Knicks Have Explored Kanter, Parker Trade Scenario

As the Knicks attempt to find a new home for Enes Kanter, one scenario recently discussed by the team would see New York acquire Bulls forward Jabari Parker, reports Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News.

Both Kanter ($18.6MM) and Parker ($20MM) are on pricey expiring contracts, and the Knicks were previously cited as one of the teams that expressed interest in the former No. 2 overall pick. However, Chicago is unlikely to have any interest in Kanter, since the team is headed for the lottery and wants youngsters like Wendell Carter, Lauri Markkanen, and Bobby Portis to handle the brunt of the frontcourt minutes.

Bondy acknowledges as much, writing that finding a third team to take Kanter represented a “snag in the framework” of a deal involving Kanter and Parker. It’s unclear if discussions ever really got off the ground and advanced beyond the preliminary stages, Bondy adds.

Like the Bulls, the Knicks are currently focused on player development rather than playoff contention, and Kanter has made it clear he’s not on board with that approach, so the team has been on the lookout for potential trades.

The Knicks reportedly talked to the Kings about a possible swap involving Kanter and Zach Randolph, who has an $11MM+ expiring contract. Bondy suggests that Sacramento would like to add Kosta Koufos – another veteran on an expiring contract – to that hypothetical deal, but says the Knicks would require a sweetener (ie. a second-round pick) to make it work.

It’s not clear how much interest the Knicks really have in Parker, but if they like him as a player and view him as a better long-term fit than Kanter, acquiring him in a trade would give them some options in the offseason. His $20MM team option will certainly be declined, but whichever team has him at the end of the season would hold his Non-Bird rights and could offer him a starting salary ranging from anywhere between the minimum and $24MM.

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6 thoughts on “Knicks Have Explored Kanter, Parker Trade Scenario

  1. Knicks have no use for Parker. They don’t have enough minutes to evaluate the guys they already have. What could he possibly do for them in a few months in this musical chairs lineup that he didn’t do with the Bulls-?

    If all the Knicks are asking to take ZR and KK is a second round pick, Kings should jump on it. It increases their cap space about 2 mm, which gets it closer to the point that they could get a 1st from a taxpayer.

  2. reece

    Kings should just go ahead and take Kanter and Lee off the Knicks hands. Offer Z-Bo, Koufos or Labissiere, and McClemore.

    • dust44

      I actually agree… Kanter backing up WCS and being the tough guy on the second unit. The Kings have looked pretty good. Don’t know y they need Lee tho. They have a lot of wings already. Plus adding Kanter takes some pressure off Giles to develop now. Gives him time. He’s literally played a 1/4th of a seasons worth of games between college and his 1st and now 2nd year.

      • reece

        I just figured Lee would bring that playoff experience, 3 and D ability plus he has played for Dave Joerger before. Joerger has done a pretty good job managing player minutes. A player like Lee would find some PT on that roster. If not, Lee is a attractive expiring contract next year.

  3. thebare54

    Bulls trade Parker to the Timberwolf ‘s he would help-them this team traded,and we did get over on the last trade . Maybe a second rounder and one of the two way guys plus Cash to help pay for Felicio stupid contract ( was for that tradewe could keep Parker who ain’t bad inside the 3 point area .

  4. nycnuthouse

    Knicks are a s*** show. They need more forward thinking like the nets.

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