Grizzlies, Hawks Swap Shelvin Mack, Tyler Dorsey

9:54pm: The Grizzlies have officially traded Mack to the Hawks in exchange for Dorsey, the team confirmed on Thursday (Twitter link).

1:35pm: The Grizzlies and Hawks are in agreement on a trade that will send point guard Shelvin Mack to Atlanta and shooting guard Tyler Dorsey to Memphis, tweets Michael Wallace of

Mack, 28, has been Memphis’ backup point guard for the 2018/19 season, averaging 7.9 PPG and 3.4 APG in 53 games (22.7 MPG). He has also had one of his best three-point shooting seasons, knocking down 35.9% of his attempts from outside.

However, Mack is expected to be waived by Atlanta, per Chris Vivlamore of The Atlanta Journal Constitution (Twitter link). If those are the Hawks’ intentions for Mack, it’s not clear what their motivations are for making the deal.

As for the Grizzlies’ side, sending out Mack for Dorsey allows the retooling squad to replace a veteran with a young prospect who had taken a step backward in Atlanta this season. A second-round pick in the 2017 draft, Dorsey posted 7.2 PPG and a .362 3PT% in his first year, but those numbers have dipped 3.3 PPG and a .256 3PT% in year two, as he has seen his role cut back.

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12 thoughts on “Grizzlies, Hawks Swap Shelvin Mack, Tyler Dorsey

  1. formerlyz

    Back to Atlanta for Mack. Allows him to provide some defense at the guard spot, which they could use. Can mentor Trae Young a bit while he is there

    • braveshomer

      why buy Lin out or any of the other guys in trade rumors….doesn’t that show other teams to just wait out trades with hawks for their pieces cause they’ll end up getting bought out. Wouldn’t you rather show the league ‘hey, if you want some of our pieces you better engage in trade talks cause we’re not gonna just buy them out and let em walk for free’…

      • Well the teams aren’t going to give up anything of significant value for a guy who is likely to be bought out. Plus the team buying out the player saves some money while opening up a roster spot that they can use on a guy to see what he can do.

        • braveshomer

          yeah I gotcha, I’m sure they would’ve taken and decent offer if they got one. But its another year we heard trade chatter with some of our pieces only to not trade and end up just buying them out (which obviously hasn’t happened quite yet)

        • braveshomer

          But that’s what I mean, don’t buy the players out after they don’t get traded and show the league this is the only chance this season to get player x or a from the hawks

          • Well the problem with most of the bought out players is their salary. Lin, for example, is on the cap for $12m. Not many teams have that type of cap space to absorb that type of contract without sending salary back. And usually if the team does need to send salary back, they are giving up a rotation player. In some cases that’s fine but in most cases, that deal is just opening up another hole in the rotation. Baseball doesn’t have this issue since teams don’t really need to match salaries to make a trade and are often swapping bad contracts just to offset the costs. In basketball, the salaries have to be close enough to match if one or both of the teams are over the soft cap.

  2. x%sure

    I predict Lin will be kept by the Hawks. Mack I guess will teach and demonstrate defense to young Trae Young.

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