota for Dieng, Tyus Jones and lottery Protected 1st.

  8. Wonder if OKC is one of the teams. They value defense (everyone plays it), could use the flexibility of another bigger wing with a decent shot (to move PG13 around more) and have the best PG (DS) that Phx is likely to get.

    I doubt OKC would give up DS for Ariza straight up; DS is playing too well and too many minutes and they’re winning. But if Phx throws in one of the young PGs and another shooter (Daniels), and evens out the salaries (likely the least negotiable part of the deal), then OKC should consider it. Would likely help their playoff bench, and gets them off DS’s salary next year. No brainer for Phx, as they are unlikely to get anyone better than DS in FA with only a 2 yr commitment (and, at his age, a long term possibility), so I don’t think his salary is a negative for them going forward. IMO, this is a better use of Ariza’s value than some pure stop gap vet who will hate playing with them and another pick (it won’t be a 1st). Only negative is they may a game now and then.

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