Lakers Looking To Acquire Trevor Ariza

One of the worst-kept secrets around the league is the Suns‘ desire to trade Trevor Ariza, a valuable 3-and-D wing who can help a lot of potential playoff teams. Well, it appears the Lakers are the team at the front of the line, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Lakers are working hard to acquire Ariza in a potential three-team trade.

According to Wojnarowski, the Lakers and Suns have been working to reach an agreement with a third team that would take on Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as part of a potentially larger deal. It must be pointed out that Caldwell-Pope has veto power on any potential trade, but Wojnarowski also reports that the Lakers have shown a willingness to work with his agent, Rich Paul, if there’s a deal that might increase his role.

Meanwhile, the Suns are reportedly looking to land a playmaking guard and a draft asset as the price of unloading Ariza. Ultimately, Wojnarowski reports that the two teams have made progress on a potential deal, but also that no agreements are close and both teams remain active in multiple trade discussions throughout the league.

This will certainly be something to monitor as it could significantly impact the Western Conference playoff picture. Ariza and Caldwell-Pope both become trade-eligible on December 15.

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38 thoughts on “Lakers Looking To Acquire Trevor Ariza

  1. Thronson5

    I hope they get it done. Really curious to see what this team looks like next season after the draft and free agency. Wonder if they’ll make any big trades or get that big free agent they are hoping to get and I wonder if any of the guys on one year deals will be back.

    • imindless

      I dunno man i cant see them doing ariza for kcp. Kcp is trash and i dont see the lakers trading hart which would be the playing making guard they would like.

      • dust44

        That’s where the third team comes in my man. The third team gets KCP. Third team sends a younger prospect. Lakers get Ariza.

        • imindless

          Problem is no team wants kcp because he is trash especially for a young prospect.

      • Thronson5

        I do agree. But I do think the 3rd team helps there. They give the young guard, they get KCP and maybe a future 2nd round pick, the suns get the young guard and also get a future 2nd round pick and the Lakers get Ariza. I think it’ll work out for all 3 teams and I think the trade will go something like that, could be wrong but I see it playing out like that and working for all 3 teams.

        • imindless

          Again most cant read…no one wants kcp!! He is being paid close to 12 million and can shoot and has lost playing time to hart. Cant see us getting ariza for a bum like kcp unless young assets are being attached. Dont want ariza if it costs us hart or svi or even wagner.

          • x%sure

            KCP & Ariza are both expirings making about the same money and neither are important for their teams or will remain there for long, so they have some similarity.
            KCP was a riser not long ago, IDK what happened, but he will get another shot.

      • x%sure

        Unlikely that Hart is involved. . . the Lakers have still not broken up their pre-Bron YoCoMoFo. . . also I would call Hart more of a finisher than a playmaker. As for Lonzo, Rondo is an injury risk so no.

        Presumably it would be someone in the $12-15mil range on a 3rd team or it will get complicated.

      • jnastasi15

        If they trade Hart for Trevor I’m going to lose more faith in the Lakers than I already have.

  2. Rewane

    That third team could be the Hawks.
    Lakers send KCP to Hawks.
    Hawks send Jeremy Lin to the Suns.
    Suns send Ariza to Lakers.
    With a second rounder or two from the Lakers.

    • Rewane

      Suns want pg, Lakers want Ariza, so a second from the Lakers could be enough incentive for Hawks to swap Lin, who isn’t in their long term plan, for KCP.

      • Gary

        Lin’s actually doing a nice job for the Hawks and makes up for a rookie T Young shortcomings. Good veteran presence and a good presence on the team. They won’t give him up easily. Just my opinion watching them.

    • Gary

      He’s hurt again… and they can’t give him up for too little. He was the number one pick overall.

  3. MinnyBorn

    Ariza and Jackson to MInnesota for Dieng, Tyus Jones and lottery Protected 1st.

  4. Z-A

    Hawks get KCP
    Suns get Bazemore (Booker has to play PG still)
    Lakers get Ariza

    I believe I saw the Hawks were looking to dump his salary.

  5. acarneglia

    Ariza to LAL
    KCP to NYK
    Kanter and Burke/Mudiay/Ntilikinia to PHX

  6. hiflew

    The Knicks could get involved here.

    Lakers get Ariza
    Knicks get KCP
    Suns get Courtney Lee, a protected 1st from NY and a 2nd from LA

    Knicks can get out from under Lee’s 2019-20 salary and clear space for a run at Durant or Kawhi this summer.

      • hiflew

        The 1st is not for KCP, the 1st is for getting away from Lee a year early. KCP is basically just there for a salary match.

        • Johnny h

          You don’t have to give up a 1 to dump Lee. You don’t have to dump Lee at all. You can get something from him from any number of teams that need a wing. Houston, for starters

  7. dfree123

    It may be just me but I don’t think KCP will want to go to a lousy team just to get more playing time. He has veto power over any trade. I think he’d rather continue playing the role he has on the Lakers and be on a playoff team.

    • hiflew

      I dunno. He might want to go to a place where he could accumulate stats. If he does well with playing time in a different situation, he might just fool someone into giving him a bigger contract.

  8. Jason Lancaster

    Bulls would take on KCP and guarantee him minutes too. They could ship out Lopez to Phoenix, which gives Phoenix another veteran center they can buyout to save a few bucks. Lakers get their man. Throw in a 2nd rounder for the Bulls and another for the Suns and everyone wins.

    Chicago is going to have to do a trade – they already tried firing the coach and that didn’t work. Phoenix loves to cut costs… Lopez is a buyout waiting to happen.

  9. cesc

    Lakers don’t need another wing, so I don’t see the fit for Ariza unless you take away playing time from Ingram, LBJ & Kuzma, there are better targets than Ariza out there

  10. emax

    I’m an MJ fan and strongly believe he is the GOAT so it’s kind of funny to watch LBJ put all his stock in himself only to go to LA and be a very good player on an average team that needs more than Lebron to actually win anything.

  11. It’s always funny when two teams float a potential deal and then bring up the need for a “third team”. I guess it’s a good way to put it out there vs making 28 phone calls. But the role of the third team never seems all that attractive.

    • x%sure

      Another party to pick up pieces
      Of ruptured plans and would you pleases

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