Grizzlies Notes: Holiday, Temple, Casspi, Parsons

After attempting to send MarShon Brooks and Wayne Selden to Phoenix last month in a three-team trade that would’ve netted them Kelly Oubre, the Grizzlies moved those same players in Thursday’s deal for Justin Holiday. While the deal isn’t as favorable as the one they thought they had for Oubre, that’s why this one was able to get done, Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian writes in his breakdown of the swap.

Herrington isn’t overly bullish on the trade, noting that it reduces the Grizzlies’ flexibility to some extent — the team has an open roster spot as a result of the two-for-one deal, but probably won’t have enough breathing room under the luxury tax line to fill it right away. Herrington also isn’t sure that Holiday represents a meaningful upgrade over the younger Selden, and notes that Memphis will now likely be left without a pick in the 2019 draft.

Still, as Herrington observes, it’s possible that Brooks’ and Selden’s inclusion in that failed trade with the Suns and Wizards “poisoned the waters” and left those players unhappy. If that was the case, this new deal may help lift any lingering unease in the locker room, making it more worthwhile.

Here’s more out of Memphis:

  • In the wake of a Wednesday postgame meeting that involved a physical altercation between Garrett Temple and Omri Casspi, GM Chris Wallace apologized to Grizzlies fans and said the team would hand out internal discipline, per an Associated Press report. Wallace was also displeased that details of the incident leaked to the media so quickly, adding that the club would handle that internally as well.
  • Within that same AP report, Temple and Casspi both addressed the reported altercation, though neither player went into much detail. “Some things were said and some things happened,” Temple said. “At the end of the day we’re brothers. We’ve known each other since we were rookies. At the end of the day, we came out of that meeting … on the same page and we’re moving on from it.”
  • David Cobb of The Memphis Commercial Appeal wonders if the locker room incident speaks to a leadership void for the Grizzlies.
  • Chandler Parsons is healthy and wants to get back on the court, but it’s not clear which Grizzlies player(s) should be sacrificing minutes for the oft-injured forward. Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian takes a closer look at the situation.
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10 thoughts on “Grizzlies Notes: Holiday, Temple, Casspi, Parsons

  1. acarneglia

    I wonder if we see Memphis get rid of Parsons. Something like Parsons to Charlotte for Batum and Kaminsky

    • No way a team trying to compete takes on Parsons, the griz would be lucky to dump him and some draft picks onto a rebuilding team like the cavs or hawks

      • dust44

        Idk technically he’s on a 1-1/2 year contract. Rest of this season and 2020. If a contender needs to clear cap like the Batum inflated contract that’s longer it would make some sense. But only if the Grizz add a pick or 2. Which is hard since they don’t have one this year

        • acarneglia

          I feel like Parsons would be more valuable to Charlotte than Batum, plus both teams could use a change of scenery.

      • x%sure

        No team trying to compete would take on Batum either; so it’s a pretty even swap; actually Parsons, with one less year contracted, also has more potential since Batum’s decline is already happpening. With Kaminsky included, there’s no need for significant draft pick(s).

  2. “…attempting to SEND…”

    “While the deal isn’t as favorable as the one they had they had for Oubre…” (?)

    • Luke Adams

      Gonna keep blaming the first week after the holidays for my typos, while I still can. Thanks, that’s been cleaned up.

  3. The clown of a GM in Memphis should try to learn to to their trades right before disciplining his players.
    Now on a serious note, if I was a fan of Memphis I wouldn’t be particularly upset about the fight, is nice to see players with passion, fighting because they are angry about loosing instead of laughing & joking like nothing goes on… actually is refreshing to see, should happen more often between team mates.

  4. Guest617

    memphis should’ve stretched parsons last year and fired their gm – 100M in flames

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