Pelicans Notes: Ball, Davis, Lakers, Demps

Although Lonzo Ball would reportedly resist a trade to New Orleans, the Pelicans see him as an important part of any potential deal for Anthony Davis, according to Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times. Sources tell her that Ball would become the starting point guard in New Orleans and would be given every opportunity to become a star.

Ball’s representatives had expressed concern that he might not have a clear role in a crowded Pelicans backcourt where Elfrid Payton is the starter at point guard and Jrue Holiday can also play that position. However, Holiday “doesn’t want to be a point guard” and prefers his current role, according to one source. It’s not clear whether the Pelicans intend to keep Payton or trade him to another team if they acquire Ball. He has an expiring $3MM contract and will be a free agent this summer.

There’s more Pelicans news to pass along:

  • The Lakers believe New Orleans is targeting Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Ivica Zubac as the main components of a Davis trade, relays Sam Amick of The Athletic in an examination of the key players in the drama. However, he adds that L.A. should be prepared to give up Brandon Ingram if that’s what it takes to get a deal finalized before next week’s trade deadline. Sources also tell Amick that LeBron James has been visibly frustrated over the direction the Lakers’ season has taken since he was sidelined with a groin injury on Christmas Day. L.A. has fallen to ninth place in the West, which should increase the urgency to acquire Davis as soon as possible.
  • There has been speculation that the way the Davis situation has played out will eventually cost GM Dell Demps his job, but Justin Verrier of The Ringer points out that there’s no obvious candidate to replace him. In previous years, there was speculation that the Pelicans might ask Joe Dumars to take over, but Verrier suggests Dumars might have been responsible for those rumors. Many of Pelicans’ top executives also work for the NFL’s Saints and don’t have the basketball expertise to run a team. Former Hawks executive Danny Ferry has been serving as a consultant and could be next in line if Demps is dismissed. Verrier’s comments are part of a larger look at whether the NBA has a future in New Orleans.
  • Davis will talk to the media Friday afternoon for the first time since making his trade request, tweets Scott Kushner of The Advocate.
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36 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Ball, Davis, Lakers, Demps

  1. imindless

    Looking like this could go down around deadline holy cow!!! Celtics fans gonna be so upset when they dont even get a shot! Lol they have wanted this man for 5 years

    • imindless

      Also had to expect thus happening to lonzo, the writing was on the wall when rondo was in play. Since rondo came into the picture lonzos skill arent used because rondo and lebron get the lions share of touches and lonzo becomes a “shooter” If he goes to new orleans which i think is likely he will become a better player because it will be his team. Just like randle and russell these are very high end pieces that just need time to be great, i expect the same from lonzo, kuzma, ingram.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Yup. They swear that without Tatum they can top a Lakers offer and Jaylen Brown is better than Ingram

      • imindless

        Lol tatum isnt even as good as ingram and the numbers prove this its just because we on the west coast

        • mcmillankmm

          I can’t believe it’s even an argument, watching the playoffs last year I would think Tatum is by far superior to any player mentioned on the Lakers roster

          • kenleyfornia2

            But the Celtics arent willing to trade him. Jaylen Brown and Rozier arent leading an AD package lol

            • I’m afraid the real reporters are saying Tatum, Brown, Rozier, and picks is the Pelicans favored package. If Rozier is willing to sign a $14mm sign and trade, this package works. Dell Demps got screwed by Rich Paul, that’s why he won’t answer his phone and talk to him. Celtics have what Demps wants, Lakers don’t.

    • soxscelticspats

      Lakers won’t get him at all. Pelicans will wait until the off season.

  2. Ingram’s performance last night might have made him a must add for the pelicans in any deal

    • dimitrios in la

      Don’t see how they’d base their decision on one night. Their homework on him better be better than that!

      • jonscriff

        He’s had 20+point games last 3 games. He’s doing really good right now

  3. theking24

    Why wouldn’t pelicans want ingram? They need a wing really bad. If they don’t want him they can flip him to a third team and get someone they like. I’d be shocked if the lakers could get Davis without giving up all 3 of Lonzo Kuzma and Ingram

    • Ya you’d have to think that’d be the case. Zubac is similar to okafor so I don’t know why they’d want him

    • imindless

      The return isnt going to be that big, if celtics were involved they would be pushing brown, rozier, smart, morris and picks. Celtics will absolutely resist trading tatum same for the lakers and they likely have enough to get the job done without giving up all 3

      • Ya it’s hard to imagine the Celtics giving up that much if he doesn’t agree to extend his contract

      • kylewait89

        I honestly think you’re holding out hope they wouldn’t include Tatum. I don’t think the Celtics add Davis without knowing he will re-sign anyways. The trade likely happens with Tatum and Brown going there along with the dumb amount of picks they have.

  4. Guest617

    lol funny @ lonzo ball thinks he has pull to trade destinations – fact is most gm’s don’t want his issues

    • dimitrios in la

      His camp seems to doubt his abilities to compete even with non upper-echelon players—as do I. Lakers should also dump Magic Johnson.

  5. dust44

    I still don’t c Kuz being included. I think Ball, Ingram and Zubac is the main package. KCP because of his salary. Maybe a 5th piece to get it done

    • imindless

      Thats great but kuzma is cheaper because of his status as a late first rounder and he is more polished than ingram. He is the one thats getting delt, along with kcp, lonzo, zubac, and an unprotected first this years or next.

        • KCP can decline any trade because he signed a 1 year contract. Kuzma+Ball+Zubac= $10mm. AD makes $25mm. If the Pelicans don’t trade AD until after July 1, AD’s salary goes to the 2019-20 salary of $27mm. Everyone’s salary goes up and as ESPN reported yesterday the Lakers will only have 7 tradeable assets. That and the leagues GM’s don’t like the Lakers because of their competitive advantage in the TV revenue market, and don’t care to help them.

  6. The Lakers believe that the Pels are “targeting” Zubac (a RFA that the Lakers will likely have to renounce if they use cap space as intended) ? Wow.

  7. Had to laugh when I saw SB Nation saying LeBron never had any intention of mentoring the Lakers young kids. I see @imindless running his mouth again. I also think it’s funny the media (multiple) are reporting that New Orleans GM Dell Demps isn’t taking calls on AD.

  8. BlazersDozen

    So how do Lakers get AD when Ball, Ingram, Zubac & Kuzma salary is still I think 7-10 million short? They throwing in Rondo too and saying screw it? We’ll have a two man starting line up? Nothing is happening until the summer at the earliest unless it’s another team.

  9. bdallen714

    What’s really funny is all of you armchair GMs running trade scenarios. LeBron will ruin Laker legacy by demanding his will be followed. Ainge will screw Boston over by wanting to win and breaking up a good young core. NBA has gone downhill since guys like MJ, Dr J, and Dominique used to lead those teams to the playoffs. No one plays real D anymore. If these guys are “stars” they should be able to make teammates better and win.

  10. azcrook

    Who wants the Lonzo circus?? He fits perfectly with the Lebron Magic LA clown show….Davis would be crazy to want to be part of that.

  11. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    I don’t think Lonzo should worry. Jrue Holiday will absolutely be traded if Davis is dealt at the deadline. He is too talented to be in a team that would tank for the rest of the season. Not to mention, NO will be able to receive another 1st for him.

    • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

      Utah, Minnesota, Philly, Orlando, Phoenix, and potentially SA and Milwaukee would all place calls

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