Lakers Make New Offer For Anthony Davis

2:42pm: The Lakers are willing to surrender Ball, Kuzma, Ingram, Rondo, Beasley, Lance Stephenson, and two first-round picks for Davis and Hill, reports Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times (Twitter link).

That reported offer fits the description Wojnarowski provided, as it includes three promising young players, multiple draft picks, and cap relief in the form of Hill’s contract. Of course, New Orleans doesn’t have any open roster spots, so a 6-for-2 deal might be a little problematic, but if the Pelicans like the offer, that obstacle could probably be overcome.

The Lakers are waiting on the Pelicans to respond, Turner tweets.

2:04pm: The Lakers have offered up a new package for Anthony Davis, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who reports (via Twitter) that Los Angeles put an offer on the table that includes multiple young players, multiple draft picks, and cap relief for the Pelicans.

Wojnarowski suggests (via Twitter) that there’s no sense of how much progress the two sides have made, but the Lakers have “absolutely gotten more serious” in negotiations, and their latest offer moves closer to what the Pelicans want to get out of a Davis trade. Pelicans GM Dell Demps and Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson have had multiple conversations today, per Wojnarowski.

There were conflicting reports last week on what exactly the Lakers’ offer(s) to the Pelicans looked like. A Los Angeles Times report indicated that L.A. had put five different scenarios on the table for New Orleans, with one of those packages featuring Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubac and a first-round pick. However, the offer reported by Woj was less impressive, with Rajon Rondo and Michael Beasley in place of Ingram and Zubac.

Wojnarowski’s latest report suggests that the Lakers’ newest offer probably looks a little different than both of those previously reported packages. If the Lakers are offering “cap relief,” that presumably means they’d be acquiring more than just Davis. Solomon Hill‘s contract ($12.52MM this season and $12.76MM next season) is the one the Pelicans would most like to get rid of, so he could be part of L.A.’s offer.

Earlier today, we learned that Davis’ camp informed the Pelicans he’d be willing to re-sign with the Lakers, Knicks, Clippers, or Bucks if he’s traded. However, the Knicks and Bucks would be hard-pressed to put together a viable package for Davis, and the Clippers have yet to make an offer, sources tell Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

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91 thoughts on “Lakers Make New Offer For Anthony Davis

  1. xabial

    “Pelicans GM Dell Demps and Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson have had multiple conversations today, per Wojnarowski.”

    Surprised Demps is even given the authority to involved in negotiatons this big, when he was part of the problem

    But good to see Lakers getting more serious. If KP rehabbing from torn ACL, got two firsts, why not Davis?

  2. emac22

    All those other teams can offer more than 6 first round picks, young players and salary relief.

    How about that.

  3. emac22

    BTW – Thomas, Herzonia, Ntilinka, Knox, Mudiay, Robinson and 6 first round picks for Davis is probably more than they get from the Lakers or whoever they deal with.

    adding Smith in a second one for one deal is also an option to sweeten the pot.

    • joemoes

      I think they’d pass in Thomas and mudiay and want dsj. First round picks are no guarantees. I’d try to offer ntlikina dsj Knox 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 firsts I know they can’t offer back to back years but they have the mavs picks to make this happee.

  4. I can’t see any way the Lakers can take back another $12m in salary. You have to trade about 6 players to make that happen. 6 for 2. And that includes KCP who has a no trade clause. Need third team and lakers end up with 4 open roster spots

  5. Just reworked it. Can get it down to 6 for 4.

    To Pels. KCP, Lonzo, BI, KK, Zubac, Lance
    To lakes. AD. Hill, Okafor, Frazier

    • ClickableContent

      Can any combination of the Lakers other 1-year contracts account for enough to substitute for any of those players?

  6. Black Ace57

    No way this deal gets done before the offseason. Boston being in the trade picture will drive up the prices.

    • Decius

      He has stated he won’t re-sign with Boston. That pretty much eliminates them.

      • kylewait89

        Where? Where does he say he will not re-sign? Every time I hear something dumb like a legitimate competitive offer won’t do it, I smell a whiff of Laker fan.

        • adkuchan

          The Athletic is reporting that Davis told the Pels he will re-sign with the Lakers, Bucks, Knick’s, or Clippers.
          Although that may just be during this season.
          Davis’ father is quoted as saying that he doesn’t want his son to go to Boston. He was not a fan of how they handled the Isaiah Thomas when he was injured.

      • yaniwox

        Ainge has already said he will deal for Davis without a commitment. He is willing to bet the farm on a Davis deal.

  7. I like this trade

    Pels. KCP Lonzo. BI Beasley KK Zu
    Lakes. AD. Moore Miller, Payton.

    • Pelicans want cap relief, that’s why Hill is included. If Pelicans trade Davis, they want every good asset the Lakers have not named LeBron.

  8. bklynny67

    Hopefully NO realizes they two firsts don’t mean s–t. They will be late firsts. The Knicks can offer more if they include their 2019 first rounder which actually has a legit chance of being a star player.

    Frank, Knox, DSJ, Robinson, and 2019 first rounder is a better offer, but I wouldn’t do it if I were the Knicks unless you knew Kyrie and KD were joining them next year.

    • hiflew

      But will they be late 1sts? There is no guarantee that a LeBron/AD combo is a championship contender. LeBron is getting older and AD has already proven he is not capable of leading a team to a championship. Or at least he has no desire to try anymore.

      Besides, one of the main three players in the deal is Kuzma who was the 27th pick in the first round. Late firsts are not worthless, you just have to do your homework.

      • victorg

        it will be outside lottery picks .. those picks aint worth squat… the hope is kuzma ball and zuvac are pcs to buid around I assume.

  9. kenleyfornia2

    You can’t believe anything these reporters say, so im skeptical this is even an offer. But IF and thats a big IF this is a real Lakers offer the Pelicans would be incredibly dumb to say no.

  10. Realtalk

    Ball, Kuzma, Ingram, Rondo, Beasley, Lance Stephenson? Man the Pels better take that deal before magic wakes up!!!!!

    • terror661

      Amen. Butchering the team for LeBrons ego. I love it. Include Walton in the deal and it’s over. Lol

  11. jeremy

    That a ugly trade offer. That way too much. So give up our 3 best young players , our whole PG depth and a soild back up PF for two players plus picks ugh. I’ll have to say no to AD . We aren’t that desperate

    • terror661

      You certainly aren’t desperate. But LeBron get what LeBron wants. The biggest baby in all of sports.

    • joemoes

      Rondo Beasley(he caused problems in locker room) lance probbakt wouldn’t be back next y at anyway. The deal was always going to be Ball Ingram Kuzma

    • CursedRangers

      A third team almost has to get involved to make this work. Orlando is sitting on too many trade chips to not do something before the deadline. Not saying they are the ones to get in the mix, but on paper they have a lot of players that would help make this work for everyone.

  12. dfree123

    Who’s going to run point for the Lakers if they make this trade. All of their ball handlers are included in this offer aside from LeBron. I’m assuming KCP is refusing to go to NO so the Lakers are having to include Rondo to make salaries match.

  13. terror661

    Wow. All for a pending free agent. Are the Lakers the dumbest team in history? This move could be the worst move I’ve ever seen if it happens.

    • joemoes

      He’s not a pending free agent until after next year. Lebron is old and has a few good years left you need Davis to attract Kyrie, KD, Klay, Butler, or Kawhi

  14. Luke, If the Lakers take on Solomon Hill, can they still offer a 2nd max contract. I know the article from Woj said it doesn’t appear like Rich Paul wants to keep Davis in New Orleans the rest of the season. Also read the Pelicans don’t like the Lakers being pushy. If the Pelicans wait until summer when Beasley, Stephenson, Rondo, and McGee fall off, they can ask for all the young guys. Yahoo said yesterday the draft picks don’t matter, they will be too low.

    • joemoes

      Yahoo doesn’t mean anything imo. They want to unload the bill contract for next year so it’s basically rondo Beasley Stephenson for Hill all those contracts expire for them and they get useful players for this year imo.

      Lakers can probably find a taker next year for hill using Hart or Zubac our a later first or some seconds to someone like Cleveland who’s far away from contending

    • joemoes

      Also AD is still under contract so just don’t extend AD until after next season probably leaves room for Hill as well and let’s You get another max. AD only makes 25 million vs a max in the 35 million range

    • Luke Adams

      Don’t think the Lakers have a path to a max contract slot this summer if they acquire Davis, whether or not they take on Hill. By my (very rough) math, they’d have just shy of $15MM in space if they did this deal with Hill.

      If you just count LeBron, AD, Deng’s dead money, and 10 empty roster charges, the Lakers would already be up to about $78.5MM for 2019/20.

        • Luke Adams

          Yeah. The math would be LeBron ($37,436,858) + AD ($27,093,018) + Deng ($5,000,000) + 10 empty roster charges ($8,971,580) = $78,501,456.

          Projected cap is $109,000,000, so that would leave $30,498,544, and that’s assuming there are zero other guaranteed salaries on the roster (based on the latest proposal, you’d still have to account for Wagner, Bonga, and Hart in addition to Hill, and you’d probably want to keep Zubac’s cap hold too).

          So I don’t think another max slot is realistic if they get AD. Which is fine. Getting AD would be a much better option than saving cap room for free agents who might say no!

          • If I’m the Pelicans, I do this trade. They wanted Rondo to stay, and they can have him back. Stephenson is a reliable backup. They could waive Beasley. I think Bol Bol should be around when the Pelicans pick. They could re sign Randle (power forward/small ball center) to go with Kuzma, Ball, and Ingram. They’d be at least as good as Phoenix. My worry in Los Angeles would be Davis getting hurt, which he does a lot. You have a huge drop off from their 2nd to 3rd best player.

              • Now they wish they’d kept him. They haven’t had a point guard all season. He had a good season with them last year.

                • They should have kept him. But without AD, the agenda may change. He can be flipped at a minimum. Guy has value to any playoff team.

                  • With the trade maybe being at the deadline, it might be hard to flip him. With Lavar bitching again, I’d keep him.

    • Johnny h

      A Laker summer offer would be much more difficult to pull off in terms of making the salaries work. That’s a factor here I don’t see people reporting on. Rondo, KCP, lance, McGee and Beasley all on one year deals.

  15. I agree that if the Lakers need to surrender that much for AD, it’s not worth it for them.

    Knicks can offer something none of these other teams can, a shot at Zion, RJ or Ja this year. None of the other three are going to be in a bottom 1,2 in the league position like the Knicks will.

    New Orleans liked Robinson, so he’s in the deal. Add Knox, Frank, Kanter, Knicks pick this year, Knicks and Dallas 2021, and Dallas 2023.

    • kylewait89

      You have to remember that the Grizzlies have a real chance to be a good pick. And that pick belongs to Boston. And Boston owns something like 4 firsts in this draft. Plus necessary pieces to trade for AD. So say Kyrie does re-sign, AD would sign there too after being traded there. The Celtics have a direct path to rings for the coming years. Basically the new LeBron led team in the East come next year. So why wouldn’t the Pels wait? They could get the most out of any team they choose. Including a Toronto who also could put together NBA ready players to get AD. Of course they only attempt it if Kawhi re-signs

      • Jayhawks34

        Ingram and Kuzma have solid NBA starter written all over them.
        I’d much rather have Knox, Frank, the Knicks pick this year, Robinson, a couple more 1s and then a separate deal of DSJ for Solomon Hill.

        Top 5 pick, Knox, DSJ > Lakers pieces

  16. ClancyJ

    Lakers: AD, Solomon Hill, 2 76ers 2nd round picks
    Pelicans: Enes Kanter, Markelle Fultz, Ingram, Kuzma, Zubac, 2 Lakers 1st, 1 Knicks late 1st round pick
    Knicks: KCP, Lonzo, Mike Muscala, Jahlil Okafor
    76ers: Mirotic, Ntilikina, Hart

  17. Rondo, Stephenson, and Beasley aren’t worth anything.

    Ball, Ingram, and Kuzma are average at best, nothing to build a franchise around.

    The draft picks will be middle to late first round.

    Overall, I see no reason why NO would take this deal.

    • jeremy

      Because it give them what they want picks and young players and some one willing to take a player back other than AD. Who knows if another team willing to give up this much

    • imindless

      Lmao ingram > brown kuzma> tatum lonzo > rozier all day man. Not sure what you think you are getting clippers pick is bad grizzlies might be top 10

      • kylewait89

        Wait wait wait. Kuzma and Ingram are better than Tatum? Since when? Ingram still is that potential player but honestly is only as good as how many touches as he can get. And he doesn’t add to winning. Kuzma doesn’t play defense and isn’t a good shooter.

        You’re literally out of your damn mind to think that either are better than Tatum. I’m pretty sure that all Laker fans are banking on him not being included in a deal for AD is how they land him.

        I mean if you’re gonna be a homer, at least try to be honest.

        • paladin

          Trying to reason with @mindless is an exercise in futility. Don’t bother.

  18. Loren Polonsky

    More is not better. The trade offer is comprised of older pieces and modest young players. The Pels need players that are going to develop and grow. I don’t see Ball, Kuzma and Ingram doing that. Not for AD.

    • jeremy

      Well kuz can easily be a 20+ scorer when on, ball can give you 7+ assist a game and Ingram a good all around game but tend to over dribble too much

    • Agreed. Might as well wait until the off-season when you know where all the picks will fall. No rush.

  19. Can the deal just go ahead and happen! Sorry to the NO fans, AD in LA is good for the NBA overall. It would surprise me if PHX or another team isn’t involved to tame Hills money. The entire reasoning in LA willing to give Ball, Ingram, and Kuz in one package is that the Lakers would get a Superstar and retain the ability to sign an all star in the off season.

    • imindless

      Something like this

      Suns recieve:
      Lonzo ball
      Solomon hill

      Lakers recieve:
      Anthony davis

      Pelicans recieve:
      Brandon ingram
      Kyle kuzma
      Josh jackson
      Dragan bender
      2 1sts from lakers
      Okobo or bridges

      • Phoenix doesn’t want Solomon Hill, they have too many small forwards already.

  20. imindless

    If lonzo is in deal why do they need rondo? We will have no pg if we trade both….makes little to no sense. Put kcp instead of rondo or take lonzo out. Creating more holes then adding a bum like solomon hill….wow. Give us mirotic or randle as the plus one.

      • chiefivey

        i think thats what nola wants lol. theyre not trying to make LAL better and they knowthe lakers are desperate. i think nola wants boston to get involved strictly because of players and the picks they have available. kyrie hasnt left boston yet… everybody is acting like its a foregone conclusion that he will leave lol

          • paladin

            Waiting for Feb 7 to call you out as ”wrong again”. If you are right I will leave website, if you are wrong and no trade then you should be a man and leave because of shattered reputation and lack of NBA understanding. Nice knowing ya. Deal?

        • paladin

          Ptn is right. Trading away both Rondo/Lonzo would just clear the deck for Lebron to operate as Point/Forward which is how he has been playing since his first stint in Clev. He has been a drive n dish facilitator for quite sometime. Mike Miller spoke at length about it, when you get the pass from Lebron it is your job to make the open shot.

    • Matt Galvin

      Randle already played on Lakers.
      Lakers get AD,Ross,Gordon
      Pelicans get Mobama,Ingram and so on
      Magic get Ball,Payton,Hill,Picks

      • kylewait89

        Why would Orlando trade Bamba? Or Gordon? And in return get a player they didn’t want anymore, and two players that won’t help them. For picks? From teams that likely also won’t be bad enough for them to be valuable?

        Is everyone on here a Lakers homer?

      • imindless

        I know but clearing kuzma and ingram we will be thin at small or power we can use rondo, hart, randle, lebron, ad as our starting 5

  21. Can’t the Lakers see the writing on the wall? Lebron is still awesome but is starting to break down due to age and wear and tear. If the Lakers deal all the guys they’ve meticulously acquired the last few seasons and Lebron can’t perform, they’re left with only Davis, some cap room and no draft picks. This is especially short sighted considering nobody is beating the Warriors in the foreseeable future. Sometimes I think knowledgeable fans are better at this sh.. than GM’s.

  22. DougieJones

    I think both the Lakers and Pelicans forgot that AD isn’t God. Why are the Lakers offering so much and why aren’t the Pelicans taking it immediately? The stupidity on both sides here is hilarious.

  23. The Knicks can’t make an AD deal before the deadline and still have room for KD and KI.

    They could (although it would tight) sign KD and KI, and then trade for AD using matching contracts. Problem is they won’t have many and no large ones.
    So matching Davis’ 27 + mm w/22 mm or so would require pretty much the 1st (signed), Knox, Frank, DSJ and Trier (of course, Pels wouldn’t need to take all of the last 4, they could spin them off, or we could for value). We could keep Robinson in terms of matching (but I’m sure the Pels would want him), and Dotson, as they make less. Or both could replace Trier in the package.

    What remote 1st’s would be needed should depend on how high the 2019 1st is, and, to a lesser degree, how the listed players finish the season and how the Pels view them. Pels should want more picks (with 4 years control) to players, but there’s no choice but to send players in this scenario. If we get the 1st overall (14%), we won’t need to include many remote 1st’s. I’m not even completely sold on Zion as the best prospect since whoever, but the Pels can’t walk from a package with this player in it, IMO, as long as there is proper window dressing. For that, you still need a couple of remote 1st’s, these deals don’t get done with them. No Zion (86%, 2-5 right now), it depends, but I’d go up to 4 additional remote 1st’s if the pick drops below top 3.

  24. kenly0

    If that’s the offer. The Pels have to accept, right? Doubt they can get a better offer. Maybe push to get Hart thrown in. So, basically LA has tanked over the last 4 or 5 years to trade all those 1sts for AD.

  25. Z-A

    If that is the trade, Magic will need to include a 3rd team and dump Hills contract for a couple 2s. Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls make sense.

  26. Reflect

    It’s a little crazy how publicly this is playing out. Not good for the Lakers that the whole world knows which players are being offered. Their players can’t be happy about that, and it reflects very poorly on the two teams involved.

  27. Rightout

    No need for pelicans to make a trade now…wait til july and trade Davis then…LA is giving up a ton of garbage,,,not one superstar in offer and what… a draft pick around 25-27 each year…..

    • kenleyfornia2

      Keep trying to spin Kuzma who averages 20 a night as garbage lol. Just more mindless Laker hate

  28. goldenmisfit

    If New Orleans does not take this offer they are out of their minds and just show the rest of the league wide they are and have always been a joke.

  29. driftcat28

    That’s still a trash offer. The lakers are garbage pieces. Pelicans would be smart to wait for the Celtics this offseason. Don’t give in and send Davis where he wants. Do what’s best for the organization

    • Have you even watched the Lakers play? Garbage pieces?! There’s absolutely no way I’d make that deal if I were the Lakers.

  30. Phattey

    Lakers gunna suck Lebron is getting injured all the time now and isn’t getting any younger , let’s trade the whole team to build around an aging star makes sense

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