Victor Oladipo Out For Season With Ruptured Quad Tendon

JANUARY 28th, 5:02pm: Oladipo underwent surgery on the ruptured quad tendon Monday, according to a team press release. There is no timetable for his return.

JANUARY 24th, 12:05pm: The Pacers have issued a formal update on injured guard Victor Oladipo, announcing today in a press release that an MRI revealed a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee. Oladipo will undergo surgery at a later date to repair the injury and will miss the rest of the 2018/19 season, according to the club.

It’s a brutal blow for a Pacers team that had established itself as one of the clear top five teams in the Eastern Conference this season, along with the Raptors, Bucks, Sixers, and Celtics. While the Pacers may not have been favored against any of those clubs in a playoff series, they had been holding onto the East’s No. 3 seed at 32-15, putting the club in position for a potential first-round series win.

Without Oladipo, the Pacers figure to remain in the top five in the East, but it’s hard to imagine the team hanging onto the No. 3 seed, and a first-round postseason exit seems much more likely today. Still, the Pacers held their own when Oladipo missed time with a bone bruise earlier in 2018/19, posting a 7-4 mark, so we’ll see how they look without their star player down the stretch this season.

As ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski observes (via Twitter), a ruptured quad is a pretty rare injury among NBA players and one that’s challenging to come back from. Charles Barkley and Tony Parker suffered the same injury in the past, with Parker rupturing his quad less than two years ago. The Pacers and Oladipo will likely study Parker’s rehab and recovery process closely, Wojnarowski notes.

In Oladipo’s absence, the Pacers figure to lean more heavily on veteran guards Darren Collison, Cory Joseph, and Tyreke Evans. 2018 first-rounder Aaron Holiday also may reclaim a regular rotation role, as he did during Oladipo’s previous stint on the inactive list.

The Pacers are ineligible to apply for a disabled player exception to replace Oladipo for the rest of the season, since the deadline to request a DPE was January 15. The club will have an open roster spot once Stephan Hicks‘ 10-day contract expires if it wants to add any more veteran backcourt depth.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 thoughts on “Victor Oladipo Out For Season With Ruptured Quad Tendon

  1. formerlyz

    Quad injuries really hurt, and take longer in some circumstances, or at least they have for me. The quad effects stability in the whole leg really, so not only does it hurt, it also feels really weird. Rehab is going to be really important to make sure he doesnt hurt anything else when he comes back

  2. ClancyJ

    That’s terrible to hear. Always love watching him play. Maybe they bring in Jimmer Fredette once they have a roster spot open.

  3. Guest617

    blake griffen suffer the same/similiar quad tear injury? he bounced back okay

  4. Loren Polonsky

    An important question is this: did the knee injury he sustained in November/December somehow contribute to this injury? I remember when that initial injury happened last last year and there was a decent amount of ambiguity about the extent and severity. At the time, some had even wondered whether Oladipo was ultimately going to need surgery after the season. Sad to see such a hardworking guy sustain this devastating an injury.

    • formerlyz

      If his knee was an issue, it could have been part of it, but that doesnt mean it wouldnt have still happened, considering how it happened. That being said, compensating can cause further injury, as I well know lol. I remember Derrick Rose dealing with an ankle when he injured his knee, as another example. I just doubt that would be a significant cause here b/c he has been back for a while

  5. Nebraska Tim

    Watched this game.

    Injury looked super weird in real time. It just looked like he slipped. Obviously it was more than a little slip, which is really too bad.

    It was nice to see the players from both teams talk to him and encourage him as the stretcher came out. Reminder that though players are competitors, they’re also a brotherhood.

    Super gritty and deserved win by the Pacers btw.

    • formerlyz

      The way you describe it actually makes sense. When I’ve injured my quad the 3-4 times in the past, it was always something really dumb or small that caused the injury

  6. jump shot

    Stop doing that euro-step move…. its a physically unsafe move to practice and perform – especially at the size and speed of these million dollar assets. Not mentioning this for an argument, I just have thought this for a while as its becoming more and more a popular move.

    • Have you ever wondered why is becoming such an ever popular move?

      ‘Cause it works!

      • jump shot

        Depends on your definition of “works”. Regard, its still a physically dangerous move here. Kids learn it in their youth in Europe. I saw kids doin drills in Greece that hs players in the US would struggle with. Again, if you love the move, great!

    • Nebraska Tim

      He didn’t hurt himself Euro-stepping.

      He hurt himself trying to get back on defense to stop the Raptors super-fast break (with a leaping Siakam).

      While running back and trying to stop under the net, his looked like it just gave out, and he slid almost feet first under/into Siakam. Siakam is fortunate that he wasn’t injured on the play as well.

        • jump shot

          Oh, Im very aware that he didn’t hurt his leg doing that move. My point was that this move is one that is dangerous and puts an additional (and unnecessary) wear and tear on the knee and surrounding muscles that for someone that practices and performs that move so much, eventually…. well, here we are. Almost like bending a hanger enough times…. its not the last bend that breaks it – its the other several.

  7. Core4

    Totally sucks for Oladipo. Tim Hardaway Jr trade makes a ton of sense for Indy after this blow. Sucks also, because Indys building the right way. Lik e when teams get good by the draft, and savy FA pickups , and smart trades rather then bunch of super stars wanting to take the easy way out and all sign with same team. Tim Hardaway Jr to Pacers for there 2nd rd pick.

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