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LeBron James made some headlines earlier this week when he said it would be “amazing” to play alongside Anthony Davis. However, while Davis was flattered by the praise, he wasn’t willing to entertain any ideas about teaming up with LeBron in Los Angeles, as Zach Lowe of relays.

“I don’t really care,” Davis said of LeBron’s comments. “Obviously, it’s cool to hear any high-caliber player say they want to play with me. But my job is to turn this team around. If we’re 15-17, that means I’m not doing my job.”

The Davis rumor mill has followed a familiar pattern over the years — a report or a public comment will stir up speculation about the Pelicans star moving to a team like the Lakers or Celtics, prompting Davis or the Pelicans to try to shut down that speculation. This week, that job fell in part to head coach Alvin Gentry. As Steve Aschburner of tweets, Gentry once again reiterated that the Pelicans have absolutely no intention of trading Davis.

“We’re not trading him,” Gentry said. “I can say that to the world. We’re not gonna trade him, no matter what. That’s not an option. It doesn’t matter what anybody says or does. We’re not trading Anthony Davis.”

Still, as long as Davis doesn’t verbally commit to remaining in New Orleans long term, the rumor mill figures to keep following its same pattern. The 25-year-old will become eligible for a super-max extension during the 2019 offseason, and teams around the NBA will be watching closely to see whether he signs that deal or remains on track to reach free agency in 2020.

“When that time comes, of course we will see,” Davis told Lowe. “I love my teammates. I love New Orleans. I love the fans. I talk their slang. I love their food.”

Despite Davis’ love for New Orleans and the Pelicans’ adamant opposition to trading him, they can’t stop players like James from making indirect pitches to their All-NBA big man. According to Aschburner, Giannis Antetokounmpo jokingly made a more direct pitch to his fellow All-Star on Wednesday night, when he ran into Davis after the Bucks’ win over New Orleans.

“Come to the Bucks, man,” Antetokounmpo said with a smile. “Come to the Bucks.”

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20 thoughts on “Latest On Anthony Davis

  1. Ironmonger835

    Tampering. Lakers and Bucks must each relinquish 3 first round picks.

    • dimitrios in la

      There’s actually WAY too much cross talk publicly about players on other teams coming over. Not a good practice.

    • LordBanana

      Tampering rules do not and never will apply to players no matter how many times you post about it.

  2. imindless

    Im sure ptn will some how proclaim that this means lakers have no chance of trading for davis lol these websites must really have nothing to talk about lol.

    • Ptn18

      You love to dream a lot. Did you cry when Paul George said he was staying in OKC and Cousins said he was going to Golden State. I was in tears laughing when Pop said he wouldn’t trade Kawhi to the Lakers to give them a championship. Like the players and coaches in the NBA say about the media “”””””Just shut out the noise.”””””

      • Ptn18

        Haven’t heard from Dionis. I’ll match his offer. If the Lakers get AD, Durant, Thompson, Kawhi, Butler, Kemba, Kyrie, Middleton, or Cousins, I’ll take my account off of here. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy watching the Warriors win the next 3 titles.

  3. antsmith7

    No way AD goes to Milwaukee but imagine if he did! AD and Giannis together would be incredible!

    • chiefivey

      it really would be lol. especially if they manage to keep bledsoe

  4. cpt redbeard

    “their slang” and “their food”.. nothing screams commitment like separating yourself from the region.

    I am joking of course, you know someone will over analyze what he said.

    • RootedInOakland

      He’s from Chicago man lol, u don’t become Creole by jus playing for the Pelicans

  5. x%sure

    Davis is important, though not to the level where he is expected to announce his future plans so that everyone else can simmer down and know their place in the world. Like with, shall I say, LeYunohu.

    Still the pressure & questioning is significant and will only get worse. Maybe that will boost a sense of urgency. . . probably helped the playoff Cavs.

  6. Black Ace57

    I think it is more likely he goes to the Celtics. The Lakers are going to have a hard time getting a second star for Lebron. Lebron refuses to share control of a team with anyone else. He is getting into late Kobe Bryant territory when his attitude prevents players from wanting to join him.

    • x%sure

      If you’re talking about stars then you could name them instead of generalizing. In that rare class with few folks it is not easy to find a fit. If you’re not inclunding Bledsoe or Vucevic in it, it is small in number. Usually people point to the same old same old Durant George Leonard, other 3s. Irving apparently hated the whole city of Cleveland. People have their own stuff going on. 2019 will be the tell. A player who works with James will be more valuable than a better one that won’t. That’s true anywhere but expectations are the highest with Lebron AND LAL.

  7. Ironmonger835

    Needs to be a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON THIS! Instant fine of 5 million dollars and 3 first round picks.

    • cookmeister

      What is LeBron supposed to do? They asked a question, he answered. He even said “duh”
      Next guys aren’t going to be allowed to talk to one another, text, post comments on IG. Relax.

    • bowserhound

      This is just what is being reported. Just think of what players actually say to each other in person, on the phone, texting…did your head just explode?

  8. bennyg

    Who gives a s*** if a player says “Come play with me! Come to my team!”
    At the end of the day, they’re still human. Most are still fans of the game and would love to team up with specific players. How is it hurting anyone else!? It’s NOT. Just all the negative nancys of the world having a cry

  9. Statements by players can’t cause a team to be guilty of tampering. In light of the power of NBA stars yield within their teams’ organizations, it’s counter intuitive to a degree. Then again, is it really fair to a team to lose draft picks because a guy like JR Smith goes on a diatribe.

    Players recruiting each other while they’re under contract is common; USA basketball’s favorite pastime. They even negotiate on behalf of their teams. Riley can talk to Wade for 2 years about LeBron/Bosh, and Wade can talk to them. Two Rockets players openly met with CP3 while under contract with the Clips to get him to request a trade to the Rockets vs opting out and becoming a FA. Rockets couldn’t be part of that conversation.

  10. Grant

    Anyone else realize they wrote a article on how giannis doesn’t want to team up with a superstar and then mention him recruiting AD a few articles later

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