Anthony Davis Open To Signing Long-Term With ‘Handful’ Of Teams

1:29pm: The Clippers are also on Davis’ extended list, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, who tweets that AD’s camp has told New Orleans he would sign long-term with the Knicks, Bucks, or either L.A. team. It sounds like those are the only four clubs on Davis’ list for now, per Charania (Twitter link).

1:21pm: The Bucks are one of the teams on Davis’ extended wish list, league sources tell Wojnarowski (Twitter link). However, Milwaukee has yet to inquire about an AD trade and would have trouble putting together a viable package — the Bucks have traded away multiple first-round picks and all of their most valuable players besides Giannis Antetokounmpo are on expiring contracts.

1:17pm: Reports over the last week have made it clear that the Lakers are Anthony Davis‘ preferred destination, with the Knicks also potentially on his wish list. However, those aren’t the only teams he’d be open to joining, sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link). According to Woj, the Pelicans have been informed of “a handful” of clubs with which Davis would be willing to sign long-term.

It’s not clear which teams are on that list besides the Lakers and Knicks, but the Celtics aren’t one of them, Wojnarowski reports.

The Celtics, who aren’t permitted to trade for Davis during the 2018/19 league year as long as Kyrie Irving remains on their roster, would likely still be willing to make a play for the All-NBA big man in the offseason if given the chance. Still, as Wojnarowski observes (via Twitter), this news could help open up the market for Davis in advance of the trade deadline — more teams could make aggressive offers if they’re confident that AD won’t necessarily be a rental.

Davis’ current contract runs through at least the 2019/20 season, and it likely won’t be financially advantageous for him to sign a new extension before the summer of 2020. Wojnarowski confirms that the 25-year-old has no plans to sign a new contract before he reaches the open market in ’20.

That extra year will be a factor for teams to consider when they make their offers for Davis. A franchise not on his preferred list of destinations may still want to roll the dice in a trade, knowing that it would have a full year to convince him to stay long-term. On the other hand, a club on his wish list would have to recognize that trading for him now wouldn’t provide any guarantees — no long-term agreement would be set in stone until the 2020 offseason, and Davis would have a right to change his mind about his future before then.

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22 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Open To Signing Long-Term With ‘Handful’ Of Teams

      • Z-A

        That one has to be bc Kyrie is ready to bolt if they dont win a championship or at least make the finals.

        • justinept

          Or maybe he agrees with his father’s assessment of Boston- not appreciating the lack of loyalty they showed to Isaiah Thomas who played both hurt and through a family emergency before being traded last offseason.

          • Heckleandcried

            How hypocritical is that though.
            I don’t want my son playing for a franchise who traded a guy who played for them for 2 and a half season ,for a far better player. So they did what was best for their franchise. AD is flipping the bird to Pelican fans to do whats best for him. Wheres the loyalty there?

        • Geez, one thing that IT was much, much better at than Kyrie is recruiting other players.
          Kyrie admittedly is playing for one of the best coaches in the NBA, the Celts have brand new state of art facilities, a great ownership group, a rabid fan base, and he’s finally ‘the man’ on a young talented team yet he’s still not happy and either can’t or won’t recruit his buddy AD to Boston?!?!?

  1. brewcrew08

    As a Bucks fan it is great to see a star is interested in coming to Milwaukee. However I pray we don’t make this deal. Having to trade Middleton, Brogdon, Maker, Wilson and a 1st (plus maybe more) is crazy. Not to mention davis wants to hit the market regardless. With no sort of insurance of him staying long term it makes no sense to move all those assets.

    • Z-A

      Middleton is better than other player that has been mentioned as on the table for AD. But they have Snell, hes no slouch.

  2. xabial

    Knicks’ best chance to get AD, would be if they end w/ Zion

    Lakers’ roster is fools gold.. I just like Kuzma. Doubt they
    or anyone can top offer that include Zion (Aka #1 overall)

    Knowing our luck Knicks end up with fifth overall pick lol

  3. Explains why the Laker offers are gathering dust. The Team LeBron promulgated myth of AD only signing with the Lakers was the sole reason / cover Demps had to make a deal with the Lakers before the deadline. If the Knicks (or the Bulls, etc.) get the #1 pick (or even top 3), how could he possibly explain to his fan base (or bosses) settling for the Laker pieces-? A GM like Demps may not be the best at building a team, but he’s been there long enough that it’s fair to conclude he knows how to stay employed.

  4. joemoes

    Knicks definitely have what it takes they could offer 4 future firsts outside of this year 2 Knicks picks and 2 mavs picks 4 years straight of firsts. They could offer Kevin Knox and dsj. Throw in Wes Matthews on deandre for salary matching. They could also take back Solomon hill and prbbably salary dump him to a team farther away from contending with a firsts. Knicks could have ad KD and kyri this way and the potential Zion Pick.

  5. joemoes

    Bucks and clippers are just a smoke screen to help the lakers get a deal easier. Clippers don’t have the pieces and neither do the bucks for A rebuilding team.

  6. yaniwox

    Even if AD would sign an extension with the Celtics, it will never hit the media. The entire Rich Paul/Magic plan has been to smear the Celtics for the past week plus, to push the Pels into making the Lakers deal. They know if AD will sign an extension with the C’s, they have zero chance at AD.

  7. bigeasye

    “According to people close to LeBron, LeBron only wants him to resign with the Lakers.”

  8. Can’t blame AD for wanting to play for Lakers, Clips & Bucks… more puzzling the Knicks, right?

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