Patrick McCaw Wanted “A New Opportunity”

Patrick McCaw couldn’t come up with an easy explanation for why he wanted to leave the Warriors, other than saying he was looking for “a new opportunity,” writes Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

McCaw got his wish last night when Golden State elected not to match the two-year, $6MM offer sheet he received from the Cavaliers. McCaw went through his first practice with Cleveland today, after which Vardon asked him the obvious question: Why didn’t he want to stay with an organization where he won two rings in his first two NBA seasons?

“I loved playing in Golden State,” McCaw responded. “My teammates, the coaches, it was nothing really … nothing stands out to me to say I didn’t want to go back. Think it was just a personal thing where I was just like, I think it was time for me to move on for a new opportunity within myself. Nothing against Golden State, front office, coaches, players, the environment, it had nothing to do with any of that. It’s just a personal thing, and I wanted a new opportunity to move on.”

McCaw went from the two-time defending champs to the team with the league’s worst record. He also made the move without any guaranteed money. Neither year of his offer sheet carries a guarantee, although all NBA contracts will be fully guaranteed for the rest of the season for players who remain on the roster beyond January 7.

As the league’s last remaining restricted free agent, McCaw has been waiting for an offer sheet since July. He turned down the Warriors’ $1.7MM qualifying offer and a subsequent two-year, $5.2MM offer with only the first year guaranteed. The “new opportunity” he had been seeking finally came Friday from the Cavaliers, who need reinforcements after a rash of injuries.

McCaw gets a chance to prove himself again as an NBA player after a disappointing second season and a frightening fall that kept him out of action from March to May. Cavaliers coach Larry Drew plans to play him right away, although he still needs to get into game shape and learn the team’s playbook.

“I took a different approach to this whole situation,” McCaw admits. “I was uncertain if I would get an offer sheet or anything. But being positive in myself and knowing something would come. I can’t really look back on the last two months and how I handled the whole situation, I can only continue to focus on now and the future. That’s all I’m waiting for.”

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13 thoughts on “Patrick McCaw Wanted “A New Opportunity”

  1. Wow, so none of the money is guaranteed. That’s a different story. Well he should be good by January 7th for this year and let’s hope he gets his game back. Certainly worked out for him. Seems like a good guy.

  2. xdrta

    Good for Patrick. Whatever happens, he’s out of the crappy restricted free agent box, which gives all advantages to the team and leaves nothing for the player.

  3. east333

    I agree, good for him. Plus, in his first year with Cleveland he’ll make more than he did in his first two years with GS, assuming the deal is not prorated for this year. He can be good rotation player long term as well.

    • xdrta

      For a rest-of-season contract, only minimum deals are prorated, others are paid in full. So, assuming he sticks past Jan 7, he’ll receive the full $3M.

      • east333

        Right so after the deadline it’ll be guaranteed for the rest of the year. Isn’t that typically when 10 day contracts begin?

        • xdrta

          After Jan 7 the first year is guaranteed. It’s not prorated (for rest-of-season contracts only minimum contracts are prorated) so he’ll be paid the full $3 million.
          10 day contracts can be signed after Jan 5.

    • Perhaps this is something like Kawhi Leonard with the Spurs. Get hurt stay on IR for a while, seem to be healthy, team says you’re healthy, but you stay out longer or reinjure yourself, Bad Blood is created though not in the headlines, and off you go. Who knows?

  4. x%sure

    McCaw doesn’t quite make up for Irving but I like it.
    (both bulldozed their way off a title team)
    How many points must he average to deserve crow sounds from the rafters?

  5. Guest617

    too many cooks in the warriors kitchen he’ll have a greater chance with more minutes to make more money with the cavs – in true form david griffin’s a tanking magician

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    McCaw today: “Think it was just a personal thing where I was just like, I think it was time for me to move on for a new opportunity within myself.”

    McCaw in April: “Maybe I made a mistake…”

  7. Gary333

    If he wants playing time he’ll definitely get it in Cleveland. He can show off his two rings to their one in the locker room. Lol!

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