Bulls Scouting Veteran Point Guards

The Bulls have been scouting veteran point guards, according to Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times, who reports that the team isn’t just eyeing potential trade targets for the deadline, but is looking ahead to 2019’s free agent market for some “fiscally responsible” options. Cowley names Ricky Rubio and Darren Collison as a couple veteran guards who appear to fit that bill.

Chicago has given Kris Dunn the reins at point guard since acquiring him in the Jimmy Butler blockbuster with the Timberwolves during the summer of 2017. However, the 24-year-old has just been okay for the Bulls so far. Injuries have limited Dunn to 78 games since the trade, in which he has averaged 13.0 PPG, 6.1 APG, and 4.2 RPG with a .433/.328/.752 shooting line.

One scout tells Cowley that there’s talk of Dunn needing to be pushed by a proven veteran to see if he’ll “sink or swim” in reaching another level and becoming the Bulls’ point guard of the future. The franchise will face a decision on Dunn’s long-term future fairly soon. He becomes eligible for an extension during the 2019 offseason and can become a restricted free agent in 2020 if he’s not extended.

According to Cowley, one option being considered for the rest of this season if the Bulls don’t acquire a point guard at the deadline is to promote Walter Lemon Jr. from the Windy City Bulls to the NBA squad. Cowley, who describes Lemon as a “tough-minded guard that backs down from no one,” suggests that the former Pelican would be given the opportunity to compete with Dunn for minutes.

The Bulls only have about $54MM in guaranteed salary committed to their books for the 2019/20 season. While that doesn’t include cap holds for their first-round pick or various free agents, including Bobby Portis, they should still have plenty of space available to pursue a point guard in the offseason.

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9 thoughts on “Bulls Scouting Veteran Point Guards

  1. Z-A

    Bring in his current comp – Darren Collison?

    Maybe time to move on from Dunn. He’s an average PG. Which is fine, a lot of teams could use an average PG. If he shot better from 3 – that would be a huge plus. But teams value a guy like DJ Augustin or Elfrid Payton. Needs to decrease the turnovers a smidge. But this isn’t a guy you’re going to pay a lot.

    Maybe there’s a world where Jabari Parker, Robin Lopez, and Kris Dunn for Chandler, Fultz, Muscala, Patton, Korkmaz, and Amir Johnson and a 2nd.

    Comp: Elfrid Payton was traded for a 2nd round pick (2018). Tim Frazier for a 2nd (2017)

  2. formerlyz

    Shaq Harrison was amazing last night. Seeing him live, you saw how disruptive and relentless he could be defensively. I still say Phoenix should have made him their starting PG, and then they released him over Canaan, who they ended up releasing anyway. Good job

    • x%sure

      Suns should have listened to you not me ;)
      To be fair Canaan was not ouplayed by the 3 PGs they kept (excluding Booker), but he was significantly older and suffered injuries. (27 vs. 20,21,22) The Suns really do need to find out what they have at PG & give Melt0n at least a chance.

      Canaan may have overbuilt during his downtimes.
      link to tucsonnewsnow.com
      link to nypost.com

  3. stevep-4

    Harrison good stopper off the bench, but not a starter or a shooter.
    They need someone who can produce their own shot.

  4. Djones246890

    Walter Lemon Jr. is here to save the day, fellow Bulls fans! Have no fear!!!!! ((Eye role)). This organization is a joke-and-a-half.

  5. Dunn had a great season last year and played well (when healthy) at the beginning of the year. Boylen is not the right coach for him.

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