Mavericks Reportedly Gauging Interest In Dennis Smith Jr.

The emergence of Luka Doncic along with skepticism of Dennis Smith Jr.‘s effectiveness on the court alongside the rookie standout has led to the expectation the Mavericks will eventually trade Smith, Marc Stein of the New York Times reports.

Dallas has denied any interest in moving Smith, per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon (Twitter link). However, executives from other teams tell MacMahon that the Mavericks are “at least gauging [the] market” for their guard.

Smith, 21, is in his second NBA season being drafted in the first round (ninth overall) by the Mavericks in the 2017 NBA Draft. He emerged as a solid player in his rookie season, averaging 15.2 PPG and 5.2 APG for Dallas in 69 games. However, injuries have limited Smith in his sophomore campaign.

The North Carolina State product has played in just three of the Mavericks’ 12 games in December due to a wrist injury. In 21 games, Smith is averaging 13.0 PPG and 4.0 APG, but his field goal percentage has improved from 39.5% as a rookie to 43.7% this season.

As Stein notes, the Mavericks are “plotting” to build their roster around Doncic. Smith would likely attract significant interest and the Mavs also have veteran swingman Wesley Matthews in the final year of his deal as a trade chip.

At 15-17, the Mavericks are just 2.5 games behind the Kings for the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Once Smith’s wrist injury improves, he will likely remain a crucial part of Dallas’ rotation, but his future with the team beyond that is to be determined.

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55 thoughts on “Mavericks Reportedly Gauging Interest In Dennis Smith Jr.

    • LordBanana

      If they don’t think DSJ is gonna fit in they should trade him sooner than later.

      • 123Redsox

        I mean, he is 21 and hasn’t been given much of a chance to play next to doncic. At least give smith the rest of this year before making a concrete decision and dealing him.

        • Chris

          I think what’s been shown is that DSJ is just a worst version of Luka. Not that he’s bad, just Luka is better in nearly every way. Given that both players lead towards being scoring guards rather than providing assists, hard to fit them both in the same backcourt. Add in the fact that they’re still developing defensively I can see why they wanna ship DSJ while he has value

      • JimmyMac

        I tend to agree as he is a good player but unless the Mav’s intend to run Doncic at the PG spot, ala’ Ben Simmons, keeping Smith would be the better bet. He can shoot and he is more of a shooting guard than a traditional passer, so keeping him with Luka with Barnes and Jordan would be better for the team going forward.
        I’m not too sure after recent reports of Barnes butting heads with Mark ( Cuban ) that the Mav’s wont look to move Harrison Barnes first. If they were to move DSJ, who or what would they look for in return and to fill what role, shooting guard if Luka runs the point or another pass first PG ?

  1. acarneglia

    Orlando and Phoenix are the obvious choices with clear needs at PG. Maybe a team like Detroit does something like DSJ and Matthews for Leuer and Ish Smith and a pick.

    • phins34

      How is that an adequate return for even just Matthews let alone throwing DSJ in there?
      I don’t even care for Matthews but he’s worth more than that.

    • natsfan3437

      Detroit would most likely have to do Drummond for Barnes and dsj. Or Drummond for Jordan and dsj. Then they can ship out Jackson for the position they need to fill. Trade 1 they need a center, Reggie Jackson and a pick to Orlando for Nikola V. Or trade 2 Reggie Jackson to phoenix for josh Jackson or Mikal bridges and a salary filler.

      • reece

        Detroit is committed to Drummond/Griffin frontcourt. If Detroit’s deals, it’ll likely be something centered around Reggie Jackson. I think it’ll be foolish for Detroit to deal Drummond who’s in his mid-20s and a top all star level center in the league. However, Orlando is appealing because their draft picks would all likely fall in the mid to early 1st round. If Orlando deals, I can see a package featuring Ross.

        • natsfan3437

          I’m not saying that this will happen at all I’m saying if Detroit wanted to trade for dsj Drummond is the only asset Dallas would take. Griffin makes to much and is injury prone, Jackson is just dsj with more salary and older. Drummond is the only choice since he fits the traditional Mavericks center (defensive minded, post scorer, great rebounder, and good in pick and roll).

          • reece

            Understood. Who knows. I think if Dallas deals, they’ll get a moderate haul back. A solid role player and a unprotected draft pick.

            • natsfan3437

              I just posted down below, I think the best deal is Tim hardaway jr and frank ntilikina for DSJ and Matthews.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Sixers should trade Fultz straight up for Smith, Jr. It would be heaven on earth!

    At least for me!

    • DynamiteAdams

      Agreed but Mavs would never trade a young point guard doing ok for a young point guard that struggles straight up despite previously perceived potential. They’d rightfully ask for a 1st rounder with that. Tbh I think this is all smoke and he’s not going to get traded, if at all, until closer to the end of his contract because it’s hard for both sides to see eye to eye on his value.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        If the Sixers could trade Fultz and throw in a 1st rounder to do it and truly get it down, this would be done like yesterday. I know Smith, Jr. is apparently having a sophomore slump, but I just adore his athletic ability.

        • victorg

          he reminds me a lot of Kevin Johnson and Eric Bledsoe just seems like mistake to give up on him already unless you are getting something special in return

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        LOL, I would even throw in Ben Simmons, but there would be a riot!

    • yoyo137

      Mavs would hang up the phone, they could get more for DSJ than Markelle Fultz at his lowest value ever.

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        If the Sixers only had traded down to get Smith for some reason they loved Fultz

  3. drgme

    This is ludicrous. To not take advantage of a rookie contract and to COMPLETELY wrote off a talent such as Smith is bogus. All these reports seem beyond just speculative. I know he’s hurt right now, but if they know what’s good for them, Dallas better be quieting this all down sooner rather than later. The truth is this roster has finally gelled. Although that’s happened and this team can finally reap the benefits of that success, they are do to trade someone. I just don’t think that Smith is the guy to drop so soon.

  4. Z-A

    DSJ has also been out of the line-up a couple weeks… so I think 21 games played together doesn’t paint the picture that they don’t work well together.

  5. jeremy

    There goes cuban about to make silly moves again. If Cuban was smart he would keep Smith. Why you ask because in case if injures. But I guess his love for old man jj too big.

  6. supercollider

    Two players with issues trade teams — Smith to Boston for Jaylen Brown. Mavs gets a slasher opposite Doncic, wing-heavy Celts assemble a good three-guard rotation (Irving, Smart, Smith).

  7. hiflew

    Suns get
    Dennis Smith
    Wesley Matthews

    Mavs get
    Josh Jackson
    Ryan Anderson
    lotto-protected 1st rounder
    2nd rounder

      • hiflew

        Well, it could easily be one of those diminishing protection picks. Lotto protected for the 1st year, then top 10 protected, then top 7, then top 3.

        Plus if the Suns get a young, capable PG to go along with Booker and Ayton, they might not be THAT far away. Especially when you factor in the 2019 1st rounder that will almost certainly be top 5.

  8. reece

    If Dallas can get back a experienced vet that can help them make a playoff push and a decent draft pick, I don’t have a problem with dealing DSJ if it means DSJ gets a chance to have his own team and reach his full potential. To me, Orlando has what Dallas would want in Ross and quality draft picks.

    • RoloMFFL

      I do like this scenario! Would you want Ross or Bamba, and let DeAndre walk?

      • reece

        Ross is having a great season. Plus he’s on a expiring deal. If Dallas is looking to make a playoff push, as it’s been rumored, they’d benefit from adding the scoring punch and spark Ross can bring off the bench. Getting back a draft pick from Orlando only gives them another valuable asset to put together in another future deal. Who wouldnt want a pick from Orlando? I know I would. They aren’t going anywhere. Lol

      • reece

        …I also think Dallas wants to be players in free agency. The fact that DeAndre is on a 1 yr deal says something to me. Dallas will have money to add two max players in the off-season.

  9. natsfan3437

    The best deal I saw so far
    Knicks get:
    Wesley Matthews, and Dennis Smith Jr
    Matthews has an expiring deal so more cap space. DSJ an athletic point who needs to develop more but can draw in fans.

    Mavericks Get:
    Tim Hardaway Jr and Frank Ntilikina.
    THJ Good scorer for doncic to pass to. FN very good defender to guard the best guard in the other team. Most West teams best player is pg or Sg.

    • RoloMFFL

      Why would this be a good deal? I think New York Trades THJ & Frank in a package for John Wall if the Wizards decide to rebuild/tank, have you seen that contract??!?!

      • natsfan3437

        John Wall makes 40 million next season and going forward three more seasons. He is also starting to lose a step. DSJ is very similar to John Wall but without the attitude problems. The Knicks also dont look like they are going to compete this or next year so taking on a project like DSJ is better in the long run than wall.

        • hiflew

          Wall’s salary jump is one of the most important reasons for the Wizards to move him this year. Right now, for salary matching purposes, Wall is only around $20 million. Next year would be double. There is a lot more flexibility in the trade return if the acquiring team is willing to pay him.

    • Nebraska Tim

      Except there’s no way Dallas does that deal.

      This would, however, be a fantastic trade for the Knicks.

  10. RoloMFFL

    I don’t think the Mavs should give up on any young player this early! I know they’re trying to push for the playoffs, and although I really like both Barnes & Matthews, I think they should move those guys!

    Is there any scenario that the Mavericks could trade for Bradley Beal?

    How about trading Matthews & Powell for JJJ & Parsons? Who would say no and why?

    • hiflew

      Matthews and Powell for JJJ and Parsons? Um, the Grizzlies say no because that is one of the worst trade proposals ever. Why would the Grizz trade arguably the 2nd best rookie after 20 games? And for virtually nothing at that.

  11. Trading a 21-year old player they thought enough of to draft in the top 10 less than 1.5 years into his career rarely makes sense. If there’s a trade on the board for a star, or the kid requested a trade, or Doncic and he got into a knife fight, then OK. Otherwise, this team needs to relax.

  12. imindless

    Id like lakers to aquire him, have him at the 2 lonzo as just a lock down defender and passer. Id do kcp, this years first rounder and either zubac or wagner for him.

    • hiflew

      It’d take more than that. Although I’m sure you could build a deal around Smith and miscellany for Lonzo and miscellany.

  13. x%sure

    I’m not a DSJ fan and I think the Doncic pairing is doomed, but I would not trade him yet. I think DAL just wants an assessment.

  14. Nebraska Tim

    I think this is a mistake… I think we’re seeing more and more teams start playing 2 and sometimes 3 point guards together.

    You need guys who are comfortable handling the ball.

    Doesn’t seem like they’ve given them much time to figure it out. It takes time to learn to play well together.

  15. RoloMFFL

    On the DSJ front, I think it’s all a matter of diligence, they have to be willing to listen to offers even if they don’t seriously entertain them! One thing I’m sure we can all agree about is that Luka would be the only untouchable piece in DAL, everyone and everything else is fair game, for the right price/fit!

  16. jump shot

    Maybe DSJ has an attitude problem that they don’t want around their young franchise player, and dont want to disclose it soas not to dilute his trade value.

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