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Some members of the Pelicans organization want to get the Anthony Davis trade done today to eliminate the public relations distraction, but those feelings don’t go all the way to the top, according to Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe (Twitter link). The NFL’s Saints remain the priority for owner Gayle Benson and VP Mickey Loomis, who aren’t bothered by the Davis situation.

There’s more news about the top name on the trade market:

  • The Lakers’ last offer to the Pelicans involved Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac, Josh Hart and a pair of first-round picks, tweets John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7. He suggests the Celtics are prepared to offer Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams, Al Horford (assuming he opts in) and possibly three first-round picks this summer.
  • Davis will pressure the Pelicans to start playing him if he’s not dealt before the deadline, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin (Twitter link). “Every game,” a source said. Davis has been sidelined with a fractured left index finger, but recently received medical clearance.
  • Gambadoro expects Davis to be in the lineup for tomorrow’s game against Minnesota (Twitter link).
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31 thoughts on “Latest On Anthony Davis

  1. jeremy

    Pel are just a sad sad team and trade one of their best shooter for a bunch of nothing and hold AD hostage in hopes new york or Boston comes with a better offer.

    • TJECK109

      Holding him hostage? Did they stop paying him? If you had one of the top players in the game would you just give him away? Thank god you are not a gm

    • slapnuts

      Hold AD hostage?!??? You can’t be serious!?!?? AD is getting exactly what he and Lebrun asked for. They have absolutely no leverage yet the forced the Pelicans into this. The pelicans have all the leverage and they’re not just going to give AD away for what they feel is a lousy package. Nor should they

      • mcmillankmm

        Agreed bennyg, they held him hostage to fulfill his contract, one that pays him $25 million a season

    • mcmillankmm

      They got 4 second round picks including 2 from Washington for a player they weren’t going to re-sign, I thought they did well

  2. kylewait89

    I’m wondering who is feeding Gambadoro info. And why Boston would include Horford in the trade. I mean honestly does it make a lot of sense to add him and Williams with Tatum and Smart and then also throw three firsts? I mean you totally trade Williams, Tatum, Smart and some filler with 3 firsts. But I don’t see why you give 3 firsts and Horford.

    • cobbalicious

      I agree. This offer is way too much for a starter. Plus it would only leave them with 2 really good starters. Losing both Tatum and horrors doesn’t make sense at all. I suggest that they keep Tatum and read heyward

      • chiefivey

        it wouldnt make sense to keep tatum if they get AD… hes too good to be a number 3 option.

    • Horford is in there to match salaries. He also becomes redundant if they add AD.

  3. Codeeg

    Play him or lose him. I understand the trade value concerns but as soon as he requested a trade he also knows he’s putting himself at risk of not being traded if injured.
    Just be a competitive team please.

  4. slapnuts

    If the Cs aren’t including Rozier in the package for AD, why aren’t they trying to trade him now?

  5. I’m sure Gambadoro has some sort of source (credible or not), but I don’t really see how Phoenix-based radio host would know the inside dealings between teams in New Orleans and Boston. I also highly doubt that Boston has seriously offered Tatum. I just don’t see Boston offering Tatum without some assurance that AD would resign and I don’t see New Orleans trading AD to Boston without Tatum (unless they’re that salty and are doing it out of spite to the Lakers).

  6. Aircool

    Dell Demps is a joke of a GM. If I recall correctly, he hasn’t drafted in the first round since picking AD. Not sure if he was the GM that whole duration. But as best I can tell, had he really ever made one good decision as the GM of the Pelicans?

    Do we really think that Gayle Benson, if AD is still on the team past the deadline, will trust Demps to make this trade? And to scout the young players, and to make those picks? While it may well be the right thing to do, if Demps doesn’t make this trade today, he’ll be fired in the summer. We’ll, he’ll get fired either way.

    • dieselrocket

      He drafted Buddy Hield in the first round after AD, traded to Sac in the package for Cousins. But in general I agree with you.

      • And then decided not to try and bring back Rondo, who was really important to last year’s team, or Cousins, who they had given up a lot for lol.

  7. Tampadelphia Ed

    Lakers won’t get AD next season either. Celtics ready to pounce after July 1. LeBron will have to watch while his preferred players go elsewhere.

    • whodatcoon

      Did you just read what NO is expecting from Boston, 3 starters including the future franchise player and three picks. I’m saying Boston can enjoy all 60 games of AD for one season

    • Ainge won’t be dealing with his roomie, Kevin McHale on this one. Tie your shoes Danny Boy.

    • Yeah I suppose the Celtics can have AD! It will cost them 6 1st round picks. Not bad for 1 year of AD!

  8. imindless

    I like how it was reported initally we offered ingram and here we clearly did not. Goes to show these “sources” know little to nothing about what really goes on

    • Luke Adams

      Ingram actually was mentioned in Gambo’s tweet, we just mistakenly left him out. I’ve fixed that now.

  9. A superstar caliber player is ready to walk in a year and leave NOLA with nothing to show for it. Tatum’s name shouldn’t even be thought of, let alone the centerpiece. The Pels should take and sign Rozier, along with Brown, Hayward, and some picks for Davis and be happy they can continue being a middle of the road team that may or may not see the first round of the playoffs in a given season while they try to work some draft magic.

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